Papillon at the groomer Live Dog Grooming

what's up guys get putting Cassie here papi owns cafe her heart just kidding you guys started you guys be sure to smash the like burn we got getting here put some comments down so I did he gets here she gets to see but she's gonna be but she's gonna be I was about to say she's gonna be bitching bitch she's gonna be a growing butch back there so give us one second okay [Applause] a honeybee be sure to hit the like button for DeeDee we'll be back here in a minute last leg good go check out mini gaming will subscribe be right back okay you okay I walk in from talking to a client and I'm running behind now cuz we were chit-chatting cuz she's got all of this information for me I thought David like you're alive I'm like what oh my gosh I don't know you have time to think what okay okay here we go this one okay what are you guys up to you man I am exhausted I am ready for a break man I need my day off I cannot wait for it I am really exhausted so we got butch and Cassie here the update on Cassie I don't know if you guys have watched the last live if your guys are just making it here the last live with Butch and Cassie is Cassie so butch has had butch has heart problems butch has had ACL surgery knee surgery he has big-time stomach issues and they're both in the same litter the both same from the same litter and then Cassie just came out with stones you know and then now I figured you know someone told me DD a look the stones are kind of all together it works with the bladder and the kidney right so the kidney inside the kidney the stones develop and it starts to trickle down the stones occur and they build up and they could trickle down like down to the bladder and through the bladder and so forth so it all works together so however you want to look at it there's their stones there and we just discussed you know DeeDee I don't think I would put her through four or five surgeries like yeah last time she found out so now she's gonna go have extra x-rays done and stuff that copper happens in a week huh I don't know if butch has his stones does he know she is Cassie so the quote that she said Dede there that BFS they are inseparable she goes if I have to put one down I'll probably have to put both down because they couldn't live with you with each other and I said okay hold on you know let's think about this but you are your own pets advocate you with your pets you're gonna make that final decision okay and I got a hustle here I don't have time to talk right now and I wasn't even gonna go live he already went live two dogs in less than an hour and I'm 10 minutes already into the hour and my next client here is 50 minutes so I need to really get going but I wish I had more time to explain her side of her mentality and she's just preparing and I said just you know star I told her right now to start saving some money for these surgeries and she and I told her this story about the stones on Drake the schnauzer if you guys watched him on our YouTube like 4 surgeries in and now they're gonna make his penis into a female part and that should be the last surgery that he goes through to stop these kidney stones so she's a female Cassie's a female so it comes down to you know what how many surgeries would you go through and it's just a sad story and we'll just have to see how it all unfolds okay I'll be right back no I just remember those eighties eighties you guys be sure to hit the like button smash the like button yeah how you doing hi baby how's it going home hmm it's good to see you your eyes are kind of crusty yeah just a little bit to wash your eyes real quick okay all right let me get my face mask on get your face mask on I'm gonna show you guys trim up is sanitary here oh wait don't don't he used to vomit every time you come in but it's been a long time you burping are you nervous okay there are the only two dogs here so if he's nervous that's just you know every dog is different I've got a nervous one brown he's a little nervous dog so how many of you guys have ever groomed a nervous dog on their own how many ever groomed a dog that will vomit every time he comes in maybe the car ride does it is your head shedding you got all that a little bit of static get some water oh just a tiny bit there yeah I told her their qualities she doesn't want their quality of life to be affected and I told her you know in my opinion they have excellent quality of life right now so I this is not a I would not put this dog down yet I'm doing a real light hike on his legs because he's had that ACL surgery and he just knew this has bad lag here trim all that what I got well she didn't write something can i I'm gonna come here I'm going up so these are guys are not like haircut pets these are like back for years nails and I feel it there's like shape-up always do the sanitary for them and they've been coming for many many many years very very loyal clients and very great friends I mean we we've have had them over for my birthday parties and housewarming and I used to do like mojito parties and pampered chef parties I haven't had time to do that a couple of years but boy was I having a bunch of parties at one point I know you don't like just let me see don't get upset with me this is not your favorite thing mojito's so I did a mojito party where we I had all this stuff like fresh