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oh is that it kitty you see the kitty and on the TV Oh get it Sophie Oh move okay Wow it's a space kitty Sophie burn down the apartment Sophie do you hear me part it down Sophie montoya yeah let's go Sophie Sophie pick bagel where'd the bangle you pie it's cool bag oh hi Sophie you look it's you now I got a pink color that's Sophie's color oh you messed it up go down there you go perfect yeah it'll change automatically there you go Sophie you're pretty that's good right yes oh that looks like also exactly like her look at your spots baby look at you let's give you some accessories so we'll give Sophie this one and then we'll give me something else okay so that we can tell them apart let's give her a trait this will be fun oh she is it was her one genius hyper hyper oh yeah she's hyper what else she is playful noisy noisy yeah oh but we didn't give her any of this all right B we're gonna make you little babies that looks like you yeah yeah but it's a little more grey can you change good the color make it more brown she's more she's more brown grey yeah bu that you kind of I mean Sophie was spot on yeah yeah yeah it works B pose for us do you like dark like lighter yeah don't make your all puffy let's uh she's got some jibs so oh yes where's the jib button that sounds like B that's a lot of Jim no no that's fine that's good that's a lot of jib she's preggers all right good traits where's where's the sleeping trait lazy she's friendly yeah she's really friendly we are girlfriend girlfriend of and then they're sisters okay yeah this is great this is our family yay

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  3. Adam is such a sweet guy with you Cathy! it's adorable to hear someone so evil in other games be all cooey and cute.

  4. I really would have loved to see a facecam of Adam and Sofi (Sophie? I dunno) in the first 19 seconds of the video.

  5. your sims family looks cool, when I play the sims i make one hobo-like guy and some girl wearing guy clothes…. im serious, i did it in sims 2 about half a year ago…dont ask what the two got up to… watching TV all day… what were you thinking ó.õ

  6. ctfu Adam funny as hell when he was saying the cat should burn down the apartment lol tell him to stay funny

  7. catabot your videos are the ones I always try to thumbs up. rarely do I thumbs up other people's 😛 you are so nice and sweet.

  8. hey @Cathy Diep This was so cute. me and my GF did the same thing. We made each other and also our 2 kitties (sisters) Marley and Bibi

  9. Okay my name is Sophie and at the begining I felt like Satan was talking to me..and I gotta admit I got tempted to burn my house down. haha 🙂

  10. You guys are a cute couple someone who's untrustworthy in games and someone who's trustworthy in games

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