Owners keen to politicize their pets with vegan diets | David Menzies

c-spot run c-spot eat see spot run away from home that might just be one of the revisions to the 2019 edition of the classic children's book fund would Dick and Jane now why would spot one run away from his masters who asked maybe because Dick and Jane will be reimagined as vegans and they insist that their carnivorous pet also follows a vegan diet yeah what a dick indeed but get this a new study reveals that some 35 percent of dog and cat owners are keen to put their meat-eating pets on a vegan diet 35 percent PETA naturally has weighed in they love this idea of course which makes one wonder of PETA members will now be mounting expeditions into the jungle to get lines and tigers and bears to go on a vegan diet too and in a recent episode of shark tank Mark Cuban actually invested five hundred thousand u.s. into a vegan dog food startup hey way to normalize insanity mr. Cuban and jeez where's the people against cruelty to animals when you really need them I mean a dog on a vegan diet how dare someone treat man's best friend in such a short fat man today Doug's can get by in extreme circumstances by being am neveress whereas cats have a far worse time coping when it comes to eating veggies and whatnot but even when a dog is consuming non meat items it is out of necessity not choice by the way folks I have some video evidence proving my thesis that I'm going to show you later on this commentary so stay with me at any rate this latest survey is making me really question those in the radical vegan movement not that I wasn't questioning their intellectual fortitude before mind you indeed remember last year when we dropped by a vegan protest in Toronto check out these pearls of wisdom from one protester we designed to eat plants humans were designed eat plants not omnivorous by nature and absolutely not because we don't first of all I don't see you have sharp teeth like all the animals who eat meat right if you are where a meat-eater you would chase the squirrel without any tools and just using your bare hands and your teeth you would eat it okay two things here one in the teeth Department Homo sapiens has eight incisors and four canines that ensures we can rip and chew meat secondly this red-hooded Care Crusader has really flipped her lid when she makes that squirrel enology a predator such as yours truly is not going to waste a huge amount of energy chasing a bite-sized critter like a squirrel that can clearly outrun and out climb me rather I'm gonna get a gun and hunt a deer I know vegans tend to suffer from a lack of b12 but the such a vitamin deficiency affect their grey matter too anyway I'm calling out a vegan diet for dogs as being nothing short of animal cruelty furthermore since there's no looming dog food shortage on the horizon let's consider the real motive behind this shall we for this is really about politicizing pets as opposed to doing what's right for the pets health and well-being then again in one respect the vegan movement for carnivorous animals makes perfect sense given the times in which we reside after all a man can say now identify zazz a woman and vice versa or he Fizi they can say they feel like a non-binary gender neutral spirit unicorn and voila you shall be addressed as a non-binary gender fluid spirit unicorn so if that's how we're rolling these days then why not pretend carnivorous dogs and cats are plant eaters too even though this goes against their very nature oh and now to prove my thesis check out this video I shot the other day featuring my pet Dexter the wonder dog he's given the choice of two dish on the left kale salad on the right a beef rib let's see what happened shall we I rest my case for the rebel dot media I'm David the men's I'd Menzies hey folks may have heard the rebel has a brand new app please download that app and take the rebel with you wherever you travel you

50 thoughts on “Owners keen to politicize their pets with vegan diets | David Menzies

  1. A youtuber named Vegan Gains tortured a dog in his videos by trying to make it vegan, and starving it. He wasn't banned, or arrested, even though he documented the torture and the woman who sold him the animal wanted it back after seeing what he was doing.

    Same guy tried filming his grandfather dying to blame it on meat, and got blacklisted by his family. The way he treats his wife suggests he is a wife beater too.

  2. What nonsense. How can these idiots do such a thing? I'm a vegetarian (not a vegan) and I have cats. I can never put my cats on a non-meat diet as that is cruel and unnatural.

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  4. I'm still waiting for the people to identify as a bugs bunny and daffy duck. Then we get to decide if it's rabbit season or duck season…. Lol

  5. Some years ago, around Minneapolis, a lady with a load of cats fed them a diet of rice. Animal control took them away for animal cruelty. Most were blind and all needed medical attention.

  6. How stupid do vegans get, cats and dogs eat meat ffs, ya morons think they all have a vegetable patch in the wild.

  7. We fed our dog a vegan brand food. My wife is vegan and figured if a dog can survive off a well balanced vegan diet, then why not try it? She very much seemed to enjoy it more than her previous food and lived a long , healthy, happy life. There was nothing political about it.

  8. Dogs like humans are omnivores eating both meat and non meat food. Cats are by nature carnivores… All cats are 100% meat eater by their biology… To not feed domesticated cats with meat is abuse of the animal.

  9. Cats cannot synthesize vitamin A, they can only get it from meat as it is not in any plant sources. Vegan cat = sick cat.

  10. Reminds me of an episode of Futurama I read about on TV Tropes in which an “Animal Wrongs Group” forces a lion to adopt a vegan diet to the point of malnutrition. If you want a pet that can conform to your vegan lifestyle and diet, you’d be better off getting a horse. Don’t own a carnivorous pet if you’re not willing to provide them with the proper nutrition they require. Being obligate carnivores, many malnourished cats have died or have been close to death from being fed vegan diets. This goes way beyond animal cruelty. Thinking you have the right to force your lifestyle on others is an egregious example of human arrogance. I saw a woman in Vancouver (what a surprise) with a chihuahua in a stroller wearing a “proud vegan dog” shirt. Something tells me if that dog had a choice, he would NOT be a vegan.

  11. HAHA! I bet PETA couldn't get their heads around this one. Feeding animals to other animals which is a food source they need to be healthy, yet making pets unhealthy by not giving them their actual needs.

    I wanna know where they stand!?

  12. VEGANS are MENTAL- Any FAD or TREND they can hop onboard , to make themselves feel SPECIAL- Stupid THICK fools- DROP DEAD- NOW, not later…

  13. another indication of leftest intellect flush. These people are ridiculous. Carnivores. You dont create reality to match your comfort levels. This idea is risking your pets health. Your dog should eat you you twits.

  14. We've had a wave of craziness from vegans here in Australia. Calves let out onto roads placing them in danger of becoming road kill, sit ins on the main intersection in Melbourne, chaining themselves to abattoir machinery, and getting a Cafe specialising in goat products by stealing lactating goat mothers, from the attached farmlet, thereby placing kids at rissk of starvation. That's just this week. We aren't aggressive gun owners in Australia, but I reckon a few are going to be picking shot out of their arses if this continues.

  15. Hard to watch Mr Menzies after his ridiculous episode on vaccines. It's too bad he had to throw his reputation away on such a topic.

  16. the expression is "fit as a butchers dog"…….not a grocers dog..make a list of plants which kill dogs,against meat they cant handle.natures way,accept it,and give your dog a bone!

  17. Actually pet kibbles contain grains and other veg products but a straight diet of these would not provide long term health. Carbohydrate foods are leading to disease in humans also.
    Dogs and cats can survive on grains for a time if they have no choice.

  18. Well, the bad news is, the cat only has a 20% chance of survival,

    But the good news is, it’s just a cat.


  20. Cats are abject carnivores they should never eat a vegan diet, if you want a vegan pet, get a rabbit. You can't claim to care for animals if you refuse to feed them their natural diet.

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