and I've made all these different type peach mojito lime mojito like you get to have your own Mohito whatever you know try different flavors oh I got a sangria party I love sangria I had a sangria party that was fun okay I'm gonna get my four guard here this might not work going to your 7 plate nothing so the hair is completely different than other dogs these guys don't get matted I don't know why but they just no they never come in madam huh give you a little bit of assist here what's your name buddy Frank you could write down okay those look good now these guys come in monthly so it's not like everything should not be like out of hand look like that'd be a bad day No now like we're okay No okay let's see here now I'm just kidding earlier we will bite your ass he will let you know you don't like something are you ready to go now let's go do this so but doesn't like David to touch them and doesn't like gave it to Bay them or nothing so all of you butch is that right I know I'm here come on come here let's go see what's going on come on I got up 8:24 we need a hustle-bustle alright David needs the hustle man maybe I should go to shapes change places with them so I may go change places with him I mean I'm I'm already in a hurry right honeybee I'm glad you made it out here all the donations cleaver Marta everyone who donated thank you so much I don't even think you'd put a goal up there right now but thank you that's awesome of you guys and I'm so glad you guys are here man hanging out with us appreciate you guys so much and those are you guys you got an email from me at like 1:00 in the morning say hey me me I got an email from media like 1:00 in the morning that tells you how much sleep I got and I am beat today should go pretty pretty fast though yeah yeah you guys today's gonna go pretty fast so we're not gonna stay alive all day I know he'll probably come and adjust that after we get done with our first clients if we're in a rush but let me go back here and kind of take over and then we'll be right back what's up guys you gotta brush her out so these out there doing immigrants gosh this is bribe and I got my eyes off squinting and everything Quinton eyes I know DeeDee doesn't do it like I hear car nothing but this is some leave-in conditioner for us it doesn't like like it when I put leave-in conditioner on there it was like anal glands over here Julie darvis no I don't have fanclub yes is really adorable looking around on the light like glowy ah I don't know that you should read them man that's too much Georgia did he just get an apron okay no no that's too late for that you can't put an apron over wet it's not you have to come to him because you don't know how to shave and do all this I got this I got this what do you what do you got what do you got I'm going don't get bit how far did you get sambuca there's no shampoo yet he's just wet what's he doing out here with you guys man Russell thank goodness MOX drive fast but let me tell you if you're bathing dogs just get an apron a waterproof one all I was gonna do is just get him wet a little bit here he is shaking everywhere got me all wet Cassie no it's just sad that she's gonna she's gone through all these health issues no but quality of life is determined on the home front you know what I mean like what we see in an hour is not always the same thing as what you see in and the quality of life going positive and negative like if you have to make a decision and or you've made the decision I'm not putting my dog down those things are made by the attitude of your dog every day you live with them you sleep with that you watch them you like one veterinary I said Dede your your pet's best advocate you're like their nurse you feed them you take care of them you clean up after them you know you know saying if there's meds to dispense you give that to them you are the best person to figure out if they are in the you know best position health-wise and where to go from there so it's just a tough call it is a tough call and sometimes you're not gonna be able to make that tough call and that's the same veterinarian said Dede we have privilege to be able to make those calls with animals because we sure as heck don't have that privilege to make them with people do we we don't have that privilege to make that kind of decision for with people doing and those of you guys who have had a parent you know really having a slow death and you couldn't do nothing about it and there's decisions you could not make they would not let you make you know what I'm talking about and only then do you really understand when you've gone through that okay so for instance do you know how I just said that veterinarian told me this or that I didn't say who because I'm not sure he wants you guys to know who he is but I did I did give credit where credit is due so when someone teaches me something or does something I always say exactly who it was right I always say a veterinarian told me this or another client told me this or learned this through another groomer right always give credit where credit's due if you're gonna take someone else's someone else's words and use them as your own I would say you should say I learned this through this and this is what I have heard and this is what I believe in not like you created all that on your own so you be careful how you use other