Pamela Anderson STUNNED by Aisling Bea's Observation?! | 8 Out of 10 Cats | Best of Aisling S20

what you think Home Slice is it having kids people won't have kids that night well what do you think I mean your your knocked-up full-blown pregnant first a second second I've ruined my life you know like they come out you're funny guys haven't they invented yet remember those like face cloths and you add water to them and they expand and this is genuinely for the science community who I know watch E for like if you get like the small bits of the baby and he go oh there it goes and then you push it in a bowl for nine months and it's gonna go in the bowl and you can get on with your and be loved that slowly expands when I first said NHS dealing with a virus before it's been a slow news day the flu jab you won't be in this problem will where yeah so it got hacked the NHS got hacked and yet basically all the computers got blocked up and then locked up I don't know what you call the computers have blocked up do you think they were using Microsoft instead of Apple because that way the doctors were Turner up cuz awful a day doesn't make me realize traveling though like the white privilege so my brother-in-law is British Indian and we traveled together home for Christmas this year and I'm really late to airports all of the time and he was getting really angry with me and I couldn't understand this and I was like come on man I'm like one just we run through the airport he's like you don't understand I'm a Bryan man who likes to wear mainly black clothes and my orthopedic backpack clutches around in the front I do not run through an airport well I find it's really hard when you like fancy your teacher well you know it can never come to anything because there are none I was in an all-female girls school until I was 18 and we had just all female teachers and if a man entered the school imagine George Clooney appearing as a hen night in Glasgow we were like like it was like a diet coke at every time there's like to kind of fix the radio every be like you would be called up if something happened yeah yeah I'm bounty for life bound for life yeah I don't really want you going out at 9:00 to go and don't worry I'll shoot him UHF or a sword documentary called dance army and those guys well let's put his through some paces tell you should do I let's try something how could it be I'll take you all on right no yeah what you gonna do when I go you're gonna get in the press opposition you're gonna stay in the precipices you wanna say B you're gonna go down yeah when I say are you gonna go up sure people talk about Glastonbury like they've been to Vietnam 2007 2008 you know crazy crazy time if you just weed in a field and listen to music looking at the back of someone's head i broug in fast food for everyone bring in the hot dogs I've got vegetarian hot dogs for a couple of you the veggie I've got a hot dog challenge for you the fastest a hot dog has ever been eaten without hands is 23 seconds without hands without hands 23 seconds to eat a hot dog with no hands you were not allowed to use your hands I feel like this could be all our collective sex tapes yeah I was gonna say okay 5 4 3 2 1 eat seconds washings just got our five-star review from the hot dog cuz he's got a little monkey feet yet it when he see most people think their life would make a good soap opera trough awesome I was in I was in a soap and iron it was my first acting job in drama school yes what was it cool it's called fair city who did you play in faster this is an Irish name and it's actually my middle name as well it's cleaner people got your middle name is cleaner yes it's an ancient Celtic name thank you how do you spell it CLI OD h NADH I know it's not the case no no okay I know it's passport priority it sells sometimes like the spelling of names in Ireland it's like they just wanted to win at Scrabble oh it's cleaner and I played Keith Duffy's wife not like Keith drove he played a character just about don't have a go be wood limited range how dare you don't see you you were on the soap yeah on the soap but I used to always hate sometimes the writers just never wrote a reaction sentence so they go like you know your boyfriend had an affair and then it would say end on cleaner but they never they'd leave it for about ten seconds and they go you know your boyfriend had an affair I need to go saying course big button dynamo arse here go on till more like they did their heatwave male confidence in the heat is unbelievable like when I see men at a bus stop pull out their trousers get their hand in front of everyone dive died with a boom readjust their bollocks and they go or I may imagine if I pulled out my trousers got my hand own spread my flops let a bit of air in and it was like [Applause] you

34 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson STUNNED by Aisling Bea's Observation?! | 8 Out of 10 Cats | Best of Aisling S20

  1. i clicked only because the vid was focused on Aisling. i'm american and couldn't possibly give less of a shit about pam anderson.

  2. Aisling Bea is another well to do white woman who doesn't like her skin color I guess, and another white male basher. Give me a f**king break.

  3. Man, people make fun of Jimmy Carr for being a bit of a wuss, but look at him hold Aisling up! Not that she's all that heavy, but still.

  4. And that's because of white privilege? Or could it be because every fucking suicide bomber ever has looked like that??? PC cunt!

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