PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make Avengers Wreck It Ralph 2 Diy Fortnite

three two one oh my gosh you challenged us to do the mystery wheel of pancake art and right now let's spin for the first pancake crazy Whitney's gonna land on Devon ha I'm gonna guess blue I'm gonna say uh purple purple Oh let's see what the first one is all right Bowser oh sweet I will just kick it off right now Bowser is gonna get some muscle spikes on this dude boom falls ball oh there's the up top drip drop drop drop ah to be good at this Devon you really got to get in touch with your inner Bowser you know I mean I guess I guess and for the big one Devon did we just I gotta finish up his shells who's gonna fill this fully in with green right now boom and now I'm trying to give them some jacked arms all right here we go is give him one arm like this look at that arm bro extra dripping is double dripping look at this that's horrible going on it's kind of squishing and running out of room at the top here it looks like a giant shoe or a foot lots of deep breaths there of them this is that good so give them old teeth and outline is done do that took you forever and I not having it and neither is my pet dinosaur so what a pet be nice or can I pet no do not pet the be nice or Devin why you know what happens when you pet Adi nice all right no I don't all right Devin you can present be nice or okay whoa Wow okay I warned you not to flip over on pancake right now double scooper just give me a slight flick of the wrist three two one a little more respect for Bowser man what you just plop that thing right down you didn't even treat it gently do you wanna deal with here you literally had no care in the way you handled what can we just provide back to your flip see dude look at that and now it's time to flip mine you're a business deal is gonna be crazy all right is successfully on a spatula three – whoa and we've got new to the top link in the description or gonna shop calls keep calm right now to get yours before it's all sold out Oh oh my gosh an absolute turn apprehended what well there's Bowser from super smash bros and this is a battle and you get to comment down below and let us know who won this round down a spin to the next pancake we got wreck-it Ralph thing about wreck-it Ralph is it kind of looks like 8-bit so luckily for me this is right up my alley wait when did you do 8-bit Kong because it's like more and more chunky and funky which is the way that I like to make my pancakes you gotta make the insides now first seed Emma Nova starts with these like a little small line so I'm gonna I'm gonna try that this time because I need to get better at this so you're like oh no the bottom of stop getting like square and ice and Kuby is that just his mouth yeah you know see it's all about squares so I'm gonna do a little square taco there we go I think I'm crushing the game right now see oh look at it it's just no and make eye balls sweet you've done Omega square it's the most crucial square though cones what the center we got his eyeballs so here we go we're gonna get some side brows oh there we go there are I browse your side brows where do you put those side breaths off to the side next up I'm going for the eyes still these little babies and Buddhism all right reg your mouths gonna have some green eyebrows asking for this last little touch rate that will randomly go off each round which means if it spins for a wild card okay all right bro I guess we gotta spin the Miss real to find out when our wild-card is bro I was going so well bring it to you what this might like mess up your whole game right now I got blue I got red what hot sauce that's not bad you want – what for the rest of my pancake making uh I'm not allowed to use my hands how do you make a pancake without using your hands this is gonna be so weird I think I have to like take off the cap of this and combine the two cuz there's no way just sriracha sauce is gonna work shoulder though looks pretty funky you'll give me spatula dude why it spatula I need it there you go by the way this what are you doing gonna follow up over oh no it's not really coming out now you weren't using all right my sriracha is added that was super easy you need another spatula there's a spatula right there yeah see the thing is to get that spatula I need another spatula here you go oh nice all right there you go Eleuthera is now time Oh give another spatula yeah you know what I'm over your over over what I'm going in for it bro whoa oh wow that's really skilled man oh dude I think you can use your hands now I just feel so bad for you here's the issue Devin when you spend four no hands that literally means no hands I have no hands then you have my hands away you had hands a second ago what happened oh I have an idea I found a loophole boom cool on bro right here we go so that's gonna fill in his face oh why is it so watery this is great man the no hands thing is all it's all working out for me let's see we're just gonna give a whole mess of hair and done all right so now it's gonna have to kind of like oh that's not cooked that's not cooking you're kind of encroaching into my space their heads like resting on my arm bro that's not like sriracha sauce on your side all right whoa don't break it to break