Paedophilia Is A Worldwide Pandemic – It's Not Just Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs

and while I was talking to Anton Julie on the other side of the glass was taking a call from ona and we didn't have time yesterday to talk properly to orner so she's on the radio to us now on a good afternoon you are trying to get a productive get a prosecution going of we can't name him but let's let's say an international musical superstar who you say raped you in 1976 when you were 14 correct there's never been a prescription period on rape order so one of the questions that you will be asked is I'm not sure when the process of okay let's let's take a couple of steps back and you were 14 what happened a group of girls just to put it very shortly we were at school in art class and one of the girls had suggested that this Welsh singer was coming out to South Africa and he was staying at the president hotel in C Point which was very close by we we all lived in a small community and she suggested why don't we go and get his autograph so that day after school we had all gone home we've got changed and we went to the hotel and the lobby was full of people and we were basically shuttled out by the concierge as if we were like not in the right place now we were all very young we were around 13 14 years of age and as we approached the main doors to leave a Rolls Royce drove up and the famous singer was sitting on the backseat with his body got next to him and they either us out and to cut a long story short basically the singer instructed the bodyguard to give us three tickets for his coming up performance on that weekend which was for the Saturday night and they both got out of the car and the singer disappeared he went up into the elevator and went upstairs The Bodyguard then wrote on and in those days the hotels used to have their own stationery on occasional tables everywhere and heroes on the back of an envelope that we were to receive these tickets and he handed this envelope to me and instructed us to be at the theater a little earlier to the three arts of Hampstead and we would receive the tickets so I was a little concerned just my mind was kicking because for us planted it was far away being all of us living in the C point vicinity so I said you know what is something if we don't get the tickets so he wrote his name on the flip cover of the envelope which I still have and he said if any problems – please contact him immediately from there and he'll make sure that we get our seat anyhow be that as it may we all went to the three arts and on the Saturday evening and there were no problems we went up to the box office we handed in the envelope and received three tickets we were I should into this VR theater and we were seated approximately to us from the front now the show started with a comedian from the USA as far as I recalled the Capri and we didn't really get to understand much of it we were very young and I'm ready I really hate to interrupt a story like this but can we sort of perhaps move it forward to the the interaction okay so basically what had happened is halfway through the show I was tapped on the shoulder and I was told that I need to see this gentleman in his hotel room on the Sunday afternoon we kind of got all excited but forgot about it and on the Sunday asked group of girls belong to a Jewish organization called the now giver which ones like a youth scout movement and they do biblical studies and they play games etc so our game for that afternoon was called find a star and I suggested we didn't get the autograph why don't we go which was one away to the hotel and try and see if we can get the autograph and that would be great which we did we went over and lobby was empty we then also compares to please contact the gentleman because we wanted to autograph and the bodyguard came down in the elevator he looked at me and he said you come with me and he pointed to the wrist the golden said you wait here he led me up to the sixth floor and he actually tries to have Israel with me first I freaked out completely I didn't know what was going on and he immediately tried to calm me down and he said I'll take you through I'll take you through just keep quiet just keep quiet at which point my head was just very confused he then led me through to the main suite and there were a lot of celebrities sitting in there except for the singer himself I was off to be seated on the couch which I sat down and then the singer came out to one of the intermedia news I had some photographs taken with him on the balcony he then disappeared I'm cutting the fish sauce he then disappeared back into one of the infilling rooms and I feel free also uncomfortable I was totally out of place I was far too young so I made a move to get up and to leave and as I did that another young gentleman which today I know was his son he pointed it he called me and he pointed at me and he said to me my dad would like to see you in here was like a hitchhiking coming sort of action and I don't know what in here was I wasn't accustomed to fancy hotels and hotels et cetera so I walked in and then he was standing and he gave me Dom Perignon to drink I didn't know what it was I thought it was like a bubbly soda so I tasted it and it was absolutely disgusting and not knowing about alcohol I drank it down just to try to get rid of it of course it went straight to my head and he kept topping up the glass and at the same time he started to put me down onto the bed and all that I knew is that he kept going honest me as he was pushing me harder and harder he kept saying to me relax relax it's not gonna hurt if you relax I'm not gonna hurt you if you relax so obviously I was fighting trying to fight him off in the space that I was in which was obviously a state of inebriation he'd had his way with me and I suddenly caught sight of a lot of blood on the sheets and I started to panic because I thought I had done something wrong to him I wasn't accustomed or say to what men look like when they reach an orgasm or climax and I thought I did something wrong and I started to panic and I fled and well the story goes on from there was a basic incident okay people are going to ask and if this ever goes to trial the defense attorney will ask when when did you start Wendy you to support us to police why didn't you tell this to your friends downstairs who I presume was still waiting for you why didn't you tell your parents why didn't you tell them and when did you first go to the police why did it take you so long all right you must remember in South Africa 1976 we I think we only got television at the end of this year we were very very uneducated in specific things especially sexual orientation etc I came from an incredibly strict background my father was physically I wouldn't say abusive but you know in those days you used to hit your children when they did something wrong or whatever so I was very frightened of him and my mother – she comes from a really cute orient art background so nothing would ever be discussed and I was covered