Panola County Rabbit Hunt

(upbeat fiddle music)(upbeat harmonica music)– Man, we’re in
Panola County today.Going to enjoy a great
rabbit hunt out here.I got a bunch of friends,
and a couple of coworkers,and got a lot of young kidswe’re gonna try to
introduce to it today.Some of ’em done
killed a few rabbits.There’s a couple that hadn’t.So hopefully today will be the
first day of gettin’ rabbits.Luke, you done killed
a rabbit before,you killed a rabbit the
other day didn’t you?– Yes sir.Good job, he’s real safe.Tyler, have you
killed a rabbit yet?You haven’t, hopefully today’ll
be your first day for it.And I know you done
killed a lot of them MJ.Alright, the place
we’re gonna go out hereand try to get some
rabbit up from,we’re hunting a lot of CRP here,it’s an 80 acre track right herethat we’re gonna try to hunt on.Plenty of rabbit in it.We’ll go out, we’ve got a
couple food plots out here,we’re gonna try to get these
kids in some open lanes,and hopefully we can get
some rabbit to come out on,so they can get some shot.This place here, is normally
what we hunt CRP stuffis what you get down
here in the Delta.We normally have a little
bit of luck, real successful.You go ahead MJ.– [Man] MJ, watch out,
he’ll tip it to you!– [Marcus] Gonna break out.There you go MJ, here he come.Coming outta the rough.(gun shot)– [Man] Hold up, hold up!– [Marcus] You missed him MJ.– [Man] You guys let him get
across, he just crossed over!– They been hunting man,
(mumbles) to my dad.He started me, my
dad didn’t pay us,he didn’t pay us for six years.And he started me rabbit huntingwhen I was about MJ and
Tyler age, my two boys.We always would
go rabbit huntin’,that was the huntin’
that I could go outand just enjoy myself,
hang out with my buddies,and shoot at some rabbit.Even if I hit or miss,
I just had a good time.I liked it then, and
now it’s more of mejust getting out for
fellowship with the guys,and running and
listening to my dogs.I love running my
dogs, a lot of timeI go out and run ’em,
and we won’t hunt,won’t kill a rabbit, I
just like to hear ’em run.I got about four today,
Marvin about three.Got some pretty good bred dogs,and they can run
the rabbits man.We’re gonna find out today.(gunshots)– [Man] That’s a big one.– Yeah.Yeah, he got out here
and doubled back,and I was stepping right there,and he went that way, so, I
know it wasn’t the same rabbit.So, that’s why I
yelled back out.Hopefully, I get
somebody get a shoton the other one
that stayed running.Get a chance to bring
him back around.(gunshots)– [Man] They got ’em.– [Marcus] Yeah!(Marcus yips)Come on!– They did all the hard work,
I was just in the right place.Dogs running ’em
right down to me.Had to put ’em down.– The way my boys
are taking it in man,they up with huntin’.They love the rabbit
hunt, and hopefullyI can get to the point
where, like my dad,I took my dad, several
years before he passed,I got out of it for a while,and I got back into
rabbit hunting,and I feel like it was
my duty to take him,and him not have to do
nothing but grab a shotgun,load up and go, and
we gonna kill rabbit.Hopefully, I get to
that point where I getto enjoy the experience
with my boys.I hope it’ll be to be
where they’ll take it upand they’ll remember
me when they get togo on and have
the dogs, and say:dad, I want to take you huntin’and I can just go
and enjoy the trip.– You on the other
side of the ditch MJ?Alright, just stay there then.(mumbles)You see that Tyrone?(gunshot)Tyrone did have a day, ain’t he?– [Justin] Yeah.So you got him in the ditch?– Yeah, I killed him in
the middle of the water.– [Marcus] He was swimming
back crawl Tyrone?– He was swimming back
crawl, he had whipped offone time before, but then
he tried to come back acrossand messed him up.– Come on Rachel,
come on Queen, woo!We’ve got a couple dogs that
got a squealin’ type mouth,mine got a big loud,
just squall to him man,I like that, and I
like a mouth like that.I got three females that
got squallin mouths,and that’s all I brought
with me today was females.And one of ’em got a,
kind of light squeal,Marvin got one with
a light squeal,and we got a couple
that got a big skulland just loud mouth dogs,
and that’s what we want.And it doesn’t matter,
as long as the doggot good hunt, that’s
fine on the mouth,we should get a lot of noise.It’s good music
to the ears today.That’s what you should hear.I get excited, I get pumped up,y’know somebody could
shoot the rabbit,they could miss the
rabbit, it don’t matter.Long as them dogs in
there doin’ their job,that always work for me, they
get me pumped up every time.(dogs howling)Man, the deer
season was awesome.Both of them boys of mine
killed two deer a piece.One of them killed a
really nice eight point,was about 135 inch deer,
great deer for him,and the other, MJ,
killed a smaller buck.He just wanted to
shoot him a buck.They love the hunt.And then we went
back the next time,and we got in the stand,