people's stuff and give credit where credit's due it's really important and you should use that in all avenues of your work and not just if you're a groomer not if your groomer using my stuff but if you are a business person and you work in admin or whatever if someone teaches you something give credit where credit is due okay all right let's get our clippers out ten blade out I missed our routine next up I don't think people understand we're talking about I learned bourbon myself myself that's what I'm seeing I'm seeing people do that kind of stuff in it it's not cool man it'll come around everything comes around you know that you notice that if you sit back in this watch it'll all come around good and bad I would say what do I want to say like God's always watching you man at the end of your days I was gonna say did you do the right thing and how do you feel about yourself what do you think I should do about the scenario what do you think do your best the david already do the feet that girl if you guys ever groomed a dog right and you ever have to put in your head probably not you not unless you are grooming a really old dog but where you put in your head like I might not see you again think about that for just a minute very rarely do you get like the warning you know I mean like oh there is something going on and usually it's like drastic you didn't had no idea that this was going on here we know she's having some serious Tony so life is absolutely fragile for animals and humans I hope you don't take advantage of it please don't take advantage of your life you guys David Zahedi don't tag the next plane is it so no time I was at all great great hey I had your tummy still don't I yeah I have some updates on Jax it's not doing well I mean you guys can smash the like button I mean y'all massive like button how many guys shared the video I would be like hey so so video this is Dee Dee with my favorite groomer go watch her she live right now grooming perfect time to do this on a Saturday if you're not doing anything come watch with me all right we're not gonna be on very much longer I don't even doing a full birthday on about life one thing I'm going to be that today here no no this Aditya with my favorite groomer you're on live YouTube right now may I call you back the dog ups and since your I have you on the phone I have a dog on the table and you're literally on the table with the dog right now so it's best to just say let me call you right back but I would go to dog UPS and calm and since I have you on the phone I would measure before you order there's different prices so I would definitely go to dog offs and calm and look at the price of the sides you want to get okay Facebook I would go to dog up stand calm okay thank you bye Mike so you guys know I don't really love to answer the phone while I work but I really don't want to call anybody back I have so many callbacks to me and David is busy so I wouldn't hand grab that and I put that phone on the table with me and quite frankly I was like hey can I just call you back right okay all right that's so close just a little you don't have to overdo it you know you don't want it so powerful that those clients who aren't really bothers and noses and stuff I mean you know no one's so explosive that they're like oh gosh it's overdoing it just a little bit it's enough smells delicious already and it's just nice and soft ah see now I know you're going through some stuff okay getting in there alright I told your mom some tricks to do do some stuff with everything okay you know your mommy and daddy love you so much okay what you go nowhere don't you go nowhere not yes it's good at the back okay come on right back you guys I know he already kind of has it all right you're a little damp on the chest but hey we're not gonna overdo it okay it's fine it's fine yeah someone said I hit two like button twice cool like a chairman don't make a couple bucks helps to stream out did you do a donation gold today then a few bucks guys helps us out helps us get some fresh equipment fresh you know just hear yourself you know you know when you don't know what to say just put stuff silent sometimes it speaks volumes doesn't it what's up with that face man that's what I have to say I don't know but if you don't have one you better get one you better get one where where do I get one that you go to my favorite Herbert calm and click on face mask well I'm just gonna going well you already do I don't know why but like a handful of people lately is like where do i click you click on the arrow there's like 40 arrows you know what I mean click on the arrow or just clicks everything he doesn't even care man ok the rally thanks for the 1999 thank you thanks for the donation for the channel let's go in 32 ad cable and you know and we didn't we just ended up adding just the game of thrones channel so you if you want to invest in something that you love like we did to watch all of the game of thrones you're gonna have to you know contribute some way and some way shape or form and that's why folks that are really happy watching us and were your entertainment or you're learning something from us that's why you donate you're wondering why do i donate well because we're not a channel that gets paid by anybody else like that you know i mean youtube helps us have this channel and the