okay it's done right where's the other specialist you want the ones that were in or out of my mouth not in your mouth this is a ratchet Ernest so that the pancake batter splits and doesn't actually cook doing it you're gonna have to eat that you gonna be end of the video we'll be eating these pancakes bro oh no it's gotta break it 3-2 we're my first five seconds subscribe challenge we wouldn't see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in just five seconds here we go 5 4 3 2 1 done if you do that comment down below keeper squad right now oh it's so bad at least my guy didn't lose his forehead right now you can comment down below and let us know who won this round time to spin for a nest pancake 3 2 1 what are you gonna land on green I'm gonna say yellow oh what it is oh snap okay it's the most famous detective in the entire world Sherlock Holmes no Pikachu Oh what right now let's make them gonna start off over here your number two's gonna be a lot smaller I'm playing with perspective a little bit you know I heart words you could use got his little head I've got a bit crazy okay all right okay let's keep making the tail of course detective Pikachu's got his hat what I'm gonna be doing we'd have to build a little stick on his head because this little stick is gonna support his hat it's like one of the propeller has upside down though we're gonna fellers nailed it there we go so now we're gonna give him a magnifying glass there we go little whitening boat coming out of his tail see now I know I use these little precision wasn't broke is essentially a lot easier and I made it ear super wide now for the most important and skillful part gonna start filling in his tail Oh seriously I was doing so good like it's gotta spin the mystery wheels and let's hopefully get something good really get one man I can't believe it dude I got red I'd have a good feeling about this what I got a switch up bro Oh seriously oh yes going so good Oh oh you got a blindfold I've been blindfolded okay so now what because wait dude what i teleported like two inches yeah but we did it with lightning yeah but we could've just switched rays yeah but we couldn't do that with lightning man my blindfold on I'm gonna have to do a lot of reconstruction of yours I can't see anything I have a system figured out for this put it down go around so I find Oh found something here and then I'm just gonna dispense one ear moves I think this is his eye right here you know what I'm gonna just kind of guess so we're we're gonna give a little I perfect there we go give them a little nose Devens it's red no this is red okay this is red okay I'm gonna go till I hit the side of his head oh okay something something's here gonna give a little cheek over here and a little red cheek over here and there's the most important part this is all just kind of guessing right now but I got to figure out which one is yellow so I can fill in his face I think this is yellow it's not yellow what this is yellow no you do like twin telepathy right now Devin say okay yellow three two one oh I got it it is right twin telepathy is so great here we go maybe a little bit on this side and maybe a little bit more up here Wow oh you're breaking what are you wearing to my pancake okay I take it all right bye smells like it's perfectly cooked and ready to be flipped cause it's not even on could you can you teacher yeah I can't okay Devon I need a spatula all right here you go okay perfect Annette oh no way you got me an extendable spatula I'm trying to find it careful of the top dude careful the top oh yeah I got it yeah you kind of got it time for the flip three two one actually flip you missed a pan Oh oh my gosh pretty interesting let's uh let's whip it around like that you know I brought I'm very disappointed it appears that you've discarded the majority of my work they salvaged a lot ready for this three my gosh well done all right well those are the Pikachu's you get to comment down below who won this round time to spin for the next pancake already here we go and yellow all right let's take this bumblebee I'm great at doing bees oh no no like the Transformers oh I thought for once I had this I can't believe we got yellow all right well you know what time to make a transformer they're all about the shapes the issues I make my pancakes huge here we go I'm gonna give us a little eyes circular pupils here we go this is working perfectly oh look at that squiggly eyebrows yeah we and it'll get a little square a red square tongue that's bubble bee right now man these lines are becoming all disconnected and everything brothers not good three two one all right let's see Oh snapping up purple no way I got no thumbs bro dude I got a chopstick flip oh my god that could be really bad so now he is we're gonna take them up hand number one is done the one hand taped hair is not easy when you'll have a thumb you know I think it's time to start filling it in so here we go guys grab some yellow double peace sign who needs thumbs we are eight fingers chopped Stan sorry that's all I have in my hand this is more over nine all right here we go it's gonna get some over here are you almost done I gotta go oh it's overlapping the lives of eight Collins well I'm not perfect I can use spatulas bro Oh be careful dude