ParkMall Having Fun (2018)

Ever wonder what to do to have fun on a Sunday afternoon at little or no cost? stay tuned Hello my friends this is BobbieD coming to you from talamban cebu philippines i’m having an awesome day in the philippines today. Hope you are as well Where wherever you’re from, welcome back to everyone for those of you that are new here.. I’I would suggest that you click on the subscribe button and the bell notification icon So You can continue receiving fresh new Philippine videos motivational videos and worldwide videos also Hey today, I want to talk to you about having fun in Park Mall in the Philippines! having fun in Parkmall in the Philippines!! YAHHHHH! Now when we talk about the Philipoines you gotta understand,This is a country where people Love to have fun. ANd Enjoy themselves. and enjoy family and friends. So LisaD and I We’re having fun. This is a Sunday afternoon, and we’re in Parkmall And we’re in the park and that’s why Park Mall is called Park ball because they have a park Right in the middle of the mall and people bring their dogs Family and friends pets and they come and just have a nice time in the afternoon and enjoying themselves And so LisaD and I decided to come to Parkmall eat our dinner today and just chill out and So we’re having an awesome time Okay, Lisa D said that’s Buffet 101 And we will be going there shortly Next week Buffet 101 see if I can get a shot of it. That’s the closest I can get to it y’all Uh, it’s a nice restaurant and that’s we’re going to be eating it next week But yeah, we ‘re having an awesome time out here guys. Just wish you were here. This is how you live life relaxed carefree happy And no stress no stress Just peace and so we’re having a nice time eating our meal and enjoying the people out here. People out here are friendly and It’s family-oriented. It’s happy time..AWWW,,AWWW Music Playng….. Pretty Dog… Music Playing,,,, Look at his eyes,,, Music Playing….People talking and laughing… So we’re having a great time enjoying ourselves hanging out in the park Nice way to spend Sunday afternoon With your loved ones family and friends LisaD is now eating a big old Dunkin Donuts Music playing…..People Talking and laughing… Alright guys question for the day. When Your’e having fun What is the best place for you to go that’s free and no cost low-cost? We choose the park What alternatives? Huh? hahah LisaD says Park Mall it’s free Question for the day. What is the best place to go and have fun and It costs you very little or nothing With family and friends on a Sunday afternoon Leave your comments for me in the comments section of this video and as always remember to Like share and subscribe This is BobbieD saying take care God bless Peace!!! Alright ladies and gentelemen, We are in Turks one of my favorite places to eat and we’re going to order a wrap and Their food is very very good Uh,,I tried to eat at Turks as much as possible Healthy delicious and very very affordable prices are I think like 59 pesos per wrap and I try to get a chicken wrap or a beef wrap but the chicken wrap is better and also I like the spicy wrap with spice on them. The food wrap for the chicken wraps is done and also I like the spice events with spice on them And that’s even better. You can see she’s making one right now. She’s making one right now And then they make it pretty fast and it’s always crowded here at Turks. As you can see she’s getting hers and he’s getting his. You know So uh,,, We’re going to order,, You want one? LisaD, you want one? You want one? What do you wnat chicken or beef? All right I want , I want uh chicken I Like kicking better the beef has a little bone in it brisket It’s okay, but I don’t like that brisket So as you can see they put,,that’s a beef one right there they Wrap it up. Very good And they put it in a little baggy And this is a real good place eat very tasty spicy delightful Make you want to, Make you want to say oooo! hahah Yeah, but I like this man Yeah Turks is one of my favorite places to eat and LisaD likes it too Okay. Okay a lot. Yeah, she likes it. She likes chicken. She’s likes KFC the best. KFC is her favorite place to eat But ah, It’s one of my favorite places as well But today I just want to get some Turks. See they put lettuce on it,,,little sauce little mustard with cheese And some other stuff and it is good Love it, and they have a little wrapper on it. I think that’s the tortilla wrap I’m not sure but whatever it is, it’s good And uh,,, Okay, ma’am, Alright I’d like Like 2, 2 chicken wraps, please Is it with cheese? Yes, please, you want cheese on yours? Yeah I’ll take I take mine spicy all the way spicy. That’s all you want? You want anything else? that’s it? No onions I don’t like onions that much See they’ve got cucumbers they got onions and I don’t know what that is lettuce? tomato. But uh It is really good man. I Love this stuff. I wish I could give me a franchise Put in the mall make some good money on it I think it’s a milliion, a milliion pesos to get a franchise, I’m not sure But yeah, man if you ever have a chance to get some Turks in the mall If you have a chance to get some Turks in the mall, make sure you do so LisaD is Miss Turks. She loves it. She loves it and I do too Yeah, I like Cheese on mine too Hold that, hold that right there.. No oinions Music Playing…. 150 pesos for 2 with cheese that’s 75 pesos each with out cheese it ‘s probably less than that Salamat! Music Playing.. A towering presence run like the wind be a king or queen Life in the Philippines Music Playing….

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  1. ayala mall is my favorite mall to go to. I dont think there are many that can be affordable but its so much fun to walk around and admire the place, as well as they have great places to eat. Especially that i love to watch movies there.

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