creators but you guys help us to stay alive and without you guys helping us stay alive we would not be here or want to come back and invest the time that's just the truth so any channels we watch if we love the content of course we're gonna contribute to that channel or as a gamer you want to use their their code you know they have there's so many ways to contribute to things that you want to see more of and things that you love and I know you guys know what I'm talking about especially those you guys who buy makeup I know you contribute to L'Oreal or whoever you love buying their makeup because you love their makeup and you want all the colors it's the same thing in a different life they have that new makeup line Kim Kardashian do they I should just start wearing makeup just to do advertising do any reason the only reason about your business business business venture the only reason why Kim Kardashian's makeup line is so successful is because of her fans yeah her Instagram who's Instagram there's that one celebrity she's like my whole she's bought their divorce and she said something like all of my makeup from my all my fans buying the makeup is paying for my divorce I mean that's we're paying her husband for sitting around and not working or so did you guys see that one Marianne thank you okay so we got married here you thinking why would I pay for anything I hear it well we don't have to be here and we're here for one reason you know we don't have a channel yeah not yet like a channel channel on TV just wait what if that would happen man you have a channel on TV probably watching six ads at every 20 minutes how many time how many as did you watch on 20/20 I mean who watches 20/20 with me next time you're watching TV on channel 5 or something everybody has to contribute something it's like a it's like a 40 to 35 minute show and you're watching it for an hour you know I don't think they know I don't know but I get upset when I can watch a 30 minute 20/20 with no ads versus an hour I don't mind if I'm watching it while I'm gaming one minute add for every 15 minutes I think we have more than 9 minutes we have more than that different depending on the show we're talking about one hour at but one minute add for every five minutes I wonder if it is in one minute so it goes to commercial it shows me like I don't know some Groupon thing and then shows me a car salesman thing squishy candy that's the point one minute add for every 15 minutes it here on YouTube you're watching ad for like five seconds and you're able to skip it oh my goodness have you guys not run into those ads where they're like 15 minutes long unskipable have you not seen those yet no nursing that yeah you did I was listening our music high school was this giveaway listened to for 15 minutes why so upset it sounded exactly like the music I was playing and I thought well not exactly because I was listening to some Island music and then all of a sudden I hear some hop and kicked hip hop hip hop and rock and I went to look and I'm like oh this is music but it's an ad I'm like what it was like 12 minutes long oh my gosh yep is still man you can you you can watch an ad here on YouTube and skip it after five seconds and you're complaining when you watch an ad on TV for it's like about eight minutes one commercial is eight minutes long and it has like what I want to say like six different ads and you're not complaining about watching TV and watching them ads because you can't skip the room you should be starting stacking them every two minutes man I had just start an ad channel did you guys be happy for that to start an antenna you guys what's all that ads that we just started an ad channel okay let me text mom and then we're gonna close out I think we'll be done for the day my channel we're gonna start an ad channel we take some Mama's I'm a seat that I'll be surprised if she buy some frankincense today I told her about that stuff I think this next toe nail trim is on the booth out there thanks for becoming a member and I and Brooks will come to the member squad 30 minutes per 60 wow that's a lot 13 minutes per 60 C 13 minutes of ads per 60 minute show you're talking on YouTube you're probably watching like one minute of ads for like a 2 hour show you know there's it doesn't compare to it man no add channels yep exactly here you go you guys you become member these emojis become available to you we got the thumbs up 10 emoji the dog up mini emoji the sake emoji the smashed like button emoji the my favorite groomer heart emoji a clipper emoji and aggressive pace – emoji for five something a month you can have those emojis and be updated where me and Edie decide to travel maybe you guys will be available in the area and be able to have some coffee with us or something like that and sometimes we do remember only exclusive live streams so that only members can chat so you want to be a member so that you can be able to chat when we do that how do I become a member you become a member by either clicking on night box a link that says click here to become a member that takes you straight to the member link or you just click on join it's only $4.99 a month plus tax here here's the link you guys click on this link to join now become a member and what time is it right now the time is 6 a.m. in the morning in the area I'm an aggression it's been