from my groin up to my neck in bruises in quite harsh bruises and I got home and the the issue of the day type of thing was just from everything under the carpet – the neighbors weren't nurse and you don't want to make you know the family name bad so it was never discussed my mother asked me what had happened a sitter that I got hurt and she never ever opened her mouth about it again I've been told a very close friend of mine who ironically today runs a rape crisis clinic in Cape Town and she they taken the ill element of one of us away and they kind of almost philippa ties the whole thing like oh my word you know she was with a singer and as a wife actor came into it and nobody seemed to take the bad part of it seriously when I tried to speak out when did you first go to the police honor I try to go to the police it was I first gone to attorneys to be quite honest with you as the in that space of my life I knew nothing or the difference between criminal or civil or anything like that and all I'm using it is their lawyer I needed the law to help me so I've seen several lawyers over a period of about 10 years of whom none of them had told me to go to the police they all wanted the story they all took the story but nobody said you've got to go to the police and until I was I was flying to America and around 2015 and an Lisa Nath who is an investigative journalist they actually brought the Bill Cosby case she heard that I was coming and she was telling me that she'd like to interview me on the story but I had to lay a charge so the official charge was actually laid in August of 2013 I had been before then but the police threw me out they didn't want to believe me the first time the second time when I started writing on the paper the actual details and they they saw I wrote 1976 they started laughing at me and they said to me just leave the station this is you know there's a kind of attitude that I've been you you have a situation now where you're being taken more seriously and there is another investigation and the NPA has said even though it declined to prosecute the first time there's came to the NPA's attention they will now make a further decision perhaps reevaluate that should should these current police investigation show what what evidence do you have other than your memory of of it and your absolute conviction that this happened to you I have photographs of myself and him wearing and hotel prescription gun which is just about just along his groin line label so you can see have his autograph with the hotel logo of seven son on on the paper we found the autograph I have the ticket from the show they I have John Middleton who was his bodyguard I have he's hit the backs of purple flurp that he wrote on his room number etc you you have you have more than just I have not to mention names but there was a Miss wall that was in the living room as well because it was a hotel suite so they were like bedrooms and a lounge area so one of the people that were there was one of our South Africa Miss World she's handed her statement in as well okay it's and do you get a sense that might well be a decision to prosecute I mean then I've been through 42 years of hell with us and in reality is that there was an advocate that and actually said it seemed more positive than not that they were going to prosecute the decision was whether to extradite will not all of a sudden she was taken off the case and I was handed a set of different advocates from the NPA thereafter it continued to be changing of hands continually and up to the point where they got the story completely wrong and I had to correct them on that and then eventually I got a telephone call that I got an email that Rodney de Kock was going to take this case under his wing and take it seriously and I had a meeting last week with Karina quit fear who did the Bob Hewitt case and we were chatting about this so I haven't received any official documentation from the NPS yet which I'm triple waiting for it's been 42 years and there is a woman in America that also states that she was raped by this well this person I mean you know that if it in the in the unlikely event that it gets to trial he has a lot more money than you have he'll be able to hire the most experienced advocates in the land and you are going to be told that you you went along willingly and it's only afterwards that you felt I don't have shame that you'd made the wrong decision and that he had no idea that you were as young as you were at the time because by even even to have been consider you can't have consensual sex with a 14 year old that's if it never gets to trial it's going to be an incredibly difficult period for you it will be a very difficult period I am very prepared for it I've had a lot a lot of support from many people on top levels that have assisted me emotionally regarding this specifically was the bull cosby story when that started I've been basically I don't want to use the word groom it's because I was groomed at the time they say that that is kind of the celebrities modus operandi to groom the kids and how they go about getting them but I mean as far better more adult understanding of what went on and I feel it is critical that the public out there do know because it affects one in such a way it never leaves me I'm going to live with us until I die and it will never ever leave me he's a very famous person I can walk into a pick and pay or into a CNA or anywhere and blasting over my head will be terlalu or it's not unusual or whatever song is playing it's you know and immediately it affects me I had an incredible amount of psychologists psychotherapists and psychoanalysts Austrian in New York City being currently weather psychiatrist for many many years I'm on a lot of medication it's always there I can switch on the television set and he'll come up yeah you know so you're caught you just can't get away from it even my sister who lives in Israel she phoned me the other day and she said to me what she messaged me and she said to me you won't believe if I'm sitting in the post office and I'm listening to it's not unusual about playing from the speakers so you know I'm getting it from everywhere it's like these constant reminders and it affects one line it affects one life that my relationships have been affected to the point that you know you go out with guys and and they want to know whether there's well-endowed for example or friends that you've had for a lifetime and they turn around and they're you know how can I compete with that kind of sect of person on celebrityhood and money and you know and I just want another normal life which I never will because even when he passes away whenever that day will come his songs are still going to be out there that's the story of Honor and she not sure whether there will be a prosecution the we checked with the police they are investigating the NPA are awaiting the results of that further investigation and then they will make a decision about a possible prosecution you

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