and they both killed some,I mean, really large deer.I just get pumped up on stuff,I get more excited than they do.I believe they was
happy about it,but I know how special that is.Them getting the experience,
both of them killing a deer,and they was together,
all of us sit there.It was just a good
experience man.We pumped up man, they
are hunters though,I can’t take that from them.I can say, I want to hunt,
it can be 20 degrees,and we sitting in
an oak stay-in,and they: yeah dad, we going.I can say they deserve it man,they hard hunters
and they get out.How y’all doin’ today?Today is February
26, we gonna tryto finish up on the rabbit hunt.We in Panola County
at Rabbit Hill Farmsand you can tell, the dogs
been down about two minutes,and they got a race going.We’re gonna go out here
and kill some rabbit baby.You ready?– [Man] I’m ready.– [Marcus] I see you done
bring a single shot today?– No, I want to give them
something good to see today.I’m a give you
some good footage.– [Marcus] They just
called us right here sowe better go kill them rabbits.– We ’bout to go
kill them rabbits.(upbeat southern music)(all laugh)– [Marcus] That’s perfect
there, ain’t it man?That’s all good, we’ll
get him on the other side.Hi there Ale!– [Man] It came right
there between you and me.– I don’t have my
gun loaded yet.(all laugh)I wanna get the
dogs to hunt first.Not ready to shoot, nah.I’m a load up.– [Marcus] Which way
you gonna stay at,so I can start moving around?We gotta get them rabbit killed.– [Marvin] Just stay out
of them trails right there.I want the rabbit to get a
chance, running a little bit.(man calls to dogs)(upbeat southern music)– [Marcus] Look in front
of you right there.(gunshots)Yeah, I seen him.– I seen him sitting there.I was gonna shoot him, but I
wanted him to get on camera.With his shirt on.(laughter)– Dead rabbit!– [Marcus] Yeah.(dogs barking)They coming to me Marvin?They coming up the
hill, I don’t knowwhich way he going though.(gunshot)And that’s a good one too,pretty good sized rabbit
man, they run ’em.I run that joker right
down through there on me.He rollin’ too man.They been running
that ridge right offin there that me an
Marvin on right now,but the only bad part about it,I was on this side
standing around,and they’ll double
cross on the other side.But, we might have a
chance of one coming upon us right here
in just a second.(dog barking)(gunshot)Hey, that sounded like that
echoed to a miss Darnell!(laughs)You got ’em there man.It seemed like when
as soon as somebody gotalkin’ a whole bunch of noise,bout how good they shoot, then
they go do a lot of missin’.That’s what happening today,cause some of them
boys can really shoot.– [Marvin] It’s still running.– [Marcus] And Mark he
don’t miss a whole bunch.– I ain’t got nailed.– [Marcus] They don’t
miss a whole bunch really,but that’s what
happen you talk noise.I guess I don’t need
talk no noise, huh?(dogs barking)(gunshot)(relaxing rock music)(gunshots)– One big ole’ rabbit buddy.Look how you pierced his ear.That’s how you piece
his ear right there.They call me Rifleman,
call me Rifleman today.That’s how you get it
done right there folks.(gunshot)– Got out of the gap more.(dogs bark)– And I do it all, target hunt,deer hunt, and all
that, but you gotta bereal quiet man,
can’t move around.Out here, you can
let your hair back,enjoy your friends, you
can talk, you laugh.And a lot of great
memories are madecause this one, you
can get a whole bunchof buddies together
and I promise you,if you hadn’t seen it,
you’ll see a lot ofmissing going on out there.That’s when you get to
laugh, and you joke about it,and you walk and talk.It’s just the good memories madeout here when you
rabbit huntin’.– Once again, we’re
piercing ears around here.(upbeat rock music)

11 thoughts on “Panola County Rabbit Hunt

  1. Looked like a great rabbit hunt out there!!! Thank you for taking the time to introduce youngsters to hunting! It's so important to do that! I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing, but I know your boys will certainly remember the experience!

  2. Best rabbit hunting video on YouTube. Love the fellowshiping and friendship that you guys have! Memories in the making.

  3. Awesome vid my man!! Love the fact you taking them young uns. It's always a good thing to introduce new hunters to rabbit hunting, young or old. I love taking kids with me rabbit hunting. Making memories that'll last forever!

  4. Glad to see you take kids and try to get them into rabbit hunting I really enjoyed it myself but I really like watching other people get the rabbits I take my nephew hunting they enjoy it god bless you go hunting

  5. I liked old Starvin' Marvin Ales there ," I don't even have my gun loaded yet ". That's just classical there . Good job on the youngsters , teach them how to do it and teach them how to do it right … ?

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