your lunch I Simmons maybe around 12 to 1 o'clock go in she goes what's a one-on-one group but then she hung up on me do you want to hear about it people a one-on-one groom is when you care about your dog and you one not a 20 on one no not a Nick on one either that's a one on one I should probably get coming from the camera you guys get to see my my I call her fixed up can't figure out how to put my picture on here are you talking by on your channel I don't thing you can put pictures I mean you can put a picture on like chat think eyes that really makes my hair pop out just like light see over here doing with you guys are you guys entertained you're not even on the camera don't turn that light on man mix my let's look at all my hurt my mustache come out oh yes I'm entertained he's a freaking handful isn't he I was big live with this guy I was being an anchorman for a while who you gonna call ghost cop oh wait wait who you are going who you are going to call call Ghostbusters he's a member who you going to call call Ghostbusters call Ghostbusters Ireland I uh I'm Irish I can hear you better nearer the camera rod David yeah I was right behind you yeah so much candy I sure did much okay man all right my nail trim should be here like any minute now and Dave will you stop messing with my stuff man leave everything alone that's the pirates now so when I think of pirates who comes to mind is does anybody agree like what do you think of pirates who comes to mind for me it's um what's-his-name the actor Johnny Depp for me it's for tonight Johnny Depp is it a Johnny go his name no Johnny Depp that's nice yeah it's Johnny Depp right that's nice yes it is Johnny Depp what's his name guys that's Johnny Depp isn't it yeah gosh stop it man he's not even on the camera at this point let's take a look at your moustache bro the back of your head are you going bald yet you're gonna see my five o'clock shadow I just shaved yesterday did you not such a liar man Oh ridiculous resume why to put me out up my business like that man it's so funny how you don't know which way to go you're like look in the camera you're like oh go this way it's like opposite actually I know that's why I'm like I'm like trying to get into the camera and that's like oh I gotta go the other direction my alive pens on fire honey be it was so fun gaming with you last night man I just love hearing your voice and being able to see you on hear you on our gaming stuff oh gosh that's how she used to be when she used to have her lowrider truck gangsta gangsta with those hydraulics I so had hydraulics today I was one of the first women to compete in a hydraulic dance in lowrider show Denver Colorado not that many women were into it I guess you'll have to go do some research you can show Lots we're Mexican cholos Jana this one chick I placed above her man I think that's who got pissed cholo we got pissed about it if you go like downside well that's cuz you're in Colorado but you up south there's people competing like El Paso oh yeah sure for sure for sure more down so yeah it was early on like this was back in like 2001 that's like going to New York and being like that what do we see a regal yesterday yeah with the gangsta mm-hmm and he I was like I need to get my lowrider and he's like me too I was like now you have a truck already what's wrong with you must be crazy I'll be the hydraulic horn I'll be the bags go ahead with your bags man how do you keep the Commons up what do you mean piggy dude screams I know honeybee we're gonna see you tonight or what Oh probably not yeah sure Sunday it's your Sunday oh yeah I'm gonna hate going to Australia why what's the best month to come in Australia honeybee now right now there's no booty what snowboarding girl we've been looking at tickets oh oh it's so expensive the tickets to Australia are so expensive maybe we should do a donation run on that there's a lot of Australians out there that want to I want to see myself I would love to come through because they have a lot of our dog upstair products out there no ok so November in December is the best time to go out to Australia I did see some of the beaches maybe we could try to make pull it off in November cuz we have to go to Canada in December I hope you guys are saving some money to come out to some conferences I'm definitely gonna go to that area yeah we're definitely coming so this year you need to some money I did look up a couple of beaches there they look pretty nice let's Joe yeah yeah you're talking about skiing and then you're also talking about beaches all in one place yeah cuz I won't do it all in one what is their beaches in Canada no but there's that whine on with the waters that one Lake cement Meridian Meridian but Meridian Lake Botanical Garden Oh Niagara Falls oh gosh what's under david has my head good but maybe they saw something under there oh sorry my brain get the dog up Stan to sponsor your trip I'm the dog up Stan and uh a lot of that is actually still funding the making it's it's you build an invention if you don't have funding you have to go out of pocket and just it takes years to kind of get that profit going so it's not as easy as you think we're working on it though you can make a channel and just talk to each other and entertaining up really Kleber would you go watch us just talking to each other cuz I really want to