100 thoughts on “Package Thieves In San Jose Surprised With Horns, Trash, Dog Feces

  1. Be there for your package, period. I stalk my packages and packages I send to people. You can have Amazon packages sent to lock boxes in stores like whole foods.

  2. UN-FREAKING-REAL!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE a "person" would involve a their child in something like that!!! What a freaking loser!!

  3. How about one really VIRAL video, viewed by tens of millions, of a package with about 20 pounds of dynamite blowing a package thief to bits? If package thieves everywhere saw it or heard about it, don't you think they'd get spooked and re-think the package stealing thing?

  4. Mr Juan Williams… Have no I'll against u sir..am aware you are a
    person with a two face ..u of all person should be very happy .of the great work YIUR President is doing if I may say do.remember.its written . t o love thy neighbor. In the same manner .Mr Williams.ask yourself what wrong Mr Donald j Trump. has done you…Fox News

  5. Ban these cameras. They are used to spy on neighbors. Nobody aims they only at their property and the street. They are all super wide filming and spying your kids and invading your privacy. Ban these.

  6. Wouldn't it be funny to fill it with the carbon from a copy machine. That crap goes every really easy. Imagine that going all over their car. Lmao.

  7. Thieves used to sometimes be hung in certain places now they just get a slap on the wrist. That's what is wrong with this country now.

  8. You wonder why teachers have such a hard time educating children these days? Because mommy and daddy are too busy taking them along when they steal packages to properly raise their kids with manners, self control, common sense, and decency. Look at their role models. Disgusting.

  9. That wasn’t his son, that’s a legal dwarf. They run a big time package theft ring. You can YouTube it… “Little man, big package” or something like that

  10. I think stealing peoples packages the lowest scumbag move . They steal some kids Christmas present or maybe something real important such as medicine. They deserve to be given jail time if caught . Scumbags !

  11. In my country, mail man never left packages at your door, they deliver it in hand or try again. And if those trying failed send a message you where you can get your packs. Dumb thing to put honey before the bear nose.

  12. Though it may make him feel better doing this, (Cool, by the way) his trash is now being thrown out by the porch pirates into someone else's neighborhood.

  13. Make it so you lift package and a trip wire springs tight and trips the douchebags down the steps, it's allot funnier the more they get hurt

  14. If that was happening to me I'd camo up in a ghillie suit and wait in the bushes by the front steps, when the thieving bastards came up I'd jump out and fire off a blank round and make them shit themselves! Another fun trick is to run a hot wire from an electric fence controller to the package and shock the piss out of them!

  15. These sort of traps aren't worth it, because the law is broken, if someone gets hurt on your property from this sort of thing, they can sue.

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