Pacman Frog Set Up | Bioactive Tank Set Up For My Pacman Frog

what’s up y’all welcome back menos my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pepper elated and today I
am very excited as I am going to be cleaning out my pac-man frog tanks and
setting them back up as bioaktiv tanks now the thing I love so much about
bioaktiv tanks is it’s about as close to building a self-sustaining ecosystem as
you can get in a Bavarian the thing that makes bioactive tanks a bioactive is
what you put in them a lot of bioactive tanks will contain things like plants
and stuff but you can actually have plants in there without it being a bio
active tank what really really helps to make it bio active is the micro flora
and fauna that are added into the tank as well as adding things like
springtails and isopods that help to keep the tank clean these tiny creatures
will help to break down waste and things like that
to keep the tank clean and maintained now that doesn’t necessarily mean that
you won’t have to still clean the glass every now and then because I don’t know
about y’all but I know with my crested gecko his favorite place to go to the
bathroom is right on the front glass of the tank isn’t that nice but I gotta say
with the Packman frogs I almost have to do pretty much nothing
they don’t climb on the glass they just stay in the substrate so it’s like
almost no work once the tank is set up all I have to do is make sure that I’m
still misting down their tanks and feeding them on their feeding schedule
which I keep track of on my calendar so there are a couple of things that I am
missing right now I am still missing my leaf litter and I real
I should have gotten two orders of my isopods because I’m trying to culture
one but that’s going to take a few months so I really need to order some
more isopods to get them started in the tanks while I’m waiting for my culture
to start growing in numbers my leaf litter is actually on its way I did get
a message today that it is being shipped from Josh’s frogs so yay it should be
here in a few days to add the leaf litter to the tanks so let’s go ahead
and get these tanks cleaned up and set up okay so first things first I’m gonna
go ahead and open up this and pull out their water bowls and get these guys put
in totes normally I would wear gloves for this but I can’t find them you never
really want to touch your frogs too much got them safely in totes
okay so now that we’ve got them safely removed from their tanks I’m gonna go
ahead and take my shop back and get these vacuumed out real quick if you
have multiple tanks I cannot recommend enough it’s so much easier if you have a
shop vac to clean out your tanks that’s it about one minute to do both
tanks and I’m telling you if you don’t have a shot back and you have more than
one tank that you have to clean out on a regular basis please do yourself a favor
get a shot back it’s so much faster to clean out the tanks and if you’re like
me and you tend to spill dirt all over the floor all the time every time you
clean your tanks out in a lab without mess to just make sure that you get an
appropriately sized shot back so that you’re not emptying it every five
minutes when you’re playing your tanks also I would make sure that it’s a
wet/dry vac so now I’m going to go ahead and spray down the tank with vinegar and
water and wipe down any messes on the glass I’m gonna go ahead and open up my bag of
the bio Betty and I’m gonna go ahead and pour some of that into the tank you want
a couple of inches of substrate in here so we got to make sure okay I need a
little bit more in here okay now we’ve got a couple of inches of
substrate in there I’ve got a really wet this down we want the body to be pretty
moist but not not like soaked okay so this is pretty moist I want it to get a
little bit more moist so I’m gonna go ahead and mist it some and add in a hide
that kind of back here prop it up a little and then we’re gonna go ahead and
add some of my pull those plants I got some nice golden pothos which I think
I’ll stick some right back here it’s more going that way so that way
some will be growing this way and some will be curling this way miss down here
is why not and I actually was able to find some me
Twitter which I’m very happy about I’m gonna go ahead now I’m gonna go ahead
and add some of my spring tales and try and watch the gate any other charcoal in
there and then I’m gonna put my water bowl back up in here so that guy back up
of course when you’re doing all this when you’re misting down the tanks and
you’re prepping your substrate or filling their water you want to make
sure that you are using the chlorinated water want that substrate nice and moist
plus I have noticed that I’ve been having some issues with humidity here
which is really weird because it’s Texas and it should be higher humidity but I
think because it’s winter and I’m running my heater like crazy that might
be possibly the cause of it so now we got this tank all done I’m gonna go
ahead and do the same thing to the other tank so now that we’ve got these two
tanks set up I think they’re looking pretty good if I do say so myself
they look far more natural I think my frogs are gonna be really really happy
once I get them back into their tanks I think they’re really gonna love it
they’re gonna feel safer they’re gonna feel more secure and it’s gonna be far
more natural and I can go back to not bothering them so much with having to
pull them out of the tanks clean out the substrate I really don’t like sterile
tanks very much I just really don’t there’s so much more work and there are
a lot of stress on the animals especially if you have pets that don’t
like being handled or that should preferably never be
handled which is the case with pac-man frogs like you don’t want to handle them
very often if the less that you handle them the better it is for them the less
stressed out that they’ll be I have noticed that Moltar my female pac-man
frog hasn’t been eating as well since going and switching back to sterile
tanks so I’m hoping now that she’s gonna be back in a bioactive tank and that I
won’t be messing with her as much that she’ll be far less stressed out and that
she will go back to eating the way she did when she was in her original
bioactive tank so I’m gonna go ahead and grab the frogs and put them back in
their homes and see what they think so syrup was kind enough to pee on me as
I was trying to put him back into his tank but I think I think he looks pretty
happy I think he looks pretty happy and his nice new little habitat he’s out
he’s climbing around that is one active active pac-man frog right now
Malta however doesn’t seem to quite know what to make of it yet but she hasn’t
immediately buried herself so that’s a start
I’m gonna call that a win because in the sterile tank she was not coming out and
when I had my bioactive tanks before she almost never buried herself she was
typically out and about every now and then she would bury herself but for the
most part she was not really burrowing as much she was far more active and out
out in the tank or sometimes in her little hidey hole but for the most part
I was able to find her very easily without digging to be able to feed her
so all in all I think these turned out great I’m really excited to set up my
crested geckos tank tomorrow which I will be adding a whole lot of plants
hopefully this time around I got hearty enough plan so that he won’t completely
trample all of them but we’ll find out and I think with these tanks once that
pothos really grows in these are gonna look really really nice it’ll be far
more like living in the actual forest for them and
once I get some more isopods in then I will be adding them into the tanks which
will give me a more well-rounded cleanup crew so I really like the way my tanks
turned out I’m very happy I’m so excited I’m not gonna be having to clean these
tanks out anymore I’m not gonna be spending nearly as much time maintaining
these tanks as I was which is fantastic because I got really spoiled when they
were bioactive before because I really like I said with bioactive tanks you you
really don’t have to do that much maintenance with them other than
spraying the tank to make sure that your humidity levels are right and keeping an
eye on the temperature of course along with wiping down the glass every now and
then if it gets dirty it’s just such a better system so anyway guys that’s all
I really have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I love
you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

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