Owning & Taking Care of Pets in France

Salut! French people love their pets. So, which ones do we have? Where can you get one? And what French words do you need to know
to make sure they’re happy here? Let’s find out right now! I’m Géraldine. Bienvenue sur Comme une Française TV, Sound
French, even to the French! Les animaux de compagnie are pets. It’s the plural of un animal de compagnie,
a pet. The most common in France are un chien, a
dog, or a cat, un chat. But also un hamster, a hamster, un poisson,
a fish like le poisson rouge, the goldfish, or un oiseau, a bird. It can be a more unusual pet as well, like
a NAC=Nouvel Animal de Compagnie , the official acronym for a New Kind of Pet. These can be le lézard, a lizard, une souris,
a mouse, un rat, a rat, or even un serpent, a snake! Whatever the species, they can be your friend
at home! I mean, the dog is supposed to be le meilleur
ami de l’homme, a human’s best friend, while the horse is la plus noble conquête
de l’homme, mankind’s most noble conquest… but all pets are friends, really. That’s why a famous animal magazine and
foundation for pet rights is called 30 Millions d’Amis, 30 Million Friends. Which is the alleged number of pets in France. To be fair, the most famous association for
animal protection in France is also la SPA (Société Protectrice des Animaux), or the
Animal Protection Society. So, beyond this, how can you get a pet in
the first place ? Well, to have a pet in France, you can choose
l’achat, buying one or l’adoption, adoption. You can buy from une animalerie, a pet store,
or un élevage, a breeding farm. Especially if you want un pur sang, a purebreed
for some reason. Such as if you really like a particular une
race de chien, a dog’s breed, for instance. By the way, we don’t use the word race to
describe people in France. That’s a huge no-no there. Anyway, instead of buying at the pet store,
you might choose instead to adopt or rescue from un refuge, a shelter. It might be a good thing to do! Lots of pets are already without a home. À la maison, À la maison, at home, you need a few things
to make your pet feel… well, at home. First, a place to sleep or live. Like une niche, a doghouse or a kennel in
your backyard. For a bird or a rodent, it’s une cage, a
cage. Fish live in un aquarium, an aquarium. For snakes and lizard, it’s un terrarium
/ un vivarium, terrariums or vivariums. Cats and dogs will also need une litière,
bedding. Second, they need something to eat and drink! De l’eau, water, of course. And also des croquettes, kibbles, or des graines,
seeds… or de la pâtée (pour chien / pour chat), dog food or cat food in paste. By the way, never mistake la pâtée, dogfood,
with le pâté, which is a delicious spreadable paste of cooked meat… for humans only. Your pet might like une friandise, a treat
or candy, from time to time. It’s very useful as une récompense, a reward,
for le dressage, training, for everyday life or for des tours, tricks. “J’ai dressé mon chien à faire le beau,
regarde !” “I’ve trained my dog to sit and beg, look!” Third, and most importantly, they’ll need
some love! Not only un jouet, a toy, but also des caresses,
pettings, and your warm presence! Dehors Dehors, outside, is an important place for
all animals. I mean, I hope your horse is outdoors often
anyway, and your dog might need de l’exercice, some exercise outside too. This can be in your garden if you have one, but it’s also common to promener (ou sortir) son chien to walk your dog. Don’t forget la laisse, the leash! But even if you have a house cat in your flat,
you might need to take it outside sometimes. At least to go to le vétérinaire, the veterinary,
or as we often shorten it, le véto, the vet. This could be just a trip for their health,
or for un vaccin, a vaccine. And finally, who know? You might also want to go for un toilettage,
grooming for your pet 🙂 Et toi ? What’s your pet called in French? Tell me in the comments section, I’d love
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20 thoughts on “Owning & Taking Care of Pets in France

  1. Could someone clarify whether litière is used both for bedding and litter, as in a litter tray? I think human bedding is literie, but maybe that's not used for animal bedding.

  2. I'm so glad you brought up this subjece. Meet my French friends: mes cpwgors; framçsais préférées

  3. J'ai deux chattes, elles s'appellent "Bébé" et "Pousses". J'ai aussi un chien, il est nommé "Ford".Sorry if my French is bad, as of now I'm only on my second year of learning French!

  4. I love how you promoted rescue and adoption! It feels good to rescue an animal, instead of shopping for one. Merci pour Cette vidéo! Très Bon. Bonne Journée. ?

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