Owners Make Heartaching But Noble Decision Of Their Dying Dog Sandy (Part 2) | Animal In Crisis EP98

The road of sending a precious family member off Could’ve loved her a little more.. A farewell filled with unfulfilled things that could’ve been said and done Sandy who was good-natured and warm-hearted departed this world leaving light behind A tumour as big as the size of a child’s head that was growing on Sandy’s belly Sandy knew how to comfort her sad owner Despite her old age She endured the surgery of removing her tumour well but Vet : According to the image, I’m suspecting that the cancer cells have already metastasized to the lungs The cancer had already spread all over her body Sandy is getting weaker day by day The owner could do nothing but feel sad As if she knows that she hasn’t got much time left Like when she was a puppy, she snuggles into her owner’s arms Vet : The tumours are inside her chest and body but Vet : there’s a very high possibility that they have also metastasized to her nerves Vet : It’s also difficult for us to assert Vet : how much longer Sandy’s condition will continue Owner : You helped us and.. Owner : Thank you so much Owner : You did a big thing Owner : Even until now I thought it would be great if she could get better in any way Owner : That was our hope but since the result is like this Owner : My heart hurts Owner : My heart hurts but what can we do Late night Sandy who’s left alone The pain that keeps getting worse Her face is filled with fear Now she’s unable to bear it without painkiller Hope feels painful in this night The couple who have returned home Owner : When Sandy acted cutely we got attached, attached Owner : Everything that I think about now just makes my heart ache Words that came out with struggle from Grandpa Owner : In any case, it’s the truth that our Sandy Owner : won’t be able to endure it much longer Owner : Any part, for other dogs, Owner : If there’s an organ that could be used Owner : I hope that it could be of help to other dogs A careful request of Grandpa Owner : A Jindo dog we raised before. The dog became blind Owner : We couldn’t take any measures and sent him off and Owner : You don’t know how regretful I feel about it thinking about it now A decision made to donate her organs after going through many rounds of thinking and agonizing over it The wish that a family member isn’t lost due to a disease She will become the first dog in South Korea to donate her organs But the cancer has already spread all over Sandy’s body Vet : Looking at it from a medical perspective, Sandy’s overall health condition is quite bad Vet : At the least, her corneas are relatively healthy It’s a situation where it’s only possible to donate corneas The cornea is the outermost surface of the eyeball If the cornea is lost, loss of eyesight will result Vet : People. In terms of among people, compared to two years ago, last year there was an increase of more than twice Vet : as many people who have volunteered to donate their corneas, organs Vet : But people don’t think about the fact that dogs can also donate their organs How is it like in foreign countries U.S. Vet specializing in ophthalmology : We explain to people who raise dogs that when their dog dies to donate their dogs’ corneas to us so that we can treat other dogs’ eyes. Vet : In one year, 2000 cornea transplant surgeries for dogs are done. Vet : It’s not very many Vet : We can do the surgery and the dogs can see To dogs who have damaged corneas Sandy’s corneas will become a new light Decided to get reports from animal hospitals and Internet to find dogs who desperately need corneas And to get a complete medical examination Several applicants have come to the animal hospital (Name)
Kkokgi / 13 years old PD : It’s very serious Owner : Yes, even if surgery is done, it’d be difficult.. When the dog is put down on the floor The dog trembles and is very anxious The dog doesn’t seem to be able to see at all what’s in front Kkokgi who keeps bumping into obstacles PD : Has it been long since this has occurred to the dog?
Owner : 2 years.. Even when the dog is carried by the dog’s owner Kkokgi still isn’t able to feel a sense of stability How is Kkokgi’s eye condition The pupils have already become white Vet : Don’t think it’s possible for Kkokgi
Kkokgi has cataracts but too much time has passed Vet : The dog can see light moving but it’s been too long since Kkokgi has been this way Vet : So I don’t think surgery will work Dogs who are suffering due to eye damage Severe pain and on the brink of blindness They gathered with desperate hearts but Vet : If you had come right after getting wounded or right before falling into the water, Vet : it would have worked but the timing is lost A regrettable sigh Vet : It’s not easy Applicants who’ve already lost the opportune moment Vet : Most people probably don’t know that cornea transplants can be done in our country.. Requisites such as the degree of damage of the corneas, health condition etc. must be met for the cornea transplant surgery to work A difficult decision that was made to donate Sandy’s corneas Can’t lose the chance like this A meeting begins to find a candidate who meets the conditions And during the meeting, a Shih Tzu catches their eye Vet : Looks like this dog would have the possibility (To be continued in the next part)

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  1. What a sweet soul Sandy is and her owners also have a heart of gold! ?? The next and final part will be up next Wednesday at 5pm EST~~!
    Find out more of Sandy and the elderly couple's story in Part 1 ↓↓↓

  2. Que triste no pude evitar de llorar por la partida de Sandy es tan dificíl dejar ir un miembro importante en tu vida mas cuando sera siempre el mejor amigo porque una persona nunca sera tu mejor amigo porque siempre te fallaran pero en el caso de los Caninos nunca te fallan siempre estan a tu lado hasta la muerte si los cuidas y los tratas bien como si fuera un hijo.

  3. Die Folgen sind viel zu lang. Macht doch bitte, bei mindestens 15 min Video , 20 teile oder mehr draus.
    30-40 mal Werbung dazwischen wäre auch nicht schlecht.

