OUTDOOR Aquarium Fish Kit for NEW PET!

it shows you how to set up your aquarium this is pretty sick [Applause] hey guys this is monster Mike and you're watching monster Mike fishing I want to give a shot off from the last trivia question and it's Pat Pei Congrats you got all questions right and guys it'll be another trivia question at the end of this video so make sure you stay tuned to the end commenting answers and you can be shouted out in the next video alright guys I am trying to find the perfect fish tank I'm trying to see what style I like we're at Petco right now I want to tank bigger than this one I want I need a tank big enough so I can keep you know pretty big sized fish inside alright guys so I think I came across the fish tank that I want it comes with everything it's pretty big – pretty cool aquarium kit it has everything you need we got the filter net food any of us some cool white LED lights pretty pretty sick so I can add pretty big exotic fish inside this tank right all right thank you all right here we go all right now on that pet supermarket let's get some cool aquarium rocks all right I'm not sure what color aquarium rocks I should get for my 55 gallon aquarium fish tank I'm still trying to figure it out should we go color whoo a green blue actually looks pretty good but this bag is small so you know what I think I'm gonna roll with blue because it's like a natural color like water and stuff so let me go to the bigger bags right here let's go guys look how funny that is a cat inside pet supermarket so he's looking straight up these birds inside this cage oh my gosh oh my gosh guys so you know what I'm gonna help the cat out right now I am going to open up the cage so a bird can fly out and the cat will grab it I'm gonna open up the cage right now hey kitty teamwork makes the dream work we all got to eat all right got my aquarium stand right there guys this is gonna be sick I can't wait to set it up let's open up this box let's see what we got all right so we've got the whole kit right here guys sweet look at this water conditioner fish will stay alive stay safe what is this this is food Oh flakes they even gave me fish food I'm not sure if the fish that I'm gonna catch is gonna want to eat this but sweet all right so the aquarium fits on the stand perfect guys this is a giant aquarium all right so we're gonna set this up right now let's get this out of here sweet got that got the LED lights right here I am keeping these fish raising these fish and once this aquarium is all set up I'm gonna go out and catch a pet fish the perfect pet fish for my massive aquarium I mean this this aquarium is pretty massive to me I mean I can probably fit inside the comment below for a 55 gallon fish tank what's the best fish I should add inside now I'm going to add some aquarium rocks to the tank Yeah right perfect amount guys this aquarium is coming out nice and guys like I'm actually gonna raise fish like I'm going to be a fish keeper guys but I know whatever I put in here is going to be sick I can't wait until it's complete then we're going to catch a pet fish so now it is time to add the water all right got the hose inside right here let's fill her up all right wait until it fills up and we're gonna add some of this water conditioner inside gonna be pretty awesome watching exotic fish swimming around this is a massive outdoor aquarium this is pretty sick I'm gonna leave the water sitting for about seven days or so that way the water is ready to go all acclimated for the fish so while the water is filling up right now let's check out this little kit that came with the aquarium suite Wow it came with a cool little net so if I have to clean anything out or scoop any fish I have an awesome net alright we're almost there getting close sweet I love how the Blue Rocks looks awesome and this tank is pretty big I can put a pretty big fish in here so what fish would you recommend to add in a 55 gallon aquarium right here guys comment below maybe you can help me out I'm pretty new to like an aquarium this big so if you know what type of fish that's perfect for this comment below so we're gonna fill her up to the top this is pretty cool it comes with everything it shows you how to set up your aquarium this is pretty sick alright almost there coming out nice all right we got all the water inside right now now we're going to hook up the filter wow this is a pretty big filter oh my gosh all right so here's the filter right here it's a massive filter look at the size of this filter guys man all right let's hook her up all right so we're going to hook up the aquarium filter perfect perfect I think that'll be perfect just like that look at this guys this is a massive aquarium then it comes with these filters here so we're going to slide one down there other one right here so now we're gonna add this part right here this is the part where it circulates from so I think I just screw it in just like this all right we got the filter on there at the top of that alright the filter is connected wait coming out sweet all right time for the water conditioner I'm going to let the water sit for a few days maybe even a week before I add a fish so that way my fish will stay alive and swimming healthy when I add them in so the 55 gallon aquarium kit is complete we got the filter we got the water with the acclamation juice up inside ready to go we got the aquarium rocks we're gonna let the water sit about for a week and then I'm going to target some exotic fish to find the perfect pet fish that I can have for my outdoor aquarium so I wanted to raise my own pet fish so this is a pretty cool aquarium kit it comes with everything you need and the instruction the next episode with this tank I'm going to catch a pet fish comment below what type of fish should I add in my 55 gallon aquarium make sure you answer these three trivia questions for you to be shouted out in the next video trivia question number one where did I purchase this 55 gallon aquarium trivia question number two where did I purchase the aquarium rocks a trivia question number three how many gallons was this fish tank guys common your answers below and I'm gonna pick one lucky winner to be shouted out in my next video

44 thoughts on “OUTDOOR Aquarium Fish Kit for NEW PET!

  1. DUDEEEE i didn't know you lived close to me i go to that Pet Supermarket to get crickets every once in a while won't put where is at out there though would be cool to cross paths one day i live on 152nd Street pretty close ? lol keep up the great work dude

  2. 1.you bought the tank from pet co
    2.you bought the blue rocks from pet supermarket
    3.the tank was 55 gallon

  3. 1.Petco
    2. Pet super market
    3. 55 gallons

    Oh and maybe you should get a small peacock bass but maybe not that small

    Or a catfish
    Just whatever you would like

    Or both

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