Owning & Caring for Dwarf Hamsters : Why Dwarf Hamsters Make Good Pets

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Laura
and I am here to tell you about dwarf hamsters. Hamsters are one of the most popular pets
in the pet industry. They are really good especially for children as a first pet. Dwarf
hamsters are particular really good because they can be taken care of in a very small
place. Hamster cages are relatively small. They can be kept in smaller apartments or
small houses. A lot of people who get hamsters don’t have a lot of room and that is why they
choose to go with a regular hamster or dwarf hamster. Dwarf hamsters are very small and
they are about half the size of a regular hamster. Even full grown, they don’t get over
about 3 ounces. These hamsters are what are known as a Russian Dwarf. They are very small
and they can live in a relatively small place. They have several babies at one time and they
are very good at parenting. If you notice, they’ve dug a burrow in here for all of their
babies to hide in and all three of these mamas are taking care of all the babies. Most hamsters
are very family oriented. When you have 1 or 2, they do really well. If you have 3 or
4, they do even better.

100 thoughts on “Owning & Caring for Dwarf Hamsters : Why Dwarf Hamsters Make Good Pets

  1. @KoFDee look i just watn wat i want its my life and i control it so dont reply on me saying no to breed hamsters gosh leave me alone!

  2. Dwarf hamsters are VERY friendly! I have on named Rose, and I'll let her out of the cage, close the door and keep a close eye on her, and she walks around, but she usually heads for her cage and just climbs in.

  3. @Plopperidoo
    i think that also if the hamsters have just been in the same cage sense they were born that can work too right?

  4. @Sford0dude5 Wrong!! Did you have another gerbil to accompany that gerbil?? Didnt think so. They are social and at least need to be in a pair or else they will becme shy, agressive and die early..

  5. I used to have a dwarf hamster and it was nice and stuff but my sister had 1 and mine would poo like 4 times a minute and hers never pood in her hand. was that normal or not cus i kind of want another hamster but the poo was annoying i wouldnt even want to take it out of the cage sometimes cus i knew id get a bunch of poo pellets on my hand.

  6. 1) no wheel.
    2) Hamster need big areas like 100x50cm cages.
    3) ALL Hamsters are loners.
    4) nnot enough litter.
    5) nowhere to hide(houses).
    6) Hamsters are nocturnal.

  7. @Hamsterfreundin89
    3) Robos and campbellis should be kept in pairs, and winter whites can be kept, but they can sometimes fight.

  8. @Aluqer That is just posibile, if the hamsters are sisters, mother and doughter, father and son or they are brothers..:/ and ist really not every time. its just sometimes. :/


  10. i have a syrian "teddy bear" hamster. actually, i have two…male and female. the female gave birth to two so we put the male in a separate cage but not long after a few days or maybe just 3, its babies died and i guess she ate them 'cause we can't find them anymore. Is it safe to put them in the same cage again? or not?

  11. @Sandring44 It depends on what kind. Teddy Bear/ Syrian hamsters need to live alone, they will fight to the death with other hamsters. Any kind of dwarf hamster (russian, roborovski, chinese, etc.) can live with other hamsters, they don't need to, but they can.

  12. isnt this video supposed to be about "why hamsters make good pets?"
    they totally do, but all you said was:
    they are small and make good pets, yadadada over and over.
    how 'bout givin' us some REAL reasons?

  13. WOW! never heard so many WRONG facts about dwarf hamsters!

    1: They need A LOT of space and a huge cage or fishtank
    2: they're not recommendable for little children. Waking them up during daytime can damage their health
    3: Never ever have more than 1 Hamster in a cage. Not even if they're siblings. Eventually they'll fight to death.

    Jesus. do your job!

  14. @LoudPrincessofChaos dude u can have multiple hamsters, in a cage if not how do they breed? uh liitle kids sleep through anything.

  15. How you can say that dwarf hamsters are social by nature? Actually they are Antisocial by nature, often cohabitation of 2 or more dwarf hamsters end with fighting and sometimes with death.

  16. our Dwarf hampster, fricking sucks.
    He wont let us hold him. Nothing. He Bites.
    Lol. I wont get one ever again.

  17. @dannyskater No. I know exactly what I'm speaking about. Only roborowsky hamsters are a little social. But neither winterwhite or campbell are social.

  18. @dannyskater 9 dwarf hamsters in the same cage?!?!? Poor hamsters…I hope you had a cage at least 300x300cm….little hamsters…:(

  19. @dannyskater 60×40 cages are suitable only for 1 dwarf hamster, 2 in case of cohabitaion. And you had keep 9 hamsters in one single 60×40 cage. Have you ever thought to put yourself in their shoes? I'm sorry that sellers of animals are the same all over the world.

