good morning guys and welcome back to today's video it is already time to get out and do the horses car getting everybody up and out I'm always like sitting waiting come on come on and then I get to the point where I'm like I'm just going so I'm the first one down into the barn but the rest of the family is close in pursuit things are drying up mostly couple more weeks probably and this place will all be dry and then we can actually get some work done well that's nice I walked in and all the food was made for today oh thanks cubby there you go miss willow sprinkle dad's beard whose sprinkle salt you sprinkle dad's beard in their food well in his food for that that's what makes him want you sprinkle your dad's beard in his food oh oh oh he's hungry look how much he pees yeah he drinks a lot yeah this is a gut song good morning guys welcome to today we had so much fun I played with some where they found me these guys is always amazing I can't even explain how amazing but the funnest part of my day yesterday was coming home oh I love seeing our horses and being with Emma when they're here alone without us I always feel bad today we're gonna show you all the things that we bought at the cannon Expo you'd be shocked actually soon as we are done chores and spend a little bit of time with our horses we're gonna go back up there I'll show you everything that we got if you feel you wanna do it just gave my friend hi I'm so excited to get this farm cleaned out it's supposed to be 15 degrees today hopefully it will be Celsius and Sam's gonna try and do some work around the farm Kayleigh and Gavin have some plans with stormy boy and text so I'm gonna go with Gabby into that with Sampson here oh ho you are literally the cutest baby I ever saw but she's not done now she's also the Casillas baby I ever saw if it is loving his grain so before Finn came to us he did knock it green No what something new to happen you gotta cheat it off Sophy your horse needs a good brush and maybe even your bass knock it down we should set up some fun things for them oh so we can teach anybody to kiss it looks a little better to me I actually got some stuff at the equine Fair I'm excited to share with you guys some supplements and stuff for Finn yeah so he's a boy he's like take one kiss and that's it whereas well it will kiss him 50 million times in a row why not try to do yesterday I was looking for a lot of things and I didn't find any of them I was looking for that stuff that you spray you say you pour on your stall ground so that it doesn't stink and I know where were you got will old they actually sell stuff so if I can't find any stuff around here then I'm gonna ask him to send me some Costello still has a weird smell for sure so Sophie made a decision her very first farmer farm girl decision what was your decision so she does not like these thick shavings because it's hard it is hard to muck out and I find the same thing yeah and shake for five hours and it's just annoying right it's not hard but it's it's time-consuming and annoying like there should be a better way but um thinner shavings right like sawdust or like the more fine stuff is easier and well it was an easy horse to take care of in her stall so Sophie's gonna get rid of all these shavings and she's gonna start fresh with finer shavings so Sophie's gonna do that it'll be an experiment and something she wants to do all on her own I love that the reason that I prefer the thicker shavings the bigger shavings is because it takes a lot of the thin ones to make look it would take three bags to make his stall fluffy enough for him and then he just destroys the hotel anyway so it's not it's not beneficial financially to use them for Stefan or Stella so we'll oh I could totally see right you guys I'm gonna show you what we got instant at that can-am Horse Expo um I tried something new this year usually I just go and buy all the stuff that my kids ask me for or the things that I think that they need and this year I gave them their own money I said here's your own money like they have their own money in their bank and I said you guys can take some of your own money but when it's all about spending their own money their own hard-earned money what did you buy Gaby there's like nothing there this year would you buy a thing she bought nothing Hayley got like magic brush yeah so yeah she brought nothing with her not even this she's bragging how amazing it was that she went there and she came home with something but she didn't spend any money how'd you get that Kaylie okay Lee bought a package of three magic brushes the girls love them so Kayla gave Gabi the yellow because Gabi's really into yellow and what else did we get mom got me this because we needed one a shedding blade as I need one first or me because we got well I got razors batteries so I can't wait to try it out today so basically we decided on this pocket pearl because you could take it to shows even if you can't plug it in there's no electricity it's run by a battery just one battery no it's a battery battery-operated anyway we're hoping that this will work for like for their bridal path and so yeah we're excited about that because some of our horses need their bridle paths trimmed so got this she talked me into this because I did think that we needed this too this year my goal was to get the things we needed so it's a shedding blade and we're gonna use it on fin fin and Willow so this is it's easier than this yeah so we needed a shiny blade so we got a shedding blade and got all the free stuff yeah I went around and got all the free stuff I got this Redmond Rock they offered a lot of free stuff at their at their stall so this is an unrefined salt block for horses and it came out of a special mine came out of a special mine and we got to see it I'm one of those virtual cameras the mind is so super cool anyway I got this because I think Finn really needs some minerals and it's not going in the arena cousin could you imagine trying to ride your horse in the arena and them stopping to look at the salt block all the time we are gonna hang that where all the horses can use it and if we can't find a spot to hang it safely then we'll put it in Finn stall so at the same place I also got all this stuff I'm curious to see what you guys think about it I got loose mineral salt I also got this is which I might even order if you guys tell me you think it's good if I hear any good stuff about it but it's natural healing clay it's