– [Shawn] That’s part of
being on a football team. You gotta learn how to
put on the equipment. If you can’t do that, you can’t play. There you go. That’s how professionals do it, yep. (funk music) (rock riff) – Hey everyone! It’s We Are the Davises. – What’s up, peoples? – Minus two. If you haven’t noticed, Tyler
and Kayla are not with us. We are on our way to
pick them up from school. This is their second day at school. So we’re really curious to
see how they’re liking it and hopefully they’ll
get to share some of that with you guys, too. And hopefully you guys
are having fun at school this year as well. Comment below how your
experience has been so far knowing that school has just started. Do you like your new class? Do you like your new school? – Is it super hot where
you are like it is here? Oh my gosh. – It’s really hot. – I feel like I’m gonna melt. I thought we left the
heat when we left Florida, but apparently that’s not the case. – It followed us to California. – Ugh, it’s so warm. It’s like 100 degrees here today. It’s crazy. – I should be wearing my sunglasses. But I wanted to stare at you guys. (Shawn laughing) And actually, I don’t
know if you guys noticed. You probably wouldn’t notice. But my eyes don’t have makeup on them. I know that’s so interesting,
but I did want to say I messed with this stuff,
it’s like eyelash extensions and I thought I would try
them, and apparently I’m allergic to the glue. – Bad idea. – Yeah, really bad. So I had an allergic reaction. This eye’s still swollen. And I can’t put makeup on. So this is what I look
like without makeup. – She’s still beautiful. Isn’t she? I love her. I know you do too. – Well hopefully I won’t
have this itching, irritated eye for too much longer. – You want me to scratch it for you? – I’m really sad that I
played with my eyelashes and it broke ’em all off,
so if you have any parents out there that are curious
about putting fake eyelashes on, tell them to do the research because they’ll probably rip
all their eyelashes out and they won’t be happy. So anyways, enough of that. We should be seeing the
kids here in just a second. – Yay! – [Connie] Hey Ty! How was school? – It was good. – [Connie] Yeah? Did you have fun in your new class? – [Connie] Yep. – [Connie] What did you learn? – Gods and goddesses. – [Shawn] Oh, so you learned
about your dad and your mom? – Yeah. – [Shawn] That’s cool, man. I didn’t know they knew
about us at school. (Tyler laughing) – [Connie] Greek gods and all that stuff? – [Shawn] Oh, those gods and goddesses. – [Connie] They talked about that all day? You didn’t learn math or anything? What? – I didn’t learn math. I didn’t learn science. I barely learned ELA. – [Connie] And you’re making friends? – Yep. They’re mostly girls. (all laughing) – [Connie] So you have a girl group. – Yeah. – [Connie] And they’re really nice? Well as long as they’re nice. I don’t want you running
around sticking crayons up your nose all day. We’re on our way to
pick up Kayla right now. She has yearbook, so I
guess she told Dad to pick her up second. So nothing stood out today
that was unusual or awesome? – I made a new friend. – [Connie] Yay. – That’s a girl. (both laughing) – [Connie] I tried to look
into getting you braces, but I’ve still gotta
do some more research. So Tyler will be getting braces very soon. We have to wait until we
find the right orthodontist. New area. We’re trying to figure this stuff out. – I want to see if I’ll
be like Kayla and I say my Ts like thhh. – [Connie] You’ll probably
feel weird for awhile. How far away are we from Kayla? – About two minutes. – [Connie] Two minutes. – Maybe less. – [Connie] My Kayla! – Hello. – [Connie] How was school? – Mm hm. I mean (laughing) hm. It was good. – [Connie] Did you meet any new people? – I met people yesterday, not today. – [Connie] Okay. – Just fans today. – [Connie] So same people then for the most part? – Mm hm. – So the kids are basically just unwinding and we are trying to get home because we’ve gotta take the dogs to the vet and they are due for some shots and I’m bringing Kayla with me. For now we’re just gonna
sit in the car and wait ’cause of the traffic. – There’s like a million
cars from everybody pickin’ up their kids from school. – [Connie] Yeah, it’s
really crazy right now. We just made it to the veterinarian. This is their first time here, right? – Yes, new vet. – [Connie] New vet. They’re gonna get ’em all caught up. They’re so happy that they’re
