our little cat shelter in Poland

Baby… “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help somebody.” Ronald Reagan Hello! This is Danaestasy and that video is really special to me because I wanna show you the cat shelter where I volunteer and we’re gonna celebrate Christmas at the cat shelter. (singing) Hi baby. Hello. Aww… This is the first time I am taking him.
Hi baby. – You’re gonna be mine, I think.
– Little tiger. – Little tiger. I wanna you to be mine.
(singing) And I want you to be mine. Baby… Aww… This is how it looks like.
We have cats here that we try to help. Many, many cats. About 30 here.
And also downstairs – there are sick ones there. Can you hear his purring? Aww. So cute. We take care of them here. Very often they come from very difficult houses where humans did not take care of them and we try to find them new home. Yes, Harry (name of this cat)? 🙂 Good home with lovely people loving them a lot. Those ones are really special ones. They are new ones. Ojej, okay, go go.
Oh, because he wanna check my phone, what is my phone. They are the youngest ones here, let me show you them. There are four brothers here.
I need to close it. Look. What I love: they need so much love, you know, they come to you, they hug you, they need lots of warmth and lots of warmth to take. Everybody who would like to support this shelter – I will put the link in the description. Maybe for Christmas some fundraising? 🙂 And if you wanna adopt… Even abroad I can transport a cat to you. Sometimes we transport them abroad. Ah! Somebody is trying to get my… I will show you. Look. This is camera. Camera, aha.
Atchoo! Atchoo! Two brothers. (kissing them 😉 ) This one is really special to me. I was taking care of her when she was smaller. She was downstairs with the new cats.
Because she was found in the forest with her jaw broken by humans. Somebody kicked her and she had her jaw broken for many, many weeks. And she’s super brave kitty, yes? You are an amazing kitty! Brave girl. Such a brave girl. Mister Harry. Also it’s important to give medicines. I already gave her.
Lenka (the cat’s name)! Now she deserves lots of hug and love because of the medicines – the drops for her eyes. Yes, baby? Kitty! Kitty!
Come. (purring) Always they need to first – when I open the cage – they need to come to say hello. Hey human, thank you for coming! And let us have fun here! You know, I love them a lot and I know that maybe we won’t help every cat in the planet or we won’t change so much in the world but we can make a small change and we can change the whole world of this one being, of this one life. Wieruszek, are we going to eat? Yes? We’re going to eat? Okay.
Oh, babies! Babies! Mama! Give us food! Give us food! Time for food, time for food.
(singing) I need to close myself inside the bathroom to feed them. I have two of those and look what is gonna happen now. Here! Food! Food! This is Werka. She was found like a skeleton – skinny. Hello, my little frog. She’s like a baby.
She was found super skinny. Like a skeleton. With a terrible state. We thought many times that she’s gonna die but she’s a strong woman, yes? Strong girl! (purring) This one is so beautiful. This shelter works thanks to the support of kind people. If you would like to help cats as well, in the description of the video you will find the link. 😉 Thank you for watching, dear friends of cats 😉

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