from the same company daily gold and it's supposed to be like it's supposed to be for like a detoxification thing and you put one thing in your horses feed pan every single day so I got a bunch of those they were all free so Sophie did you just buy Schleicher did you buy stuff for your horses okay let's see so I bought this horse the brightest post go on and saddles puppy he's a 2018-2019 and he's beautiful yeah he's stunning this beautiful mare what you subscribe him we met some subscribers there we met this girl at the Royal Winter Fair her and her mom as well and she surprised us and bought this horse for us so yeah that was so kind like amazing Sophie was so happy Gabby was so happy they're gonna fight over her but yeah it she tried to get a horse that was a combination of Stella and Finn and I love that it's like Stella infants color I got this is garbage which is made into a halter and lead that's cool and she found some garbage and made it into a halter and lean you're getting good Sophie and this is her fall so you bought the full even before oh no you bought the full after you she gave it to you right yeah this was super cute though she's my favorite so now she has the full and the mom and that name is Daisy that's amazing I love Daisy so my last purchase I made another halter and it's this Appaloosa pole adorable so guilt so did you have trouble spending your own money no so yeah I definitely noticed that they did not have very much stuff there either they didn't have as much stuff or we already have so much stuff we didn't need that much stuff all the stuff that I was looking for they didn't have I needed a Gerst I wanted stuff to sprinkle in our horses stall so that it wouldn't be stinky and I wanted that there was something else I wanted and I couldn't find it there I got bags of information so in here are all the pamphlets and all the stuff that so I can read through them and figure out what else I want to buy so I was really interested in this electromagnetic pulse thing that's good for horses I want to tell you guys at some point our experience with it it was like bizarre our experience and we might buy one of these to be honest because it was really cool so we bought this for Easter but we're gonna give it to them early probably because we like Stella wants to play Believe It or Not Stella's our biggest play horse in theory no Stella knock them all down yeah she plays all the time yeah so the this is made out of the same material as the blocks like the jump holders that we have in our in our in our arena so this is called hay play or happy horses I guess it's called and you fill it with hay and they try and get it out it's a slow feeding forage ball for our horses or ponies and I you unscrew the top and you just fill it with hay and hopefully they don't fight over it but I think it would be really beneficial for our horses so that daily gold company also gave me mineral mix for goats so they actually gave me this for free I don't have notes obviously and I am gonna get goats just to go but not now not now like having all their horses at home still gives me heart palpitations sometimes because I can't believe like I'm still responsible for all these lives and I'm not ready for Kolchak I'm just not ready and I'm not gonna get them until I'm ready and tomorrow swag we get goats know what but that is how I kind of roll but um no I I was grateful for it I'm excited to try it's a new product in Canada and I am really excited about it I wish you had goats now to try it but we don't and that's okay because I just want to focus on her on our ponies but that's it that's all the stuff that we got because like they said there was not a lot of stuff if I had another day to go back I think I would have bought more stuff but I didn't and that's it that's all be bought alright so Kaylee is using her new magic brush it works good yeah looks good and Gabi is using our new shedding blade which worked like that I like oh my gosh we're taking that home I want to do that too thin yeah thin and Willow really need to be shed right so somebody said this is a life saver you should go the other way yeah okay Brian your mates [Applause] all right yeah yeah we've run out of battery before we actually get it you want me to tie but that's the fail doing anybody buy these all right so this is happening first outdoor ride of the season it is still super early yeah cabbies like store will take off out there right there up you guys remember what happened the very last ride we had in this arena comment below what happened the very last time we wrote in this arena so what deep in my mind see I love that Sophie's up there setting up jump the jumps for them thank Sophie cuz I don't know they're way down but it's not you we tonight I'm telling you kids day long in this town [Applause] industry to you're habitually seems cuz I don't know so we just came home from the bar and we have a surprise for the girl they have no idea so I'm gonna show you guys first it's an Easter surprise okay wait I'm gonna show you guys downstairs who left this big box in my room Sam it's a surprise like a present is it something like for us I just found this in my room I have no idea what it is what is it is it for you guys by Easter surprise robe a big Amy's birthday girl maybe it's probably for both of you go ahead open it up Sophie get over there and open it up good or no I told it did not well I do but it's weird anything we're getting go next well we're not getting ghosts next vlog we're getting gonna be adorable Ruby Ruby's like I can't hardly see it's getting groomed tomorrow but I like them selfies like me she loves them I'm hungry I guess white wings oh he is cute with the white wings that's the problem with youtubers you surprise your kids so much that they get so used to being surprised do you like them so this is the start of our little flaw can I can I keep one in my room sure sure I'm not keeping them in my room actually they all have to be together because we want them to stay together them in my room I call dibs on the schedule you two are mine she's dark well I like this guy's Mary guy so this is the start of our her of our wall this is the start of our flock these little four chickens and then I'm only gonna get no get cat I want the fluffy fat guy and then I'm only gonna get a couple more I'm getting the floaty that time and then oh I'm so getting this guy and don't forget to make sure to hit that subscribe button down below