not in the car anymore. It’s nice and air conditioned. – Harley was barking at the animals on the window. Animal stickers. – [Connie] You can kinda
see them from the inside but you really can see them
better from the outside. They were barking at stickers. (barking) Okay, both you guys, stop. Hey, they’re not real. It’s a sticker. (Kayla laughing) Okay, so we’re weighing Harley. How much does he weigh? Says eight pounds so far. That’s it? Eight pounds? That can’t be right. – [Kayla] It’s moving. I think ’cause he moved. – Oh, there it goes. 11.5, you’re 11.5 pounds. Oh, there we go. 12.1, 11.9. – [Kayla] Is he 11.9? – [Connie] He’s 11.9, yeah. 12 pounds, Hershey. You guys better not grow anymore. (Kayla laughing) Do they keep growing after they’re one? – [Veterinary Technician] Not generally. They might fill out a little bit, but generally done growing. – [Connie] So you guys are all done. Can’t get bigger than 12 pounds, okay? Harley, you can’t get bigger
than 11 and a half pounds. You’re done. So we’re patiently waiting for the doctor. Yes. – [Kayla] Hershey’s happy. Harley’s not. – [Connie] Here they come. – [Vet] Gosh, look at you two, holy cow. – [Connie] Harley’s very
timid, but he loves to be held. – [Vet] Oh my gosh, look at you. – [Connie] He loved to be babied. – [Vet] See, it’s not that bad, huh? I love your leash. That’s my favorite color. Trust me, you don’t want
this kind of attention. – [Connie] He loves the attention. Hershey will want it. – [Kayla] I’ll give you attention. – [Vet] That’s scary attention,
getting shots and stuff. We don’t carry it but I can
recommend some of those things and then brushing. If he lets you. (all laughing) – Hershey’s like, yay it’s my turn. – [Connie] Hershey’s turn. – You’re cute. Your face is a little shorter, huh? (Kayla laughing) – A few more minutes and
then we’ll be outta here. We’ve just gotta get your shot. – [Kayla] And their butt thing. – [Connie] Their butt thing. – [Kayla] Temperature or whatever. – [Connie] One more test. Oh Harley, you’re good. – [Kayla] He doesn’t like it
when you say Harley’s name. – [Connie] Oh, sorry. Harley. Let’s see if that’s true. Harley. Hershey. Hi. Hi, Hershey. – [Kayla] Hershey likes
being the attention hog. – [Connie] Attention hogger. – [Kayla] He wants all the attention. – [Connie] You’re an attention
dog, not an attention hog. – Here we go, there’s
light, right there, buddy. – Hello. – Hello. (laughing) We’re chasing the light. So as you may know,
both puppies are getting shots right now, but me and Ty… What are we doing, buddy? We’re going to football. And it’s like 150 degrees outside today, so Tyler might want to
get rid of that shirt. But I love that he’s wearing light pants. And we can’t find his
water bottle anywhere. I have no idea where it’s at. So I got these water bottles right here. And because it’s so hot, I
made ice water with rags. So that way when they take a
break, he can cool himself off. Hopefully that’ll work. Let’s see, Tyler. What you got going on now? Ooh, he’s got protective clothing on. Look at that. That’s so you can hit people extra hard. That’s part of being on a football team. You gotta learn how to
put on the equipment. If you can’t do that, you can’t play. There you go. That’s how professionals do it, yep. (laughing) Good job, bud. Sweet. So what’s next? What do you put on after that? Oh, look at that. You got your Zenith pads. Of course they’re on backwards. So he’s gonna hit people backwards today. Excellent. So you need help with that? Alright, well to prevent
him from dancing around in circles, I’ll get him
all geared up and then we’ll show you what the end result is here in just a second
before practice time. Alright, so that’s his practice gear. That’s his stuff that he can
get dirty during the week. That’s not his game jersey. But turn around. It still has his name on
it so he doesn’t forget who he is. And then let’s check out your helmet. We just put your decals on it last week. That is tight though, look at that. Golden Bears, baby. But we’re actually on our
way to practice right now. We’re gonna probably be right
on time if we leave right now. I coach, so I don’t know
