Orlando Cat Cafe!

So all my life I just never really felt
like I fit in anywhere And it’s just, I’ve always felt like this outcast But you know, after all these years I’ve finally found a place I call home *Angel choir singing* Let’s go in But something’s not right Best Friends! Or not! Why you gotta do me like that? And on camera? That is just rude The stubborn one. Will you please be my friend? doesn’t even care Hi! *Meow* What? Trying this again. Be my friend? Please? Please?! this is the most like nonchalant cat I’ve ever seen Boop! Is it my moment? Be my….friend? And no *laughs* oh sure you let someone else pet you, but
not me Oh, spoke too soon This one finally snuck up behind me Scared me half to death Now you wanna be friends, and I spoke too soon. Bye.

6 thoughts on “Orlando Cat Cafe!

  1. Hello, Sarah, very nice video! I wonder, why only a few people
    watched it! Please introduce the
    video on other cat channels. There
    should be projects like the Orlando
    Cat Café in many cities!

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