be careful three [Applause] there you go now it's time for my flip you right I believe in you Devon are you ready to one or three second light challenge we want to see if you can like this video in three seconds are you ready here we go three two one done oh dude that thing looks in Sangin turns out you need to comment down below who made a better bumblebee alright time to spin the wheel for the next pancake three two one let's just go with this I got purple all right hey we got four nice oh sweet wait what should we make um no what if we do the llama oh sweet yeah I lava from fortnight here we go are you gonna start off with the head of the llama first the most important you are here we go we're gonna go here there's an ear Oh what is that that's his head and then the body of his la – I love his little legs like my mom is gonna have some saber-tooth fangs that way no one can loot this llama now cuz I don't think I've ever seen you this quiet before this is what concentration looks like that you should try to learn something it's very difficult for me though are you like actually making all the little individual confetti thingies I mean most of them we start filling mine in but I have a different strategy than Devon instead of just doing them all the same color I'm gonna randomly do them in all different colors to make mine a rainbow Lieut llama whoa let's so much detail I didn't have enough room to add the legs so this will have to do all right now it's time to start roasting my pancake hey why is stuff picked over the lazy party fixes all right here we go Oh what mode is he let me see he's just on us in the great mode that sounds too intense for this don't worry bull obliterate mode you don't want that no no we don't bleed world destruction mode oh wow is he that powerful this is Victor dog Caesar pony can you turn him down a little bit that one okay then that one alright now he's on a loosen mode ready three two one pony you did a great job there loosing some lightbulbs as well but I thank you for your service Devon thank you touch Victor the laser pony no it's a test you cannot disrespect Victor the laser pretty by touching us now this goes wrong then she feels very wrong because there's so much detail all right it is time for the flip of a pancake three two one oh oh he lost his head that's part of the game this brought my best pancake I've ever made alright it's time to flip mine here we go you breaking you will automatically lose cuz he probably buys anyway because you don't have four legs here this is so much future – what if you want to win a 15 minute video call with Devon and I text the word pancake to 81 800 right now so pause the video text aboard pancake to 81 800 you will automatically be entered into women right now let's see how this thing looks oh so good though you get to comment down below who made a better for night long time spit for our next pancake start with us try it because I'm feeling pretty bold right now you may have noticed that I flipped my hot plate vertically and that is because Aquaman is tall what are you doing I'm a ghost ride it and then we're gonna have to give him a little arm all right here we go man I always run out of room like really quickly will be a little head oh my goodness you have no idea how hard it is to do a straight line with this thing he's got some awesome beautiful yellow hair I will give a little yellow belt he's like man Oh No I'm losing my eyes you burnt his eyeballs off oh man his face is gonna be on whack now I'm gonna start filling in my shark this that reminds me of a shark Keesha a little bit tricky shop where are you Sharky where's sharkeisha I'm gonna get her here sharkeisha I have your favorite rice cakes Oh turkey said no and you can work on my pancake let me at least give some cases some rice all right it's time to flip my sharkeisha Oh now time to flip Aquaman oh it sounds a very fragile give me Spencer okay okay this trident over here Wow sometimes when Aquaman falls down you kind of figure out what goes where this looks so crazy here we go three two one you comment down below who won and this round we'll be eating these at the end of the video having to spin the wheel three two one what is gonna land on dream that's right safe bet it would go bread oh no do we have to make the Avengers all of the Avengers okay fine how will we pick one of them to eat and the nightmare as a pancake sounds good starting off with the outline so you have to guess kind of what superhero Megan it always ends up looking so much cooler in my head ah so much delicate work goes into this this is tough it looks really a waffle in a pancake yeah you're making a waffle cake okay three two one Oh oh we got it we gotta clean that off check this out oh I got it oh yes I got my rice cakes up are you done you know what I gotta savor flater than steak in the ceiling here we go got it so now let's always keep making this thing up and now it's time to create some building in the background hey is shot a web it BAM what it looks more like a waffle whoo what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make spider webs he's built himself a nice web in the background we have number two man it looks like it like in the middle of a heat wave I mean this building really did not deny God