Our Dog Gets Groomed For The Baby

he is well overdue for a bath okay and I could what are you doing okay so you see eyes here everywhere all over the house baby girls on her way and we don't want this so today he's gonna get trimmed down I don't know what my big boy gonna look like he never got like a haircut haircut but I think um wife you want a hug come on so my baby girl coming in about her days in this house isn't acceptable so I propose that we take Bernard to the vet to get his winter coat shaved which he's hey Bernard he's a snow dog it's like trillion degrees in Houston he needs to get cut anyway so that's what we're gonna go do they're also gonna bathe him in turns nail it's just give me a full spa day that he deserves and then he will come back a different dog so let me show you guys what he looks like now okay can't do it oh my god let's load up in the car and let's get this thing started oh he's not doing well with that okay my wigs all right let's load him up in the car every time he shakes a new dust bunny forms so I just like with his his coat shaved he'll be a lot cooler and the heat he won't be stressed out like huh oh he's going in the back good oh yeah he's excited my beautiful baby boy yes stunning all right you guys I will catch you once I get my big self in the car so we are loaded up no we're not like the noise chilly oh yeah his head was obvious Bernard Oh for not oh yeah he's calm right now so we're loaded up we are ready to go to the grooming days I have no time it down I've been telling your office it's just time to get him cut the main reason I think when it comes to like Bernard tells it's like he's snowdog he has to get his winter coat off he cannot be out here in this heat like dogs don't sweat but they over I may be in the house tonight yeah but yeah he just doesn't want to go outside it's so hot so we don't force him we just you know let him ki let him do some business come right back in but I think that'll change right once it gets all cut and clean my dog cut mine here's winter coat needs to come off that's all it is you cannot be out here with his winter coat he can you are supposed to get them off when the seasons change and then by the time the winter comes in back again so this what we are doing and I need it clean because baby girl comes tonight like you know you know in their room or what it was called yeah so in addition to getting him credit clean we're gonna also get a room but which is this motorized robot vacuum and it kind of tray it scales your house and it figures out like the what's it called the layout of your home and it cleans out when you're gone it cleans the boy you're cooking it just vacuums and mops the one that I want vacuums and arms but I think that really just vacuums but it's like it's not that's just room was like the most popular of the brands to do it but yeah it's kind of pricey but I think it's worth it if I don't have to sweep a million times a day so is it gonna do the job yeah it will do the job it wouldn't have done the job is Bernard did not get it someone get a BA out of here just about break you yeah but you got a uh you got it you know how you undo the vacuum do you can do it as much as whoa you should go to charge it back up yeah and the mop one I mean it's like the motorized slipper so ya know being a mop one it's not impacted the more you get it yes say like water stuff yeah solution so our floor should be like lickable I don't I don't know that I'm gonna come on a warranty yes maybe that back I have no idea what they're gonna read I've seen videos of cats popping on top of it and spinning around and doing crazy stuff with it but I think our dogs are just gonna be a little scared of it Bernard I mean uh Bernard Rowley being a Julie monster sonar daddy but tiny buddy boy really and I missed this one I took shuttle to a completely different one and they were way more expensive the reviews of this ladylike had all these pictures of her hugging the dog so just it made me feel yeah I mean everybody loves Barnard it's hard not to love Barnard he's just a big lovable are we know I'll say hello I can't say what it is cuz you guys are like hip to us you know okay this is it this one no it's not the spectrum yeah we getting a little uh shall we catch them inside I catch you inside so we called the place and they told us that we pulled up to their old shop and they've been closed for a while but the new shop is only ten minutes away so a little detour it's cool you know excited school mom I wanted to come out looking like Bernard are you excited yes let me tell you I'll jump up here why say he scooped it up nice you know what's up up here yeah now we want them problems I I know he's so precious I hope she gets them like water and snacks I don't know why I just I want she not to hear my dog yeah be worth it and I hope that they don't stabilize him because I think they drink will eyes schnitzel when she got acting I'm gonna figure it out until I saw that movie ma and like they have legend pleasure sauce and now I pick to it I don't know what they'd be doing to the doubt but I did not want her heart she drank lies city always sleepy which changes personality ah okay I was a panic at her nothing babe I didn't know it was out I don't know which ones are poisonous baby you almost sent me into labor in his theory okay just a mo there's not enough freon in this car for us to be moving this back okay you know their poisons meet aunt Wanda renal artery that was a bit okay well he's gone now put that window down fast wait a second wait girl okay I'm gonna take a breather yeah I kid you guys I'm with Jordan in daycare fine if we ever need to go somewhere and she's a good fit with the board I'm up here at least you know we'll know that'll be feted all right let's do this thing guys oh my god I'm so excited y'all I've been trying to convince text to let me do this for ever he doesn't want to lose the style of Bernards look but for a baby girl anything is worth it you know mama's boy who is your a mama's baby oh my little peep just ring the doorbell Apple Bernard someone's here good you want to hold this so I can explain yeah winter coat it's really high mom we have a baby coming next week I just want to make sure that he creates a lot of dust bunnies on the floor I gotta get that you know but but we don't you know so just not the length but not we're trying to make a where you don't see it as much all over the house yeah is that possible yeah you want me just leave like this much oh Jesus my dog I go ahead alright okay any time for them that's good and we have another one oh yeah whoever sits ooh you gotta sit sooo yeah and I got hair shaved so yeah you know what if you guys gonna be so busy so you couldn't so he not gonna say it alright how long does this head to grow three months we will see you later boy we like them it's gonna be great for the baby he looks fantastic he does just cleaner like a young man doctor young lad yeah he was looking grandfatherly before oh my god okay you guys we're gonna close up this video let's go ahead and get the toast notification shadow okay what's up okay so today's post notification shout-out goes Bernard Kennedy Seoul post notifications are on I love y'all Sam Sam hopefully I win the shout-out girl Kennedy you want it we love each and every one of you guys thank you so much for our heart of the sand stand and we will catch you in the next video

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  1. # notificationgang. Lady bugs dont do anything. They wont hurt you. They are good luck. I love you guys!!!

  2. #postnotificationgang

    Can i get a post notification shout out?!
    Really love you guys!

    Bernard so handsome i have two huskies and i totally understand all the shedding its crazy!

  3. Kaleb is super intelligent. He’s a content lil boy and his relationship with his dad is awesome ?. I hope you enjoyed your make over Bernard ?

  4. Kyndal you look beautiful with your Juicy lips and i love you so much, please can you shout out to me…… Wish u a safe and normal delivery.

  5. My post notification are always on for you all. Love watching your videos congratulations on your sweet girl, she almost here ?

  6. #postnoificationgang you know how it go I'm ready for another video I love you guys ready for babygirl. Post noifications been on was up but I hope j win the next one. Ps banned looks fantastic

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