Our Butternut Box Delivery

The box has arrived! We're excited… So.. the guys from Butternut box have been in touch with us and and they wanted Bernard, our dog, to trial some of
the food that they do. So we've just been delivered, It's Sunday today and Bernard has received his box let's have a look what's inside so it
all looks really lovely. Very nicely presented, we will have a look at that in second it comes on ice so it can be kept in a
safe place for a little while if you're not home we've got dog biscuits very nice, well
presented we have… oooh, we have to two cupcakes here which are strictly for two legged friends so that's for me thank you so much and
then we have here um, what looks like seven days worth of food you can clearly
see inside the packs so the food that Butternut Box does it's all really well-prepared comes
already cooked and all human grade quality food which is just really
fantastic think and you can you know it's really clear what you can see, the
shelf life is 10 days so it's beautiful it's fresh it comes really nicely presented, it's lovely. We have a menu here, so we have Chicken, Beef, Turkey, and Composition,
description everything's really well explained. You've got chicken Liver first
35%, chicken thighs an extra 35%, Lentils,
Carrots, Peas, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sage Flaxseed, calcium, yeah all
really nice stuff and so it's really good you know exactly what you're giving
your dog like this oh and some pointers in here
and everyone's details from the team Lovely, beautiful so yeah so we're
going to be trying this for the next seven days well Bernard's going to be trying this
for the next seven days I have a feeling I might even try it myself, it's all as I
said food that is good for humans too so why not try it ourselves just to see, and then we'll keep you posted on…. Bernard is coming and
having a little sniff here I think he's getting excited too – yes it's coming Um, so we'll try this and
then we'll keep you posted So I'll see you soon guys

One thought on “Our Butternut Box Delivery

  1. Hi folks two small dogs fussy dogs not eating at moment but will try another time good luck to you all lovely food I will certainly tell dog folk about it CD

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