seriously again all right it's got a Reese pin the wheel brother things like randomly goes off at the worst times all right here we go you ready wild cards three two one I hope I got a good one I hope I don't get a bad wild card I don't know Reese pin it all right way did you guess I have to use my left hand you what I'm very much not left-handed there's a lot of details to be done I hope it's a good one what kaleidoscope glasses what are those whoa it's like seeing quadruple bro like my pancakes here here here and here at the same time I'm not looking forward to this it's not looking forward I know I'm looking forward to this you're not looking forward at all I'm not I need some blue I got it wait is this blue it salsa messing with my colors is this blue no that's purple it's purple yeah right I got it all right it's time to add the blue of the eyes here we go oh okay okay all right let's do this left-handed this makes it harder I don't even know what I'm doing oh I got it I got it this is bad yeah right there right there I think I got okay even with the kaleidoscope thanks how are you still so good at this okay all right hopefully this don't mess it up red haha this is red that is red yes great job I got it I think it's done do I have to flip it like this yes that's what the glass really time for the flip but I can only use my left hand oh you need help yeah see I can help you just give me a spatula Yeah right no Devon if you don't feel you don't have it there you go ha ha teamwork makes the dream work left hands you ready to go go go go go look at these cards on web right here we go three two one oh good does it look good I can't really see it so comment down below cool on this round we'll be eating these and in the video time to spin for our next pancake weight I think it's gonna be I'm gonna say cream how could it go for blue all right let's see what we got oh this one's poppin Mary parrot but how do you know that cuz I like that let's get some umbrellas and float away all right umbrella done that was easy get lines going through cuz umbrellas have lines this is like what happens when you have kind of no vision for it this is good this must be your arm you know what till have a giant triangle arm oh man she has a teeny little arm how am I so bad at this look more like the Pillsbury Doughboy than it does on Mary Poppins oh man this I don't I'm going to dress the right color right now oh this must become even worse right now all right three two one I got red that can't be good what matter hands I got tentacle fingers oh it's like different hands and batter no drip all over it gonna ruin it dude this is gonna be impossible bro is gonna be a hindrance oh boy oh man all right time to peel some pancake batter so let's see what's gonna oh no you know I'm just going for it and her dress the longer I stay here the worse it gets all right let's see if I can just come start getting the tentacles you tried in gonna add some more cityscape how was it that ten tentacles can you pick up one of these things yes oh all right and no detectable finger not the worst thing that's ever happened you have a great body see it all goes so great until Houdini interferes with our game all right well here we go I have ten tentacle fingers and they are all dexterous and where exactly is Mary Poppins Porter dry is right there I'm wearing a green dress like the Wicked Witch now it's time for me to flip mine man I don't like this at all no I'm gonna clam you know you're dripping so much batter everywhere bro three two one oh it looks so good I need my hands far away so I don't drip on it you get to comment down below who won this run time to eat the pancakes but there's a mystery real twist to this basically we only get to eat one pancake in the mystery wheel gets to decide which one that is so we'll spin it pick it off and whichever one it says that's the one we get to eat I'm super excited I'm super excited too I mean all of mine are amazing except wreckit-ralph I hope I don't get reckon it here we go the final spin and possibly the most important one three two one Lee's not recognized please not regular I'll freeze I drag around please all right I got read with you yeah I got blue it's a good sign nice I got the fortnight Lama yes what do you think the chances are that this is not wreck it Ralph I mean here's the thing bro you got Iron Man you got Aquaman you got a thousand I was gonna put a little drumroll it's more like a little clipper roll what is that enough goofing around Devon let's see what you got your three two one No oh my gosh Wow whoa follow the pancakes well I'm gonna take a little bite am i for tonight llama right now if you prepare yourself to take a bite of spicy wreck-it Ralph I'm like a chip almost right now it's kind of like it so crisp oh it smells so bad dude what are you doing I'm eating them hanging and it's great oh dude oh just like you three two one ah good and we've got numbers so good the top link in the description or go to shop Calm keep calm right now get your merch before it's all souls out and comment down below who is your favorite character you would love to see us make a pancake out on right now click here you're five seconds right here we go five [Applause]

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