Our New Pet Llama! Who's Your Llama With Boppi The Booty Shakin Llama!

[Applause] welcome back to my channel before we get started click past I would turn out they should give me a huge faza today real Albany through your life and dandy alarm what about me but booty shaking laughs what out here looks here oh my where is bapan the lamas headband you are are like different my like covered in peace yeah that one was made for her because she loves me okay happy and we got darlings which are new new so they're not out yet so Madison I recognize these ones what these ones you have opened before oh yeah so we've got new big ones well let's show them the back the luncheon so look so there's we've got this one we've got this one we thought this week and we've got it in this minute Shawnigan toy this guy goes to the sky wait click wait and we have never opened these ones okay let's open her up and then you get the outfit unless they both got the same outfit now that means you guys don't have to fight huh yeah but there's gonna be an extra one all right ladies trends already sticking the outfit on this one no it's actually really cute I like it yeah and then Madison what were you saying about these they can this one can fit yeah I can't okay so you closer right and that one is a fitting llama then there's one that's called a tongue out llama only how that one one is called a grinning llama and one is called a winking mama okay so both of you got the roller llama and then they have a helmet and rollerskates magetta yep all right I got their outfit on they want so adorable okay let me get a closer look Chuck they can go rulers baby whoo look at that oh and a purple eyes you know I think we should do I should open these little ones yeah and see what these ones are all about what do you say yeah yeah okay go ahead and open them up ladies need help right now once them there Chad what's in there wait should you wait wait wait until trick map and gets hers out you need to show them at the same time close your eyes dream time look at her closures get out get out and then on the count of three you guys can show us okay okay ready get yourself I'm gonna count to three three two one yeah when I saw this oh wait let me see the side of our holder on the side you're probably freaking out my little treasure and this I can't believe action yeah she got the gold I can't believe that I wanna keep it in my side you're okay let's see my mess and gets all right mess and take yours back some trim wait 9d world starting out okay he's so cool well there was a collector's guide it would probably say that Trinity's is like super ultra rare huh yeah let's see what we've got so far we've got chocolate man super shiny golden one what should we call this with medicine carrot cake carrot cake and then we got two of the roller skating spinning Lamas and then we got these good this one's really cute cause it has a sleeping mask on I chose this one out from the party because he's hurt he's hurt shake my booty embarrass my dude I shake my head and spin 360 let's see oh there's nothing correct hmm I think it's time to get this damn seal on there we can hear it so much better he's bossy and sultry and look at her hair look at her her and Mike matches you're late I show you something like already show me so another thing with this girls I'm gonna show everybody this is only I'm trying emote yeah I mean we can switch it to the on position it says she can bounce to three different songs okay all right mouthing go ahead and do the honors to press together okay wait turn around begin for us press it again [Applause] okay now turn around again one more time [Laughter] [Laughter] which was your favorite all right now lastly what a crazy ready ready [Applause] I have an idea what if we go downstairs and have a little dance party yeah all right guys before we start our dance party I would just show you a little clip from clammer when we got to see you Rio llamas I'll see you there beautiful girls that is neck but it's never right there does that there you go Oh be very soft that's alright good job ladies okay you ready how cool is the head is that so fun alright alright ladies are you ready to get this dance party started okay oh my god okay next one ready alright ladies last one [Laughter] [Applause] later bye [Applause]

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