all right so he hopped through the barbed wire fence please come back baby he's in the neighboring yard don't cut yourself baby oh all right we are officially getting three new members of this guy's family I have not revealed to anyone yet what species or what type of animals these are the anticipation is killing me every single time now this animal hasn't been handled a lot of all husband band halter trained and also has a three week old baby there's Mary she's in that trailer oh my god [Applause] thankfully what does that Sky's family so today is a huge big giant day oh my gosh we are officially getting three new members of this guy's family I have not revealed to anyone yet what species or what type of animals these are I'm super excited oh my gosh I want to say is super huge thanks to my friends Stephanie and Mike if you guys remember we went over to their farm they are actually using their horse trailer to help me haul our new pets and oh my gosh I just can't even believe that I wanted these pets first so long so long alright so right now we are waiting on stuff and Mike to get here and then we are going to be going to go pick up the first batch so there's two separate batches there's two separate houses that were going to and oh my gosh you guys anticipation is kills me every single time it's like it's not that actual doing the thing it's like the minutes before the waiting for things that happen just the anticipation it just always makes me like I go crazy basically oh my god how do I have everything don't have water yes okay do it and then okay so yeah I'm trying to Zend myself Zen yourself Nicole then am I doing this right alright guys so we are on the road Stephanie and Mike are here you can't really see them but above that tire that's them so we are pulling off side of the road in a minute and we're going to be loading up the first girl all right I just revealed the gender it is a girl so that is the surprise we are getting cows so the cow he just saw it load up she is a Jersey her name is Mary and actually we weren't originally gonna get here we were gonna get it you were gonna get a younger calf there but we met Mary and they said that Mary had a potential of going to the auction in the future and Mary was so sweet that we were like okay yeah we really mean Mary Mary is such a cute little cow so it happens to be that Mary's owner the one who raised her up is a sky squad member she's part of the sky squad and she left me this awesome letter and she's asked me not to change her name Mary don't worry I will keep the name Mary absolutely and she gave me some details about Mary so what we're gonna do is go unload Mary and then we're going to go pick up the second surprise and the second surprise includes two things two things or does it you'll never know or does it keep watching alright guys so we are turning on to our property now there is Mary she's in that trailer oh my god I just had my hand that close to watch this yeah you can just pull in alright so here is destiny is my you guys probably remember them from the video where we went to bear farm if not I'll link that video in the description down below [Applause] hey I just wanted a spaceship so you guys here is Mary what do you think where are you huh so she's gonna be the easy one for the day hi mama or not a mama hi sweetie a little head is so cute like a bee you're a good-looking girl so we have a caterpillar on the trailer look at that it's almost like the Alice in Wonderland caterpillar looks like everyone it's crazy alright so Mary is handled cow has been to shows has done all this stuff now this animal hasn't been handled a lot of all hasn't been halter trained and also has a three week old baby so we're putting our war paint on we're getting ready to load this mama and this baby up to start their new life alright guys so we have to rope the baby in luckily for her fiancé Mike knows how to rope so so we're doing right now all right so he hopped through the barbed wire fence please come back baby he's in the neighboring yard now he's a calf so food motivation won't work he wants to come back in don't cut yourself baby oh all right so he's back in here we'll watch this so we got mom super easy baby is unhandled so he's a little good that scares me a lot he ran through barbed wire so he probably has a couple cuts off all right we got the baby coming along my daddy's coming go to your mama baby good boy go to your mama lady good job the job is so cute yeah all right you guys so the mom loaded a fantastic 40 like she's done in a million times she was like oh you got great I like great the baby on the other hand Oh everything said it was fun I had to say honestly both me and Mike goes now it was really fun like you just gotta get it get it grab it and you have to live it and it's heavy as hell I think pretty heavy but like one underneath ons it was just like he kept running through the barbed wire fence and it was I'm just thinking like no go through the buttons please but like falls all the matters now is that he's in the trailer and we're bringing a mom and baby over to our property super excited for them obviously we have a lot of work to do with the baby we're gonna pop a halter on the baby now and get a halter train or a start don't the training and yeah obviously the baby hasn't been handled at all and he was not happy yeah obviously baby was not him whatsoever I mean we got her done but she's that thing was running so fast then you have to corner it and then you've left it tag Kofi yeah yeah yeah let's do it again at least I'm so I'm so grateful to have friends that have cow experience like Mike and Seth do fades it really looks like if we had any other hauler it would've went that smooth like literally these people are awesome they have a YouTube channel link in the description I'll be probably trying to tackle the mom and it probably wouldn't go we would be technically the mom even though she just walks into the trailer yeah whoa I'm so glad that they're in the trailer I I'm excited to see them unload off the trailer and meet Mary I'm just glad that the mum didn't get worked up because that was amazing the month if the mothers not worked up like it's all good yeah the mom the mom was just like great I like great thank goodness because she's only trailered once before so she did a great job look at it run hey ginger the Mary Mary when there's walked literally on your gate oh my god hold on hold on hey hey clearly there's Ross right there good good hurry up we probably good put her halter on yeah she's lactating you think you'll be too small thank you alright guys so mission successful we couldn't literally have done it without their help so thank you guys so much we appreciate it guys family appreciates it hi it's me Franklin you didn't actually watch this video down below uh it'll make my mom happy so this click type down there and I promise you're gonna see me because I'm so famous I will be in the video so you need to need to click that video right there thanks bye


  1. when i seen the blured pictured on instagram i knew they where cows you can tell by the shape of the blur

  2. Those cows are so cool you really need to socialise those cows, can’t wait to see them all in the videos

  3. Names Bear,fighter,Rufus,Bambi,
    Jambo,Gus,Gypsy, Jumbo,Jack,Hulk bc he strong,Flash,Elliot,Crumble,Sneaky,Kopper,Kooper,
    Rebel,Ralph,Scooby doo,Spice,Splash,Taco,
    Thunder,Tiger and Sushi oh and Xavier love you guys ❤❤

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