  4. Te aseguro que es lo más triste que nos puede pasar. Á los que amamos nuestros animales. Les mando un abrazo grande a los dueños de esta hermosa perrita les aseguro que ella ahora es un ángel de cuatro patas para ustedes. Bendiciones

  5. Sweet dreams Sandy… Sweet dreams??????? you cant feel any pain now? we miss you little dog, you have golden hearth❤❤❤ we miss you????

  6. Очень жаль, до боли расставаться с любимой собакой… Но теперь она не будет мучиться… Спи спокойно, Сэнди

  7. ???Самые преданные….
    Как же тяжело смотреть на это расставание ???

  8. ??Es difícil deciles adios aún cuando sabes que ya no hay nada en ntras manos psra aliviar a ntros pekes x q ya no son mascotas ya son nuestros hijos… Doloroso x q yo pase por lo mismo mi perrito tuvo cáncer y me acuerdo mucho porque lo durmieron en mis brazos… Pero si lo dejaba seguir adelante solo sufría y eso no es para lo que lo tenia era mi compañero mi amigo y no quería que sufriera mas…es muy triste.

  9. At first, when we get a dog, we think it'll be the perfect addition to a family. It'll be cute, we'll take care of it, but then he starts having problems.. some can or can't pay for these problems and some don't understand when to go to the vet. Then we get attached, our dog shows affection, follows you everywhere, makes you laugh, smile, makes you angry sometimes and then comes the horrible day he's not on this earth anymore and you feel like you lost a family member. And that's what happened, you lost a member of your family and sometimes it leaves a big hole in your heart, and you wonder why, how and why don't they live more than average 15 years.

    Mine has lots of troubles (ear, eye, small non cancerous tumor) we are able to pay for all his treatments (it's now been 10k bucks we spent and always did it in time). Even if he technically makes a big hole in our wallet it's just nothing when you think.. if you didn't do that he wouldn't be here anymore. It'll hurt like shit when he'll pass away, but at least we'd have gave him the best life we could and don't treat him like a dog but like a family member

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss it's always rough to lose a loving pet but there's a lot more around that we can love best of luck

  11. I cried see this video
    . Rip angel sandy. Run free not pain anymore and God loves you in heaven. You will always be in their hearts and leave paws print on our heart. And for all veterinarians so noble in working and caring for all animals. Bless you all there.

  12. Noo por favor, yo tengo un golden retriever también a la cual esta con mi madre porque estoy fuera del país, ella tiene 3 años y va para 4, me queda poco tiempo para verla pero gracias a esto valoraré más cada día que pase junto a ella, porque al igual, se que va a ser horrible el día que se vaya de este mundo…

  13. صدق انهم اجانب ويمكن مايمنون لكن سبحان الله لعل هذا شفاعه لهم في يوم مماتهم الرفق بل حيوان صدقه وفوق هذا الحيوان يعطيك احساس الصادق لنه مايعرف يغدر فيك ويكون ناكر او سئ الاخلاق رغم ان الله خلق الانسان في احسن صوره الا انه لا يحترم يكذب ويغدر ويشتم ويفسد ويفعل كثير الاشياء الي تضر في المجتمع مو الكل لكن الله يحسن الله

  14. I don't get why peoole bring their pets to the vet when it's too late like go to the vet immediatally if you see any type of suspicious symptom.

  15. Я бы отнял все богатства у Чиновников-РФ ВСЁ СУКА ОТНЯЛ. И ОТДАЛ ПИТОМЦАМ. ЧТОБ ИХ ЖИЗНЬ БЫЛА БЕЗЗАБОТНОЙ.

  16. Yo tenía un perrito se llamaba cachito era un chihuahueño enfermo muy feo en la panza se envenenó con chocolate su estómago ya estaba muy envenenado no pudieron hacer nada él estaba vivo y yo lo veía cómo morir lentamente el mi reflejaba en su mirada que está sufriendo mucho pero yo en el fondo no quería que muriera por eso no lo dormir porque tenía esperanzas que se aliviara y salvara pero no se pudo el murió yo no supe cómo fue su muerte porque se lo dejé al veterinario internado no lo vi por última vez que fueron días de sufrimiento para mi una navidad que pase con lágrimas himno sonrisas????

  17. Es muy triste ver a los animalitos sufrir de esa manera por qué los animales son como los humanos o hasta mejores que nosotros porque ellos tienen más corazón que nosotros ????

  18. Traurige story! Aber in meinem augen sind tierarzt und besitzer abartig! Sorry. Aber dad tier wurde einfach nur unnötig mit dem Leiden gequält. Al's tierarzt weiß man auch so, dass der kampf gegen den tumor in diesem stadium sinlos ist da er nicht erst jetzt entdekt wurde, sondern über jahre nicht entfernt wurde und berets gestreut hat! Schande űber die besitzer und dem tierarzt!!

  19. Am ekelhaftesten sind aber noch der kritters klub da die vom Leiden anderer noch profitiren! Sprich likes und abos űber YouTube. Und am besten von youtubern noch spendengelder dafűr kassieren. Pfui!!!

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  22. Que trizte ver al perrito sufrir me puse a llorar yo tengo un perrito igual que ese que trizte Dios mio quiero mucho a los perritos Dios los Bendiga a todos

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