(Part 3) Aggressive American Bulldog has lost his mind! RED ZONE DOG BITES THE MIAMI DOG WHISPERER

I'm out all right with you class three Coco the American Bulldog today we're putting a muscle I have to get deeper into this but with these kind of cases we have to be patient because we have to play God now and overcome nature this is a panic attack these guys who go through this nervous pressure even at 3 months old he started packing things seriously you know that's a problem as an adult genetics all the way so right now I got to play God so little by little today with the muzzle on a Troy take pressure off him and get in there and touch him in it by the end of this class hopefully sit there and just Pat them and he takes it we'll see here we go sit right there okay we move now the head all right not once yet has he tried to attack me so now try to touch him right he's ready to lunge at me he knows I'm coming in to touch him no way again let me touch him I see the muzzle to settle him down so I can get in there he's allowing me no tightness on the line not to hold him in place he's doing it allowing me but I got to settle him and make him comfortable with the touch here isn't even care anymore it's perfect then here Ariel's just putting a little tension with his head comes this way but then it's loose no tension on the line and he's not drying he's not trying to come after me he hasn't perfect good point perfect all right we move all right so first things first me walking with him in the street and I need to be able to touch him and Robin for him to relax and calm down from the side and he took it completely perfect no issue whatsoever not one attack not one growl now that's the first but here it's that front pressure that I got to get him over so we'd had some good now you see that jump the nurse is nervous pressure right underneath salt with him right I got a may cry here we go let him go there we go you see I touch his cheek pull the flinch boy and then you you saw my other videos where they folded when I went after him with the pressure with the sleeves and the dogs just laid down and fell and folded same so he just gave it and just folded up can't bite me can't fight might as well just quit it alright see that jump oh yeah you see it go again never Nicoll no more I'm coming in you see that man I'm only touched him the big jump whoo and I want everybody to realize I think a lot of people think when they see these things on my video when the dogs jumped like that was showing the nervous pressure that is what we're putting them through that's creating that that's life he lives with that all the time 24 hours a day that's not because I'm putting pressure on him that's just now the residual of me putting pressure on me now it's coming out and showing itself so I'm purposely going near his mouth was what are you gonna do what are you gonna do but in his attacking zone strike zone perfect go now when I move we know he triggers usually so then I come back in right that's the trigger right soon as I reposition and I come forward but then when I start pressing back and forth then you're going to get the explosions which is normal for him it's not personal to me he just can't help it the brain just triggers when he sees his something closing in on him BAM closing it BAM it's not something he can control yet that's what I'm packing that and that's where we're going to work on but little by little first objective first time he hasn't gone after me at all what's now the head now here harder this is much harder good boy see there's there's the moment once I get in I have to kind of work this boy the boy all right so the objective to this right I'm getting so much oh my no conflict me and him there's no hanging him all writing him off it's just gonna make him worse right I gotta get through this quick so the more I come in see man you attack me I'm not taking it personal it's fine I'm still gonna pet you and I'm gonna be nice to you even though you're trying to attack me I'm gonna be nice I'm not gonna fight you over this I'm not gonna take a personal and try to beat you back try it I'm a little really low boy why yeah it's there you want and so I want to do a few more moon to get my rest yeah good boy are you getting area you want to see how the owners dress is more than anybody all right though little by little good PC even when I move my arm back away from a wall we here usually going to get an attack hidden do it so he's holding it off right now he's almost about to lay down ah go ahead good night perfect all right just give up let go I feel the breathing on my ankle I feel the dragon breath that's all right good forever now we leave him alone he's close to me like laying close to me Lane tame this dragon all right so so that last time when I when you see he he almost but he held it back right again so kind of what we do today this is where we kind of leave it I'm gonna push him a little more but we would leave it here on a good note so like he leaves with no more RRR and he just goes away in a passive state like okay I'm good I took it so the last thing he knows of me he relaxed he laid down he didn't stress I Pat him and that's what he walks away with as at the end of class three for cocoa these kind of guys take time these are not quick one two three tons of cases that I do and he's just one of many that I have each week with this particular problem he's just the one I chose to film but with these types you got to be patient you got to hang in there it's only class three so really I've only been with him three days for four hours five hours in total over so it's not that much but the objective today was to be able to touch him with the muzzle on and settle him down and allow me to touch him because he hasn't really allowed me the last class I got in there somewhat but not completely when he was relaxed today you see from the side touch touch touch the end there he laid down let me pet him from across which is driving crazy pull my arm up over his head perfect so with this one we're gonna go step by step this takes a little bit we have many many things that have to come in for this case a lot of different things so I'm the first then we have to add more people more dogs make him uncomfortable press impress impress him until we crack him eventually and then he just wants to be pet by everybody and likes life so that will come in the end I promise but this little by little most other cases two classes three classes with serious aggression I get it done and I get it fixed this is going to be a little bit but this is normal and I expected this when you take these cases these are never a one two three I have to play God now and overcome what nature has given us with him and redo life so til next time Miami Dog Whisperer

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