Oster Professional Nail Grinder Kit for Grooming Dog Nails

hi I'm Stephen the pet man for Big Apple pet supply calm bring the intelligent pet products to your door so this is the austere professional system for grinding nails it's it's phenomenal it's as really as good as it gets in my opinion super high quality tool easy to use it comes with two different types of bands one is basically for grinding down a little bit faster a lot faster and one is basically the finishing for making sure that you nail is completely smooth on your dog so how do you use this it's very simple there's a button on the front here and that allows you to open up the screw point here slip the screw in and tighten it and you're ready to roll make sure your switch is off while you're playing around with switching the different bands it comes with three extra bands and of course you can get more of these bands and it comes with the one grinder that basically makes the finer on the nail makes the nail a little bit finer when you grind it down with the rougher piece mostly you're going to replace this this band you're hardly ever going to need to replace this stone because this is just a smoothing stone okay so let's go ahead and look at how this works it's pretty simple you turn it on you're going to get the light on there's a red light here and then this is a variable dial this dial will determine how fast this spins so to make it spin all the way really fast but you're hardly ever going to need to do that it's probably going to use a more moderate spin and you're gonna hold your item like this just like you would a pen and you're basically come from under the nail to the tip of the nail under the nail to the tip and nail until you've grounded down to what you wanted it to be on all of the nails of the dog so it's just a very simple little movement like that under – over to the tip of the nail and that's going to give you a smooth point to beginwith then you're going to shut this off and you're going to switch out to the other stone and you can do that simply by pushing in the button spinning it out putting in the new one tightening it and again you're ready to roll that quickly and then again you've got this variable so you can decide how fast this system actually is pretty interesting because it has something involved that if you go too hard on the dog's nail this system is going to shut down and stop so it really is a professional system in all capacities high quality very good price point this is on our website at Big Apple pet supply calm in the grooming section you can't beat the quality we shipped the same day and I'm Steven the pet man and I thank you for watching

3 thoughts on “Oster Professional Nail Grinder Kit for Grooming Dog Nails

  1. Starting with the color, it is a really nice shade of blue. This grinder comes with just the right amount of attachments; all of which are very useful. Changing out the attachments is fast and easy thanks to the spinner shaft-lock (use your thumb to push the button). The speed of this grinder varies with the turn of a knob, making it go slower or faster with ease. The wall-socket piece that the cord plugs into is a bit large and bulky, and the cord, though sturdy, is a bit long; these are not deal breakers. Finally, the case itself is just the right size: 10.5" x 3.25" x 3.5". This Oster Pro Nail Grinder Kit would be a welcome addition to any pet shop or home with dogs needing nail care. No more pain and cutting what's known as the quick; dog's nails are composed of the nail and a soft cuticle rich in blood vessels and nerves are known as the quick. This product is well worth the investment.

  2. The part you've shown is easy, but what I find more difficult is changing grinding band'–how to easily remove the band & replace it.

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