Origami Rabbit

the tabbit is a traditional model I recommend using dual color paper but any paper will do the job it is low intermediate because there are swivel folds and other advanced folds fold diangonally color side down this color will be the color of the rabbit we get this brown-ish color okay now we’ve done that fold the lower corners upwards to the corner in the middle (also see diagram) make sure that the open part points downwards and fold the edges to the centre this way both sides open part here and fold there and repeat now we’ll do a squash fold the fold is prepared by folding this angle bisector here open again seperate the 4 layers 2 on each side and push down as you see I… did not arrange the layers right that one has to ho to the right there we go same on the other side the precrease is optional but makes the squash easier open push down and crease again now we have 2 big pockets fold the model in half you can see those ears grab the ear and swivel it around that way turn the paper inside of the model flaten everything also swivel the other ear that is what the black arrow in the diagram means repeat on the other side there we go make it look nice now we fold the ears in this way here goes the crease fold to that corner from here to that point the edges align with that 90°-angle repeat for other ear crease done the edge is vertilcal seperate the layers and wrap them around here creating a crease here and on the back also crease here pull them back and the front will move downwards creating the head of the rabbit that could be a little tricky so take your time for that optinally shape the ears as you see that can easly rip the paper I chosse the inside of the ear to be white but you can also have them colored, if you want inside-reverse-fold the nose two more reverse folds for the back and tail of the rabbit number one and number two to make the tail white you can insidereversfold a part if the paper if you want to that is a little difficult so don’t feel the need to do it it is not in the diagram seperate the two layers inside reversefold that part finally but them back together and repeat the two reversefolds the folding is done you can bend and shape the body a little to make the rabbit stand finished! I hope you enjoyed that a downloadlink for the diagram is in the description

43 thoughts on “Origami Rabbit

  1. naj głupsze origami,wszystko idzie dobże a potem coś źle,ona pokazuje tak to ja też,a ona sobie rwie jakoś kartke i niewiadomo jak to jest zrobione.strasznie to głupie,ciekawe poco wstawiają te durne filmy o origami,chodźby nauczyłam sie tylko dwuch

  2. between 350 and 359, how come you didn't stop and turn it all around so we could see what you just folded???????? when teaching a tutorial you should pause, remove your hand and fingers, do a close up before resuming. you are taking it for granted that everyone viewing this can follow you step by step and if you are a more intermediate or advanced folder you can but those that are learning will have to go back continually to catch up. It is also easier to see creases in paper darker than yellow..

  3. hard to follow, the diagram direction and your model direction (moved too much) are different. Sorry..not a very good instruction.

  4. Swivel fold needs more elaboration. I've watched it 4 times on half speed and it still doesn't line up. I understand how to swivel it but it doesn't end up lined up like yours.

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