Park9 is Toronto’s dog hotel and resort

Today, we’re headed over to what is
basically doggie heaven. It’s called Park 9. It’s a dog hotel and resort where
you can drop your dogs off for daycare or even if you’re going on vacation. So
no more time should be wasted! Let’s all go make some doggy friends. That’s my dog
impression. Deepa: I had the best time of my life. Even if I looked like mortified. But what was happening was so fun. So can you tell everyone what Park9 is? – Yeah so we are a full-service dog boarding
daycare facility. We have two locations: one downtown in the Distillery District
and this one here by Pearson Airport. This facility that you toured today is
primarily a boarding facility. We have lots of amenities to make your best
friends stay really fun while you’re on vacation, so is your dog. Deepa: So when people
are bringing in their pups here and all their big dogs, what kind of facilities do
you have for them? We offer all kinds of fun amenities. We have an indoor UV
filtered pool for the dogs to play in. We have slumber style boarding, where an
attendant is actually in the room overnight with a group of dogs in a bed.
We have private suite style boarding for those dogs that just need a little bit
of downtime on their own, so that they’re not constantly partying. And we also have
a little area called Park 90. That’s our seniors and special-needs wing. So you
have your senior dogs, your arthritic dogs, your epileptic, diabetic. Anybody
that might need a closer eye or a little bit more TLC, they can stay in private
suites at Park 90 where they’re closely monitored. They have arthritic bedding,
orthopedic bedding. They have adjustable heated floors, so when you have like… Deepa: This better than my own bedroom – Yeah it probably is Deepa: This place like a little doggie hotel. – Yeah it’s like a doggie resort more than a hotel because I think we have more
amenities than your standard hotel. It’s more resort style. Deepa: What is the process,
if someone wants to bring their dog to stay here? – Okay, they’re like a whole
assessment. So, basically we want to make sure that we have the right kind of
guests and that everybody gets along as well as possible. What we do is we set
up a little meet-and-greet with you and your dog prior to committing to any
boarding or daycare services. We have you fill out some paperwork, we check your
vaccinations, make sure that everybody’s healthy and safe and then what we do is
we do a little temperament evaluation in the lobby just to make sure that we can
touch them, touch their paws, put our hands in their mouths, get whatever we
might need, we stay in touch with you throughout your stay. You can call in,
check-in, stream. We have live stream so you’re
never really not far away. All you have to do is have your phone or computer
handy and then you can check in on your pup. Deepa: Fannie, will you come to my
house and sleep in my bed with me and we can have a slumber party?
Bark once if that’s a yes! I just got rejected by Fannie. That’s ok!

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