Our Very Sweet Chocolate Jada – A Chocolate Point Himalayan Kitten

welcome to Victorian Guardians kateri and we're in the toddler room with sweet chocolate Jada he's all by himself in here his playmates left about a week well up to maybe two weeks now ago and his mommy is pregnant and isn't really interested in being with him so I play with him a lot he runs up to me wants to be held starts purring he's a sweetheart he's um miracles little son and miracle is my sweet sweet boy just a Love Bug and he has some of the same mannerisms as his father his plane is a lot like his daddy he's a sweetheart he's 12 weeks old today he just got his vaccine just got his nails trimmed he got his bath yesterday he went to fetch at yesterday and so he's he's all ready to go he is able to leave next week next Saturday on this 13 week birthday he's dating clean protein just a good boy I've actually seen them all the way I found that PlayStation playing with that little mouse up there so he's now you know he's not as you can tell he's not intimidated by this at all but I kind of taught him I'm gonna hear his head bouncing off off the ground I kind of told him it I kind of showed him how to do it on his back and he likes to do that he likes me to play with him he keeps knocking his head on the ground he's got a super smooth round top head he's actually just a gorgeous baby his face is gorgeous he's got really you hurting yourself by doing that child he's got tiny tail short tail short legs really beautiful top head so and he is a chocolate point I wanted to show you this week it's been so hard to tell but oh look at all that little cinnamon paw yeah he's a chocolate point I knew when he was born he was had really white fur and that's a sign right there I mean super white and and then it's like I couldn't tell that it was a blue point and I thought it was a co point so what's gonna happen is his points are going to go lighter just like his paws did they're gonna go lighter and they're gonna be they're gonna change color to chocolate and that's exactly what happened to my my Picasso who isn't going to be our newest breeder he's I think seven or eight years eight months old now and he's got a big coat this boy's gonna have a pretty big coat too he's gonna have miracles coat but I think he's in joint he runs around here talking playing by himself so I'm happy about that yeah he's already gone on this first stroller walk we had really hot weather and really dry dry weather and now we're into like a whole week of rain so we haven't been able to get out on in the stroller she'd have been too hot or it's too rainy so he did go out one day and he did pretty good in the stroller you didn't start crying till near the end so what he's playing with if you're new to the channel is this is the baby's first wand that we play with and it's made by the same people who make the deburred and go is it go club I can't remember if I'll put the link down in in the description section underneath below the video but this is called the peacock sparkler and there usually is a peacock feather in the center but that is the first to go but these hold up you know through litters they hold up really well and they really like the noise they make and the color they're sparkling the first time playing with them with them the peacock sparkler that could be scared of it but they end up absolutely loving this and we usually play pretty rough with them you know I mean rough with the peacock sparkler really fast I have been not playing with him really too too hard so this line miracles line including hydrangea who's one of our breeders hydrangea and miracle are sisters so this is his father's miracle they have a funny way of playing in that he's not doing it right now but if there's several here he'll go run up and attack whatever he's playing with and then go run and hide and then jump out and go run and attack it again and then go run and hide and that's how they play and he's doing the same thing you're not seeing it now see I taught him that and he loves doing it now isn't that so funny he's a sweetheart he loves to be petted he loves to be held loved purrs now all the time I think he's done that now that his mom's not in here he's bonding to me oh she doesn't seem to mind to jump and hit his head mouth is open something uh you might not know that's interesting about a chocolate point is they end up having a meal ends up having a chocolate but so that's and they'll see it as they mature so um when I first saw my first chocolate point boy at a breeders house I said um he's got some poo poo on his butt I didn't know any better and she said no that's his colour chocolates have chocolate butts so I thought that was kind of really unusual but as the babies they don't but as they mature they do Picasso hasn't matured enough yet to have a chocolate fete but it's getting there so hopefully I can get a video Picasso he's gorgeous and he's so big he's already I think at probably close to nine or ten pounds and he's I think eight months old and he's starting to mature now but he's the sweetest little thing big thing so maybe my next video will be Picasso you can see his videos as a baby from January and December this last year so it wasn't that long ago he was a kitten this size so he stays up in my bedroom with my pregnant girls there in birthing cages getting ready to birth babies so he keeps them company he's just a real sweetheart so anyway we're gonna say goodbye for now this is chocolate Jada saying goodbye and myself from the toy garden scattery and larks furs nursery bye for now

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  1. Ahh so cute and adorable.does have alot of energy. He sure likes his toy. Where are all his playmates? Getting big and his very gorgeous

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