Parrots As Pets

hi this is Mary Riley and I just wanted to share with you something I've truly enjoy these are two of my six parrots the closest one with the blue head is Bartley that this one here is Dakota I guess Bartley doesn't like the camera but Dakota is my fave best talker and he may actually say something here like sweetheart hey sweetheart skipper Unni are you gonna talk for me Dakota he was talking so much just a minute ago of course you put the camera on them and they're like kids they don't do what you want Bartley kinda ran out of picture here I usually had these guys climbing all over me when I meant my computer doing my blogs or their even in some of my videos because they like to hang out with me and I totally enjoyed them they uh they're awesome there are some creatures they all have their own personalities and their own little tricks that they do yeah so baby Co Co Co yeah are you saying hello yeah are you my party boy hello Bartley are you a good party boy no now you I turn the camera on you and now you're gonna be quiet you're just talking what was that sound Dakota skipper Unni Skippy skip yeah Skippy skipper Ronnie skipper Skippy and Dakota were best friends and unfortunately we lost Skippy and we don't actually know why he was just we found him laying in the bottom of this cage one morning it was very heartbreaking for us and for him whenever I walk around with him on my shoulder he is always saying Skippy hey guys where you going huh where are you going tail feathers up he to go to tail feathers up well not getting them to say very much for you but this is my passion this is what I totally love to do and they've turned their backs on us they're really camera shy I guess but uh if you would like to learn how to shoot videos and blog and live the life that you enjoy and live out your passions and click the link below and find out what I do all right take care bye

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