Parents Surprise Kids with New Pets | Funny Kids Compilation 2017

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42 thoughts on “Parents Surprise Kids with New Pets | Funny Kids Compilation 2017

  1. I'm so Happy for the kids, That i'm crying! (I'm also crying because my Great Grandpa died….I went to him funeral)

  2. people shouldnt be putting puppies in boxes and kids shouldnt be SCREAMING AT THE ANIMALS!!! Poor dogs they dont deserve them

  3. I’m a money hoarder
    Once I saw 1 million dollars above my house so I used my moon shoes and went on the roof to get it then my twin got some pillows to help me get down and I landed safely and spent it
    And I don’t have a pet :c I go to my friends house to see pets

  4. Story time

    I have a calico cat named luna. But I found her while stargazing one night, she was abandoned in the middle of nowhere and was just a baby. (I just felt like sharing her story due to this video). 1 like = 1 kitten saved from this. ???

  5. I have a dog called Mist,a cat called Fluff, a horse called Liam,another horse called Rolo and another horse called Dimples

  6. if I got a monkey for Christmas I would literally hug it the whole time and the monkey would get wet because of my happy tears

  7. The jhapster bit my finger off almost and it bled BC I was skid at the time and I liked putting my fingers in the box and stuff it kept coming out dad for scared of sweetcorn and we sent it to a pet home

  8. My parents just say we're getting a pet get in the car and I'm more excited than them.

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