39 thoughts on “OUR NEW FARM PETS AND TACK HAUL! Day 097 (04/07/19)

  1. Vlogging and making a yt channel was the best idea you had even tho you may get hate but gabby and Sophie can always come back to their videos when they will be grown up and see what they have achieved and their children could see that their mothers are amazing people and how brave Sophie is with her confident Issues but overcome them with amazing Finn and they had a little cheek willow Sam who always wants to try to help everyone Laura with always having a smile on her face and being positive and trying to help Pretty Stella with her health issues and last but not least brave gabby with storm with storm who have a very and unique strong bond and who always try their best to improve to be the best at shows

    I hope that this made your smile Laura cuz you are a very inspirational family and joining your horse journey is the best thing could happen in to me ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I have watched your vlogs from almost when you started and Stella looks so much thinner than she used to be and also you gabby and sophie (idk how to wite her name) have improved soo much ❤

  3. Hi @daybydayvlogs
    Apparently if you say a you tubers name three times they will pin the comment




  4. 1 I love Day Gold, every horse (17) at my barn is on it
    2 the electromagnetic pulse is amazing if you are looking for something similar there are platforms that your horse stands on and it does the same thing
    3 if you get goats get them the last two weeks they need to be given milk, if you bottle feed them they are much kinder also get fainting goats they are more docile and are less likely to be aggressive my goats come when called by name, and when we ring a bell they come for dinner

  5. You guys are awesome! And I might get a horse! All your horses are amazing and they all look so happy. I think Stella looks really good. And Willow is adorable and really kind. Storm and Finn are very handsome!

  6. That was such a lovely surprise for your girls they’re so cute I hope that they have lots of fun with the chicks ??????????????❤️❤️❤️

  7. I missed this when it was posted! Omg yassss I have so many vlogs as I’ve been rlly busy like I’m learning to jump!

  8. 700th like!! The very last time you rode in this arena Gabby's hair was died pink and red and Storm was bucking! It was the coolest footage!

  9. Those clippers are fine for finisning touches on muzzles or clipping the ears but there not deisgned to be used on heavy clipping jobs. They do sale cordless clippers though. A good pair is the wahl.

  10. It looks like fynn might have worms I know this because if you look at the top of his tail it is frizzy and when it is frizzy it means that they were rubbing there tail on the wall. I just wanted to let you know.

  11. At my barn for bedding we use Pete moss. It is better for their limbs yes it’s messier, but it’s easier to muck
    We also sometimes mix shavings and Pete moss depends on the horse

  12. The stuff to put under your horses bedding is called Lyme or lime and it normally comes in a decent size bag for really cheap and it’s sold at farm stores. We would take turns buying it at our barn and it really helped because it started to get the ammonia smell

  13. with a shedig lade they can cut ur horse ive done it on my horses but it hurts them an it can be very starp coz its cut my pony just so u guys know not trying to hate what so ever i swear!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  14. Awww! I've wanted you to get chickens since you moved to the farm! We have like 15-20 chickens and have had chickens for like 9 years (our original two are still alive! They're 10!!). We've let a few hatch their own eggs since we've had roosters in the past. I love raising chickens and I'm sure the girls will too!

  15. You could have Sam with the tractor, Laura with Stella, Gabby with Storm, Sophie with Fynn and Brooklyn and Jacob with Willow.

  16. The first trick I taught my horse was kiss and now he does it all the time, when he wants something, when he knows he's done something he shouldn't have and when he's getting fed, it's so funny but it's getting annoying?

  17. A new intro sounds like a really good idea since you have all these new horses also love you guys❤️?❤️

  18. You guys should have gotten one of those afro chickens, they are awesome they lay blue eggs and one of mine will follow me and sit on my saddle on my horse

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