100 thoughts on “Our Dogs Meet a Cat For The First Time

  1. barbara is (and 99% of dogs are) an annoyingly loud, aggressive spaz yet "cats are evil"

    imagine you knock on someone's door and a leashed slave opens it screaming and jabbing a knife towards you, or you knock on someone's door and their roommate is calmly sitting on the couch licking him or herself

  2. Cat was wondering “what in the hell is this dumb loud thing?! Get it away!” Lol
    “I’ve seen those but they’re not this dumb”

  3. I had a kitten break into my house last year and my 100 pound rott and blue heeler love her. I never wanted a cat, but why not keep the one that snuck in my house lol

  4. I've always had dogs and cats..we've never done all of that..they just walk around and they meet when they feel like it..you shouldn't make a big deal out of it…it causes unnecessary anxiety for the new pet..animals naturally know how to coexist….they always end up being friends..on their own..if not..then they just don't hang out together…don't force it..they will do it there own way..

  5. You should do this in a neutral place and Link or someone else should go in with Barbera. He was less tensioned than Rhett.

  6. Dogs usually scrape their bums along the ground like that when they have worms. I couldn't help cracking up laughing when Barbara saw the cat along with that background music 😂

  7. I like how both animals probably got a whiff of eachother pretty quick. Especially when he opened the door and let the kitty scent in.

  8. 9:28 Barbara made that cat self conscious.

    Also nah that cat was a bit Phased. You can tell by the dilated pupils. That cat is a gentleman.

  9. As 2nd vlogs go, this was fantastic! I loved both dogs reactions while the cat's remained basically the same( indifferent & unfazed) Jade's clearing her anal gland , maybe with hopes the cat would smell, couldn't have been more perfectly timed👍

  10. You should film yourself with your own cameras instead of filming each other, the shots would be clearer and the audio would be SO much better

  11. Loving the two man vlog so far! In my bathroom I also have a shower window like Link's but quite a bit larger and I've spent a lot of time in there over the years staring down my neighbor's property with some kind of sass and intent all the while wondering whether or not there was something wrong with me for doing it. Now I know my behavior can be explained by basic instinct to dominate and subject the humans nearby in the case of a zombie apocalypse and I no longer question my sanity. 🙂

  12. I love fireballs nonchalantness. So mature like “Ok this is the situation. This dogs flippin out but whatever. It is what it is”😂😂

  13. rhett and link look great in this video, even if rhett is giving off a little bit of homelessness vibes with that hair and beard

  14. 1. you need to take your dog to the vet. the boot scootin boogie is a sign of an issue
    2. you need to discuss your dogs health with the groomer as well.

    just saying

  15. Of course Barbara acted how she did, like father like daughter. Love fireball tho, he could’ve freaked out but he remained a cool cat

  16. In the highly unlikely event you see this Rhett, I notice Barbara has some tear stains! If you don’t already feed hypoallergenic diet, I’d suggest looking into it, if you are I’ve also found filtered water has made a big difference with some dogs. I’ve noticed it’s usually some form of food/environmental allergy to cause those red stains, but some dogs do just get them for no reason and she isn’t as bad as a lot of white dogs, so doubt it’s anything to worry about, just thought I’d give suggestions lol!
    Loving the vlogs!

  17. Barbara takes after her dad. I love cats. Mine is meowing at me right now. She hates new dogs. Like will hiss and puff up. We have a dog too and it took like a year for them to really get along. Lol the dramatic music while Barbara is barking was hilarious.

  18. Aww, Fireball did well for being in a new place and around so many new people/dogs! He was very nervous, not indifferent (his behavior reminded me of my cat when he goes to the vet), but I think he and Jade actually do have real friendship potential! Jade seems like a super sweet, calm dog. She’s really cute too. 🙂

  19. Do the cameras they use on GMM have beard smoothening effects? Is this even a real thing?? Their beards have always looked kind of soft in GMM eps and I don't know why I didn't question it until seeing the vlogs but the cameras they use here really bring out the texture.

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