Origami Rabbit (Seth Friedman)

Fold and unfold along the diagonals Turn over Fold in half Unfold Fold in half vertically Unfold Fold a square base Valley-fold Unfold Squash-fold Valley-fold both sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold the point down Open and bring the point inside Fold and unfold the left and right sides Reverse-fold Turn over Valley-fold Fold in half Fold the point to the right Repeat on the other side Reverse-fold Squash-fold Repeat on the other side Fold the ears upwards Fold the tips of the ears Reverse-fold Head finished. Let’s make the body Fold in half Unfold Turn over Fold in half vertically Unfold Fold in half Unfold Fold in half vertically Unfold Fold the bottom corner to the center Fold the corner down at about 1/3 of the triangle’s height Montain-fold Fold in half Pleat-fold
Line up the existing creases The model will not lie flat Repeat on the other side to flatten the model Valley-fold Unfold Reverse-fold Repeat on the other side Mountain-fold Fold the point down Repeat on the other side Fold the edge to narrow the front leg
Make a little squash fold Repeat on the other side Valley-fold Unfold Closed sink fold Reverse-fold Fold the corners Insert the point into the body Valley-fold the corner to lock Rabbit finished!

73 thoughts on “Origami Rabbit (Seth Friedman)

  1. прикольно, я его наконецто СДЕЛАЛ джо спс тебе за видео

  2. I thought it make out of one paper, but it a great model.
    By the way, check out my rabbit too!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nkCHVTU1LU

  3. It is simple, but it is a comparatively bad module and it is even made of two pieces. I don't like it. How about something like a cat or a dog. There aren't many (good) origami tutorials of those on youtube.

  4. Hi Jo! Great Model! I just folded it. What size paper should i use for this for a stand from paper that is 12.5 cm?

  5. You should make the paper rabbit from the game "To The Moon" by freebird games! There are so many people out there who want to learn to make it! I mean, I learned to make it already, but you can help teach more people! Here are the instructions: http://freebirdgames.com/forum/index.php?topic=2705.0

  6. jo i've been watching u for 5 yrs now  and i can say that your the origami boss your very good  the only origami i cant make is  the fiery dragon its hard for me

  7. hey jo i really like your videos and i can't understand from others so can you please help me with making a flower with the title 18 only one origami rose 18

  8. Hi! Do you make tutorial for funcionality mask … example plague dr. Mask plisss 🙂 (sorry for my english … i am chilean xD) and love your work

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