do that with my sister me and her really chop it up sometimes when we do it's it's serious talk design sister talk we do have like about two two blogs on mania gaming no you need to get some breast break use a breast brain bro Chris Dean turvy new members new member I'm not hearing the TV again why I turned down let me see where you're turning is down I like to hear the thing ding member somebody has to subscribe oh right there I mean he turned it down on the computer itself is what it is somebody somebody do something do something somebody so I can hear thinking I was joking you said we should do a donation thing we will do our donation thing I can't afford that man you can't afford it not yet yeah you talk to something it's a lot we just and we don't find first class ok and it's like 3,000 per person we're talking about flying over there in the very back right by the restroom or you can smell the crap people are letting out of their body that's where we're riding that because man is expensive it's really expensive and so you have to plan budget you know I'm just sharing we're just chopping it up so those people think we're quit complaining now we're not complaining we're sharing you know we will make things happen you just have to save and many of you will write that I can't afford this and I can't afford that we'll do what you can you can you can either raise the money you can reach out you can work hard you can pick up cans if I can pick up cans you can pick up cans I pick up cans all over the place now if there is a can I'm picking it up oh don't I yeah I'll be like I hope someone does it for me I'll pick up she even picks up plastic okay we don't get paid for plastic in Texas so if you're in California you get paid for that like the bums that you sit over here I'm like dude go if you were in California you would know how to make money bro go pick up some cans and go pick up some plastic she would be metal in California man yikes yikes out of plastic she'd be a millionaire that's how much plastic she recycles I learned recycling in Germany when I was 17 years old my first duty station it is law to recycle in Europe so get over get over at United States recycle recycle recycle you have no idea and even then different cities don't even in the states don't recycle properly I mean there should be more jurisdiction you can't be like okay I'll recycle but hey I want that write-off but hey just throw that in the lake over there just just throw that you know really we need to really clean up our attitude and our nation okay I don't know you should see them here man yeah you should see a mirror you see the homeless with the sign like this yeah and then they go get into a forefront Ferrari later they're all fakes over here at the Raleigh that's awesome we have recycling but it's not mandated so you can or can't like my neighbors don't recycle and I know my neighbors their trash is all like yay hi trash and recyclables though okay guys we were about to close up shop and I don't know where my talk is but dude oh dude a Mickey oh really she said they Panhandle – that's when they stand there and ask for money they Panhandle a lot – over there more than they recycle but I see a lot more people that are homeless or those in California I would get on my recycles together and when I see a homeless guy I would give it to him so that he works for that money well if you just give it to him you work for the money and you're just giving that away though yeah but not he has to go exchange it true true I bet there's a law on if you have a recycle bin in California I bet they you cuz if we didn't see a lot of and you know what you can't assume that the guy pushing a cart recycling is homeless can you you might be able to sue me doesn't have a car but you could probably say you probably couldn't say he's homeless you never know so those folks that we saw pushing a cart with stacks and stacks of cans is pretty amazing man it's like wow they're really working for that and then when we travel we recycle all the stuff I have a big bag then we go he was like we're not doing it this time money that you put into those bottles over there you know are you guys love you guys make sure you go to my favorite number calm and we will see you later stand out dog up stand calm thanks bye eight seven okay that's a lot see you guys later bye catches on media gaming

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  1. ?? Dede & David ❤️ Dede how do I message you personally, I’m trying to get into real estate? You said a while back to message you if we were interested.

  2. I missed today's groom because the little Bell has options were it will ask you if u want all or just occasionol notifications seems like I need to CK that daily, I want all notifications but it always goes on occasional. Does anyone else's change like that or amI just special. Lol ???

  3. Am I to understand that because the owners might lose 1 dog they are considering putting the other dog down? Isn't that like putting your spouse down because you die? I would never ever consider doing that to one of my dogs however close they are. I've had dogs that were very attached to their litter mate but, when one dies the other mourns and gets on with life. Please don't put your dog down for this reason!!!

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