if I’m gonna have a chance, but if I can, maybe I’ll get some drills and show you what that’s all about. If not, I’m pretty sure we can probably get some game footage this weekend because the season’s on. We’re already one and zero. We won our first 20 to nothing thanks to Tyler single handedly… No, I’m just kidding. It takes a team to win. But they all played really good and we beat 20 to nothing. So we’re on a good team this year. That’s gotta be exciting. Looking forward to it. It wasn’t 20 to one. But anyways, we’re off on our
way to practice right now. – I just looked in a pocket
and found this letter and it says my name on
it, so I’m gonna open it. I think it’s fan mail. – [Connie] I wonder how it ended up in the car by itself. – I don’t know. A cute little elephant – [Connie] Aw, thank you. – And it’s also got rainbow loom. – [Connie] Very cool. – More rainbow loom. She gave me a Jolly Rancher. And then, is that all there is? Just wanted to make sure. – [Connie] It says Ella! – From Ella, thank you, Ella! – Aw, thank you. Kayla’s gonna read Ella’s letter. And we just pit stopped
at Pets Plus because the pups do not have current tags on them and my phone number just changed, our addresses changed. Everything that we put on
those tags has changed, so if they run off, there is
no way to get ahold of us. And we don’t want to lose them. I’ve still gotta activate their microchips so that we can locate
them that way as well. And we’re just gonna
take them into Pets Plus and get them some treats too. Right? – Yeah. – ‘Cause they did just get shots and we all like to get
a sucker or something after a shot, right? So let’s go take ’em in and let
them do some puppy shopping. (upbeat music) No nose, I don’t know if they’ll like him. – They like chewing off
stuffed animals’ noses. – [Connie] And he doesn’t have a nose, so. – But I squeezed it an it
squeaked and I loved it. – [Connie] Alright, they’ll love it. – We got these treats
because we’re running low. So they’re bacon covered or something. – [Connie] Nice. – And then we got some stuffies and stuff. – [Connie] And we’re
getting the tags made. – We’re looking at all the shirts and they have these Hawaiian shirts. (Connie laughing) – [Connie] That’s hilarious. – [Kayla] Look at this one. That’s a girly one. – [Connie] Yeah, that’s a girly one. That one might be good for the boys. – [Kayla] This one might be good too. – [Connie] That’s definitely a boy shirt. Kind of mixed up. – They got lots of options. (funk music) So we brought the doggies home and they’re chewing on their pig ears. – [Connie] You guys like that? Look how cute you are! – [Kayla] They haven’t
gotten to the toys yet. They’re gonna finish- – [Connie] Look at Harley. He’s just resting on
the air mattress thing. – [Kayla] It’s like a cushion. – [Connie] Do they like swimming yet? – Sometimes we get them to come in More Harley than Hershey. Harley’s hiding his ear
from Hershey ’cause he knows Hershey could take it. And he won’t do anything. – [Connie] You’re hiding in the floaties? – It’s okay, no one will take it. If Hershey take it I’ll
give it back to you. – [Connie] Are you hungry? – Yeah. Need some food. – So the puppies are home safe and sound and the boys are off at football practice. So we’re gonna go and get some grub. – [Connie] Whatcha doin’? – Eatin’ a mint and checking Instagram. – [Connie] We’re finally at
our favorite place to eat. Is it your favorite? It’s mine. – It’s not my favorite but it’s pretty. Look at the view. – [Connie] Yeah, you guys, look out here. So someone’s just
kickin’ it on their boat. I think you can rent those. – [Kayla] People live here. – [Connie] Yep. It’s so pretty. And the mountains. – [Kayla] It’s very nice. – [Connie] Yeah. We’ve got our nachos. I don’t know if you call those nachos. If they don’t have
cheese, are they nachos? – We’re just gonna eat some dinner and we’re gonna end the vlog here I guess. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Give this video a like down below, comment down below what other
videos you guys wanna see. – Do you want more vlogs
or do you want us to just keep doing the challenge videos? I think we’re already trying to mix it up. And I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to keep up with it seven days
a week because of school school starting again, but comment below what you guys think about that. If we cut back, are you gonna freak out, or are you gonna be glad? (both laughing) – Anyways, hope you
guys enjoyed this video, and until next time… – Bye! (acoustic guitar music) (upbeat music)

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