Our Pets Meet a Robotic Cat

-slap box- We bought a cat robot. or a robot cat -gasp- Yas This is me in..(yeah also meh) 50 years and this is Red (Mario) A what…I toy box..c-ooh i know sorry So if you guys want to see that I put a link in the description(thank lordy jesus skip to the pets plz) But, today we thought that we wanted to introduce our cats(YASPLZ) to the joy for all companion cat UH nu its not joy its scary and deeply scarring This is pretty much a robotic cat and I haven’t turned it on yet, but it’s for the elders yep for me it moves and sounds like a real cat and SURE IT DOES It’s, it’s pretty sweet. I mean it’s for older people who don’t who can’t have pets(mmmmhmm) But it’s supposed to fill that void Supposed to fill the void of not being able to have a pet, so we thought it would be pretty interesting to introduce our cats to this robotic cat… MEOW MEOW MEOW We named him,his name is CLOUD BIG HINT So we already know how Ruby reacted to this…Yeah…(spoiler its scarring) Here we go Okay Here comes Cloud *music playing in the background* Cat:excuse me who is that? NO MOW meowMOW MOW MOW meow -weird purring noises- Listen, Navi meow -jumpscared cat tho- meow Like selecting what you like. Cat:Why did you bring this home i hate you mom meow meow Link literally turned his back on it. Yeah, I am NOT impressed by this NOT AT ALL meow meow All he wants to do is just.. be loved meow meow It’s kind of creepy it’s possessed WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHT it’s kinda creepy Possessed cat doll YAS PLZ NO oh no meow He does not care, he’s like annoyed by it honestly expect a different reaction from them I Thought I thought she was gonna hiss I KILL IT Thought she wasn’t Hansen may be bad at it or something you know, but she just doesn’t care about it So we know the cats aren’t threatened by it What about Ruby? YAS WHAT ABOUT DOGGO No, not she -horrible sounds of anger- AHHHA HAHAH AHAAAAH AAAH AAAAHH AAAH AAH AH AH AH AAAAAH AH AH AH A HA AH AH AHA HA IM POSSESED MOTHER AHA AH AH AH HAY HAY HAY AH AH AHA HA HA H AHAHAHAHHAHA AH AH AH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAHH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AHA HA H AHA HA AHHA AH AHHAHAHA AHAHAHAHHAH -doggo’s about to attack-I bet my life on it. still waiting on it HURRY LET IT DOWN WHY THE HECK IS IT MAKING THAT NOISEE ….ATTACK IT DOGGO YAS YAS AS GO DO IT -bite bite bite- RUBY NOOOO RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY NNU UNU UN …OKI ITS GETTING BAD Gasp my heart XD IM SOORRY DOGGO 😛 make the good dog face tho what THE HELL RUBY cloud:Boi shut it i got attacked bu i dog im to scarred to move SHUT UP PLZ OWNER ruby growling like a monster of pain and horror in the back=Hey be nice no no IM DONE WITH THIS that dog is messed up. AHJSFCKA No Ruby come here No No ow Ruby. Hey Ruby come here behave Ruby come here come sit Ruby, are you know when the chica huh she definitely is? Ruby How is she gonna be with kids? Oh? God How is she gonna be with kids? Oh my gosh? Oh? God that’s gonna be scary hey Stay stay Stay no stay Stay no no No, no no, no don’t fight me stay Good girl, Ruby stay no nope Sit Stay no no no no Ruby Gotta behave, baby girl. Okay. No hey Ruby No No no Ruby Nope Sit good girl you stay No no no no Sit Dame Ruby you good girl You can be a good girl right don’t attack it no no No Okay stop it okay behave Hey behave okay Ruby hey they attended me Ruby no, no nope nope nope Stop nope stay nope nope No This is going to Grandma someone who appreciates cloud Not you you don’t appreciate cloud munechika Ruby Lona chica you Gel I want a chica ah straight-up jelly yeah, no no Ma’am on Pavia system join the show I’m seriously scared like what if it was a baby what if it was a baby? No I think it’s just a cat man Stop Ruby look it looks awesome What am I gonna do with you Going bye-bye everybody it’s going bye-bye You happy now

100 thoughts on “Our Pets Meet a Robotic Cat

  1. i remember i had this cat toy when i was 10 (im 14) but it was orange and white.
    The same exact pose and it was in a kids store and the box was different

  2. I have one I got when I was like 5 for Christmas, I am 13, and I still have it and it still works!!!!!

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  4. When you when to school failed everything and have to be hold back a grade 3:07

  5. For some reason I feel like that thing might have been possessed and ruby for some reason knew, but that’s just my thought

  6. Ruby would Probably be gentle with your kids cuz most dogs are going to be protective of there owners kids

  7. Ruby's reaction is me when I see a fresh taco from "Tacos El Gordo" XD

    Anyone watching in 2019?

  8. Wow ruby doesn’t like cats and that was very funny and when ruby was at close to the camera she was like a stuffed animal ???

  9. lol
    ruby is so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  10. We have an outdoor cat and its the friendlyest so we let it go on our porch cuz we have a bed for it. Its name is boots. And we have captain our rat terrier Chihuahua and if boots is on the porch my mom has to turn captain back cuz he tries to jump out of my moms arms and he barks really loud so we dont wanna hear him bark.

  11. Lord Uh……….what the heck? Ruby looks like a sweetheart but she isn’t as cute inside……..Ruby why? Poor thing!

    red and quake: NO
    Ruby: WHAT DO U MEAN NO!?

  13. 0-0 ruby your scream is just like a baby crying so hard I thinks it better then that it’s like a possessed baby

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