Paper Quilling Hummingbird Tutorial Part 2 – How to fill the inside of this bird?

In this tutorial I’ll fill the hummingbird
outline that i made previously. These are the colors i am going to use i’ll start with the body of the bird. i’ll make the head of the bird with the
teal strip now i’ll make this part using purple strip i’ll fill the upper part
of the wing i’ll add three strips here for the beak fold the strip randomly thanks for watching, i hope you enjoy it

52 thoughts on “Paper Quilling Hummingbird Tutorial Part 2 – How to fill the inside of this bird?

  1. Wow Lovely…I have seen complete video of part 1 n 2..I keep watching your videos for guidance… Thank you for sharing complete video..😊♥️Now waiting for your next upload

  2. I LOVE all your your paper art! I have started following you on facebook back in 2015 I think, when you first published The Little Prince <3 Ciao from Italy

  3. Wow !! Your work it’s really amazing and unique !! I love this technique and bought your book a couple years ago for inspiration!!
    Hello from Canada!!!
    Ang_villa_gran IG

  4. Love your work!! I'm a new follower. The firt time e see quilling in my live was in your interview in paper magazine ACTIVA, since then was love at first sight!!
    Adoro o seu trabalho!! Sou uma seguidora recente. A primeira vez que vi o quilling na minha vida foi na sua entrevista para revista ACTIVA, desde então foi amor a primeira vista!!


  5. I just love your works!! Your works are always full of colors which gives me a positive vibes. All the tutorials just like this Hummingbird has taught me different techniques to give life to my quilling work ( though, I am still learning) . I started following you from past 2 years after reading an article on you for taking a bold move towards pursuing you creative career, Hats off to you 👍🏻!!. I always see your works on FB, Instagram and Etsy. You are the first person I know in Quilling career, who’s stories and works has inspired me❤️.

  6. Your work is absolutely beautiful!! I’ve followed you on Instagram for a while (@madly_ashley), but the algorithm hid you for a bit, so I had no idea you had a YouTube channel! This is fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing your process and your work 💕

  7. I really enjoy watching you work your craft! I find it amazing how you can measure and create these cool designs with just some glue and paper (and a lot of talent ).

    I also noticed that you used a little brush to go over you work while filling in the hummingbird, and I was wondering why you did that?

    Please keep making these, I want to try this sometime 😀

  8. Did I miss something, the background inside the bird appears to be painted. It may just be a reflection, did you paint it afterwards? Beautiful work, thank you. 👍 👍 👍

  9. I love seeing you make your creations! The colors you chose here are beautiful together and really stand out! Your work is always gorgeous! Please keep sharing videos of how you make your art 💕

  10. Omg!! This is so cute, I love it!! I recently subscribe to your channel and I can’t stop watching it, thank you so much I’m learning a looooot, you inspire me 🧡 hugs from Peru!!

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