Pacman Frog Tank Set Up | Bioactive Pacman Frog Tank

hey y’all welcome back mandy from my hectic
life Pat’s where we talk about all things Pat and pet-related and today I
am going to be redoing my pac-man frog tanks I am planning on trying to set
them up and get them started as bioaktiv tanks but I am still waiting on my order
of springtails so first I’m going to go ahead and remove all the old substrate I
cheated I finally got a shot back just to do my tanks with so after we’ve gone
ahead and removed all of the old substrate I am going to start adding in
my new substrate so I did go ahead and get some topsoil from outside to mix in
with my coconut fiber substrate to just kind of help get things started
this will add bacteria and fungus into my tank to help really start the
bioactive process so now I’m going to go ahead and spray everything down and add
some water and get everything nice and moist you want everything to be nice and
moist in the tank you don’t want it to be super saturated though so now I’m gonna go ahead and start
adding in my decorations I wanted to create a little bit of a cave in my tank
so I went ahead and took a half log and kind of propped it up and slanted it in
there so that it would create a little bit of a cave and now I’m just gonna
cover it with some substrate not got my leaf litter I’m adding
magnolia leaves to the tank to help with setting it up as a bioactive tank and
also I am choosing the largest leaves that I can find in the bag so that I
don’t have to worry too much about my frog accidentally eating it now I’m just going to spray down the
tank again make sure that my humidity levels in my tank are good now I’m gonna
go ahead and add back in mol tars water and put some de chlorinated water in
there so I did get some philodendron plants that I am going to be adding some
cuttings into the tank and I’m just gonna spray it down one last time for
good measure so now I’m gonna go ahead and add multi
back into her tank and hopefully she likes it I’m really happy about how this
is turning out so far and hopefully my springtails will be coming in later
today so I can go ahead and add them to the tank and make this officially a
bioactive tank which will make maintenance for me so much easier okay
so I’m really happy with how this tank is looking so far and eventually the
philodendron will start growing in and I did put it towards the back of the tank
so that hopefully mol tire will not bulldoze over it and destroy the plants
you can’t really put too many plants into the Packman frog tanks since they
will kind of bulldoze over them and they are the Destroyers of plants so that’s
all for today’s video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe
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