  20. @TouchTheCrazy You're confused.
    Dwarf hamsters are meant to be in groups, or with a pair.

    You're thinking of syrian hamsters being together.. thats a huge no-no..

  21. she should pay attention to those lil' hamster's feeling.. putting them in group will make them fight together, or she has a bigger cage

  22. @JillnRe he isn't confused cuz these are russian or chinese and they better live solo …
    robo can live together… but russian and chinese cant, only if they are ''kids'' but when they go mature they WILL fight…

  23. 1 of the top comments are mean i got a robo hamster at age 11 i mean taking care of hamsters is easy but i mean lower then 12 seems kinda of a high number. im 12 now my hamster isnt 1 yet but i mean i suggest people who are younger then 8 year old should not have hamster i mean thats more reasonable

  24. a.if you dont have alot of room dosent mean you get a dwarf the cage size is going to be equivalent in size then its takeing up the same amount of space you idiot

    b. YOU PEOPLE ARE NO HELP SHORT USELESS VIDEOS who else agrees with me you people dont know about caring for a hamster at all

  25. @TouchTheCrazy what r u talking about! shes a profetional and i love my hamster and im 11. r u a pro? no

  26. Im not making fun of the hamster or anything, but i was Laughing my head off when the hamster kin of stumbled at 1:15 …..n_n so cute!!!!

  27. QUESTION: i have two male dwarf hamsters and when i put them together, they fight. is this just because they're males? cause the hamsters in your video seem to be getting along perfectly.

  28. Dwarf hamsters especially my russian dwarf hamster are very territorial. I only got one and shes fairly nice, but she gets reallly cranky if you wake her up. 🙁

  29. wtf she right about somethings but i know for a fact and iv looked this up they arent suposed to be ina small cage like that they need for room more things to play with and tunnels to have fun in not to mention you cage has over 4 hamsters wtf and wood shavings arent the best for a hamster either your suposed to use shreded paper go to a proffestional about this im done talking

  30. NO! As much as the other guy was an idiot, but dwarf hamsters can't live together!!!!!!!! It is a known fact and I can't believe there are idiots who think they can! When dwarf hamsters grow up, they are gonna fight like EVERY OTHER ANIMAL, there is no objection for god damn species of animals who don't fight for the place of the ALPHA MASTER PWNER. So keep you mouth shut kid….My hamster is a wrecking crew, killed my other hamster cold blooded.You know nothing about bioligy.
    so OWNED

  31. shut up, he is right, rodents are gonna fight very much when they grow up , and rodents die from fighting with each other more than any other species of anything… doesn't matter dwarf or not.

  32. I really feel offended that an "expert" on hamsters, says that dwarves make great pets cuz U can keep them in small spaces. Um, excuse me?! Smaller pets still need ample room too! My Sunfire Djungarian hammy girl lives in a 3story condo big enough 4a rat! And my 2robos have 2cages! U can never give your hammies enough space!

  33. Wait,,..one person says yew need a fish tank like size to make a cage for them,, here she says there small and can live in a reliable small place who can I believe,? HELP MEE.

  34. In pet stores they keep Syrians together because they can live together when they're babies. Once they grow up they'll become territorial and fight.

  35. Wrong you need a cage at least360 square inchs also don't breed you need to know backround genetics and need to supplie the babys with enough fiber and protien. Something food mixs can't provide

  36. what a nonsense 🙁 Dwarf or r Dsungari Hamster will travel nearly as much as Syrian…If you ever see one in a sufficent BIG home – you can see how relaxt and well he feels in there – Other methods are "hamster jail"

  37. This videos a complete fucking lie. Children shouldn't keep them, they need large cages and never store two in a cage. Are you people even pet certified? Doubt it. Why don't you learn some fucking facts before you go and promote people to get hamsters.

  38. Those hamsters are winter white there there own breed of hamster and there's no suck thing as a winter white dwarf hamster and just cause there small dosent mean they need small cages

  39. Totally wrong, the less they are the better it is  ,  this cage is just a shame, and no dwarf hamsters aren't for kids

  40. Just to clear things up all dwarf hamsters can live in pairs or sets
    Just remember that Chinese and Syrians can't live together but dwarfs can
    And expert village is wrong hamsters are for Tweens age 12+
    Second thing
    RussianCambels dwarf
    Winter white dwarf
    And Chinese hamsters are prone to diabetes

  41. BULLSHIT!! those are campells and that cage is too small there is no wheel and hamsters are not commonly good in pairs

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