Owning a pet Wolfdog / Wolf Hybrid

welcome to in search of Britain the channel where I explore Britain both in the country and the city I'll be looking at our history our people and our customs and what it is that makes this great rock in the North Atlantic so special but it's also about doing fun and interesting things along the way too which is why today I start with leuco alpha of our Czechoslovakian wolfdog pact a combination of North American timber wolf or now station and weighing over a hundred pounds he's both a very intelligent and powerful animal and as you can see a very beautiful one too I'm gonna be talking about what it's like to own a wolf dog like Lupo and whether you yourself can own one of these animals but first a little bit of background behind the breed dating back to 1955 in the then name checkers of AK Republic the military conducted breeding experiments involving wolves and our stations their intention to create a superior army dog now though the German Shepherd had proved itself to be a highly versatile and successful working dog is actually in a way a flawed breed suffering from hereditary diseases and other life limited conditions so aiming to cut this problem the military attempted to create an animal which would have both the temperament and trainability an Alsatian was fundamentally having a strength health and endurance of the wolf and what resulted was a very powerful and capable animal which would go on to be used in operations with the czech special forces now despite this surprisingly check is a keen wolf dogs are not widely used as attack or guard dogs unlike the German Shepherd their motivation for attacking unprovoked is relatively low making them not necessarily the best choice of breed for this purpose misconception often made about the breed is that as a result of their part wolf DNA they're an aggressive animal but in fact it's this very DNA that makes them prone to being apprehensive and shy people just don't appreciate how sensitive wolves and therefore often Czechoslovakian wolfdog czar in fact in many cultures the wolf was branded as a ruthless and savage predator perhaps even evil it's true their formidable predators but they're actually very loving and complex creatures too now as you saw a minute ago Lupo was getting a bit bored a little bit agitated which is to be expected these are very clever animals and they can't just stand the same position all the time they just get bored very quickly and they lots of stimulation I mean for the first 30 seconds you know he was mapping his surroundings you know tracking animals movements he can hear see things smell things we can't so that was keeping him entertained keeping him stimulated but obviously just standing around for him is very very boring he's too clever to do that so I've got a chicken leg here and he should just good boy get back come here so he just should Nour into this whilst I talk good boy there we go good boy that's it good boy okay good boy so the question everyone wants to know is can you go mom well predictably this isn't a one-word answer if you're intending to buy a pedigree Czechoslovakian wolfdog which is to say your standard low content wolf dog typically around 30% then assuming you do your research and you meet the requirements demanded you buy the breed and yes and by requirements are any things like your complete commitment strong leadership regular exercise lots of stimulation and possibly the most important thing lots of contact time they are pack animals and really do depend on this I'll be talking about a low content wolf dog in detail in future videos but ultimately for the right owner it's a reasonable possibility now if you want to own a higher content wolf dog like Lupo often refer to as a wolf hybrid then generally my answer would definitely be no now this is not saying that someone with the right background and experience couldn't own one is to say that looper is a very unique and special animal and not just anyone could own him the first thing I'd say is that he absolutely needs his own natural territory you know he couldn't live in a city and he walked in the local park he behaves too much like a wild animal I remember taking him to a County show once and him just been overwhelmed by the whole experience there were lots of people lots of different noises going on various things and it became a sense we roll over him in the end he just ended up being very anxious so not a pleasant experience for him at all the other thing we have to consider with Lupo is his intensify prey Drive now you can expect an intensify prey drive with all wolf dogs but Lupo's I'd say is especially pronounced a really good example of this is a couple of weeks ago when I was in the PAC's territory and they spotted a deer now behind a fence there's no way they were going to get to this deer so they sort of as is natural just stood very tall and said very intently in its direction in fact if you look at him now he's probably picking up the movements of different animals see he wants to go he's found something found an interesting smell he is likely to get bored standing in the same position with all good boy with all the all the different things going around good boy won't be much longer now when there was this happening I tried to get the attention of Lupo SPAC and as much as their primary focus was on this deer they did occasionally react to my calls but with Lupo because that you know that intensity of prey Drive is so high his body language didn't change in the slightest and he remained completely glued to the animal I'm not even entirely sure he could see it was all the bracken trees in the way but again these acute senses the hearing oh good boy good boy see he really is getting bored now with his hearing and it smelled that was just perfectly adequate just to track the animal without sight and it was quite a sight watching him watching his head pan as he went with the movement of the animal a really good example of showing just how capable of a predator he really is the final thing to say is that with a wolf dog like looper you're dealing with an exceptionally powerful animal I spent the first part of this video talking about how wolf dogs are prone to being a bit timid but make no mistake like all animals they are capable of being aggressive and attacking for instance in Lupo's case if some were to threaten the people he loves or break into his packs territory there's absolutely no question he would attack in defense and it would be extremely foolish to underestimate his capabilities I mean even when I just play with Lupo I get a small appreciation of just how powerful he is he could efforts to get my whole head in his mouth and after all a wolf's jaws so strong that it's designed to break through the bones of animals like an ox of course Lupo is not a full wolf but he's certainly inherited a high proportion of their strength the other members of the pack are very strong dogs in their own right but Lupo is much more powerful and that bit more wild and therefore more demanding ok so that's it for the first ever episode of in search of Britain be sure to subscribe for more videos and please give this one a like if you enjoyed it I'm also gonna put my Instagram the description below where you can follow me for pictures and updates on the progress of a looper in the pack be sure to take a look back at the channel soon when I'll be releasing a video of me introducing the rest of the pack and talking about their roles within it until next time you you

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  1. Hi Guys, check out my other video of Lupo Howling, and let me know what you want to see next…
    James LB – Instagram:@jamesinbritain

  2. Any wild animals should be left alone. We are our own worst enemies !! The military I know they do all kinds of inhuman things I was in . Great video sir just dont believe in wolf's and any dog being used for hurting someone. One day we will be the demise of all things good! God has to be disappointed in his children look at what we have done to our world and our selves!!!

  3. I so want ur life i have been in love with wolves & wolf dogs forever. I remember being told the story of little red riding hood i was a toddler most kids were scared i fell in love with the wolf. I am now 48. Xx

  4. finds a random wolf in the woods and walks up to it “this is my pet!” bites face off “don’t worry he’s just play fighting!”
    This is just a random comment lel

  5. Not sure why you would want to piss away the last 15,000 years of making the perfect companion animal by reintroducing the elements that made them our competitors for all the time prior to that.

  6. those eyes…

    "the eyes chico, they never lie."

    No matter what, he has wolf in him, Id trust you to own him and care for him, but I wouldnt trust anyone else to handle your wolfdog. Very cool though man, that thing will protect you like you are a pack member. Its awesome you have such a nice space for them, paradise on earth for those dogs.

  7. removes an arm good boy
    removes a leg good boy
    biting the neck good boy

    He seems like a good wild wolf but not like a good boy ?

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