36 thoughts on “Pacquiao vs. Broner: Preview | Jan. 19 on SHOWTIME PPV

  1. So sad that Broner's words made him a loser.. Better luck in executing your words properly. A good champion deserves to be at a top!

  2. Patikimin mo ng kamao mo yan MANNY! FOREVER MANNY!!! Yang kalaban mo muka lang MONEY. Pag swapang sa pera may kakalagyan yan!

  3. Even conversation wise, Manny has more wisdom.May be 10th round but I am sort of certain this bout will go to distance when i disliked it when it's unanimous decisions score-card.Thanks.

  4. Broner should tone down the shit talking. Hasn't he learned from the fight with Maidana where he literally got dry humped in the ring and humiliated?

  5. This looks like a very entertaining fight. Hopefully Broner brings his heart to Las Vegas. He has his work cut out for him.

  6. Broner is all talk. Ever since he lost and lost again then continued to lose some more he's been saying how he's going to be the AB that everyone feared "the can man" but yet continues to disappoint and alway's has an "if" as an excuse as to what would have happened if he threw more punches and how he beat himself. This guy a clown and need's to be taken to a mental health hospital asap cause he starting to believe his own bullshit. The only reason he still relevant is because people love to see his ignorant ass get his ass kicked every time he opens he big mouth

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