Our Massive Project: How to Vote in Every State

good morning John this video comes to you in 54 parts each of which will explain how to register to vote how to get a sample ballot and how to vote in each of the 50 states as well as in a few other cases because we are the United States of America and each state establishes its own laws and procedures so the process of voting is different everywhere it's just part of what makes America beautiful and a little bit annoying but yes we did put together over 30,000 words of scripts for this project and yes it was a bit of a pain but it's worth it because I feel that voting is one of the most important parts of being an American there are a lot of different ways to vote not just practically depending on where you live but philosophically you can vote for the world you most want to see or you can vote for the world you think will most likely bring change or you can vote for just one thing or based on just one thing how you want to vote is up to you as is whether you vote but I want to make sure that you understand that not voting isn't some revolutionary political act if you're not voting no one is hearing your voice so they have no reason to represent you depending on where you live registering and voting are varying degrees of difficulty but in these videos I'm making it clear if you don't think the voting matters because no one voter decides an election two things one if everybody thought that way nobody would vote except for one guy who was just drunk and stumbled into the polling place and he would decide how the entire country got run so it does matter if everyone who watches this video goes out and votes we will we us will be an important voting bloc second the majority of government in America is local and local elections do in fact frequently get decided by one person this is how change happens especially as national government has become less effective in recent years this is how laws get made and how rights get granted or taken away if you don't feel informed on every issue it's easy to get a sample ballot which I'll explain in your States video and to do some research it just takes an hour half hour of research to help make America a better place it's not hard it might be a little complicated but we're gonna solve that problem right now please send this video or the corresponding state video to everyone you know who might not vote because it's too complicated or they're not sure how we do not change this country as individuals we change it as to it it might not be fast it might not be perfect but democracy does not work if we do not participate you can now click on your state's name to watch the video on how to make sure you're registered to register to get your sample ballot and vote John I'll see you on Tuesday

32 thoughts on “Our Massive Project: How to Vote in Every State

  1. All elections should be vote by mail and tallied on machines not connected to the internet. Less room for partisan maneuvering.

  2. I'm a Trump supporter in Pennsylvania, with a bunch of college buddies who also wanted to register and vote for Trump. These videos helped us all get out and register just over 40 more Trump supporters in total! Thanks for the help!

  3. Ehh America is not beautiful I hate it and I know this is problematic but I don't stand for the pledge because I hate America

  4. What a good idea. I would not be happy if I had intended to vote, voted and then some random small fact had kept my vote from being counted in exactly the same way as every other vote cast.

  5. Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary, the definition's blurred. If I am to choose between one evil and another, I'd rather not choose at all…

  6. Another reason local elections (which, as Hank mentioned, can be decided by a few people) are important is because those are the people who will be leading on the state and national level in future! President Obama was just a state senator before being elected as a US senator then president. Of course, not everyone on the local level will become president, but your city council member could be your future senator or your mayor can be your future governor. So, if you believe their ideology is wrong or you want them to respect your perspectives, it is far more effective to do that with your votes at the local level.

  7. Nah, I'm not voting, I hate the system but I'm too lazy to change it. By note voting things can only get worse, which justifies my attitude. It's wonderfully self-fulfilling.

  8. True story–I personally decided an election once. There was a special election for state senate because the incumbent had been elected mayor, and there were two candidates in my party's primary. I researched the candidates a few days before the election, decided I liked one, and voted for him. I later found out that the guy I supported had won by only one vote.

    Don't ever think one vote can't make a difference.

  9. Hi Hank!
    I was wondering if you have any links where we can look up who is running for positions in our state? I have tried to Google it but I found it difficult to decipher. Of course we know about Trump, Hillary, Jill, and Johnson. But when it comes to local elections, I feel that a lot of American's don't care, or they just don't understand/know who is running. Of course you have a lot on your plate, but I feel that could be very helpful! Your videos back in June about reaching out to local government on gun control laws were very helpful – I called one of my senators' office, and actually got a letter response from her! I wouldn't have thought to do so if it weren't for you, John, and Hannah Hart being so vocal.
    Thanks for everything you do! Sincerely, a simple Nerdfighter.

  10. Fascinating & almost completely relevant to all other democratic countries. Wish I'd been as eloquent in my video encouraging Irish people to vote in our last General Election.

  11. Hey there 😀 I am currently living in NJ, but in Nov. I will be in Boston (college freshmen!!), should I get an absentee ballot? I probably won't have time to drive to NJ and back bc of school stuff. If you are getting an Absentee ballot can it be mailed to directly to your out of state address? Hope these aren't painfully obvious questions! I'd appreciate some help 🙂

  12. but like, i son't have fully formed political opinions. i'm pretty convinced that there are no good solutions to many of he problems we face and i don't know what to do so i'd prefer not to take action in fear of it being the wrong action

  13. Where I live there is the option to vote "blank", that is abstain. The difference from not voting is that the polls will record that you actively refuse to give any of the options or parties your support. Can you not do that in the USA?

  14. Wow I just watched some of those videos an MAN is it complicated. I live in Germany, so I always forget that in the US, there is no unified ID to clearly identifiy a person. Having to register to be able to execute one of your very basics rights in a democracy is just ridiculous :/

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