Organizing my hamster supplies!

so in spite of spring I thought it would
be a good idea to do a full spring clean on my hamster organization because I
have a lot of stuff that I’ve collected over the years that I no longer get any
use out of and I would rather donate it so I have this bin right here it’s
actually already full with some stuff that I’m going to be donating to my
local small animal shelter so I have some of my carefresh bedding because I’m not going
to be using the colorful bedding because most of my cages are natural so a lot of
the things I just don’t use anymore I was also sent a really kind package by
a lady named Ashley and she actually runs her own Etsy shop and it is called
Hamustar Cafe I hope I said that right
and she basically makes her own stickers and different kawaii things and there’s
a lot of hamster things that she makes so she actually makes some small Pet
Supplies labels sticker sheets so this is great for organizing and I’m going to
be using this today as well as she makes little reminders and trackers that you
can put on your calendar for your hamsters and she makes really cute
hamster sticker sheets so there’s like this cozy hammies one, a hammie moods
sheet with hamsters with different moods and they’re just so adorable so if
you’re interested in her stuff i’ll leave her link in the description bar. so
to start with I’m going to remove everything from the shelf and just put
it on the floor *beat drops* so one of the first things I want to
label is my hamster food container so this is where I put my seed mix. Okay so
I have some containers I honestly don’t know where to even start I have a lot
of stuff I’m basically gonna just I’m gonna try my best to organize so we are
gonna put the chews in here I think I’m gonna put chew sticks in these bins *music* *do do do* so I have to figure out what I don’t
want anymore which is really hard because I love everything but there’s
just a lot of things that I don’t use and it’s pointless to keep something you’re not
going to use there’s just too much stuff I don’t know what to go through and I don’t have enough room. so I
need to sort I got these two baskets to maybe go in in here so I’m gonna try and
see if I can fit stuff they’re not that big but we’ll see if we can fit some of
the stuff so just by natural stuff my bendy bridges because you can never
have too many see I just have too much stuff this is
my issue now for my ceramics I’m gonna put in a basket too because ceramics are
more easily to break I think so they should go in a basket three of my favorite houses that I sadly
don’t get too much use out of but I have to keep these because these are like a
collectible to me so I have to keep them *more music* I don’t know if this should be it is a wooden
product but- did you just knock over my puzzle playground? That is not- CLEO Cleo this is the rudest thing ever *no ones paying attention to anything I say* CLEO this is where I store my extra wheels so I
have extra silent spinners I have this really tiny silent spinner I’m
literally gonna never get any use out of it because this is way too small for any
hamster even tatertot so excuse me you’re not a wheel can you get out thank
you. okay so these bins here are kind of random that’s why it’s just the two bins
that you can’t see into I have kabobs galore if you need a kabob just hit me
up because I just I have so many I’m gonna put my three water bottles in
there I like to just keep these just in case I ever want to go back to the water
bottle so in here actually have I think I’ve
manuals for I don’t know what this is but this is for the detolf I probably
don’t need this in here I’m never taking this apart. these these are awesome this
is cardboard and it’s like I think it’s corrugated cardboard that you get with
IKEA furniture this is great for hamsters uh it’s really thick so they
can chew through it and it’s safe and yeah so here’s all of this stuff that I am
going to be giving away I thought I would be giving away a bit more but it’s
kind of hard to part with some things but I did get rid of some things I’m
happy about that and the shelter can get some use out of this stuff so here is
just everything I think it looks a lot more cleaner and nicer and just a bit
more organized so I am very happy with it

100 thoughts on “Organizing my hamster supplies!

  1. ok so apparently the term "in spite" is not right but oh well LOL ALSO keep in mind I have so many hamster supplies because I've been owning hamster's for 10 years, therefore I'm bound to have a huge collection.

  2. Hi Victoria ? do you know any cute names for grey, boy rabbits ? Love the video! Also can you please make a day in the life of Victoria reachel? Thanks ?????

  3. Hey Victoria, so I recently noticed that my hamster felt a little underweight. I could feel his spine more then usual, so I measured his weight, and he was around 94 grams. The last time I measured he was 106, but he could've had seeds in his cheek pouches, not sure. Is this considered underweight for syrians?? He is at least 8 months old.

  4. Hi Tori! I was wondering if you had any tips as my dwarf hamster keeps chewing her silent spinner and I don’t know how to stop her. I scatter feed, add new toys and chew toys but she continues to do so. She also lives in a bin cage which fits the size requirements

  5. I've only got 2 hamsters and I've got 3 bins just full of hamster stuff I don't even use and that they will probably never use but I looked in it and found afew things my new dwarf hamster will love

  6. I could never get rid of my strawberry either, my friend bought it when I first got Luna and she hid/slept in it until she felt safe in her new home. I think your local animal shelter will be very happy with what they receive from you.

  7. I would LOVE a cabob ( I think I spelt that wrong) I wasent sure if you where serious. If you where the DM me up In insta @non._.human Thanks!

  8. Hi, sorry if I’m disturbing but I have a hamster and the taming did pretty good but now she have started to nibble and bite. She haven’t done that for a while but now she have started. I don’t know if it’s because I cleaned her cage and made some changes a while ago. Do you have tips that I should try?

  9. I’m doing this right now with bunny supplies!!! Going to donate to the rabbit rescues in my state! Feels so good to help out and ALSO get rid of unused “junk” that other animals would LOVE!!! ???????

  10. Your rabbits are so funny, especially Cleo trying to help you. I thought I had a lot of stuff but you definitely win! Is all of that stuff just for the hamsters? lol

  11. I have a really loud hamster wheel. And soon my mom will come back. She’s a really light sleeper so she could wake up to the sound. Should I make a wheel, buy a wheel, or remove the wheel?

  12. So i got a another hamster today and she is a dwarf hamster. And im wondering if she needs another hamster as a friend or is fine on her on. And i love the video!

  13. Make a video like this but with rabbit supplies. Also, a rabbit grooming routine video would be amazing!

  14. I wan‘t that colorful bedding?Bc I live in germany and you can just buy normal bedding there?

  15. I’m absolutely obsessed with those cute little hippo and lion hideouts where did you get them from?

  16. Why did you stop using water bottles, just curious

    Edit: nvm I just saw the video for water bottles vs bowls

  17. I wish I would get some of that bedding cause are country doesn’t do good with bedding it’s only cotton and fluff

  18. Hi Victoria my hamster won't borrow in the cage, he has lots of bedding but he just won't I don't know what to do please help. Thank you

  19. So I’m wanting to copy your set up for my future hamster. Just the shelf and detolf. How is it working for you? Does the shelf support the detolf properly?

  20. The white and blue ceramics are wax burners XD
    you put candles in the bottom and a scented wax cube on the top XD

  21. I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…much❤?????❤?????❤?????❤?????❤?????❤?????❤?????❤?????❤?????❤?????

  22. Where do you find that lion or strawberry house my hamster is a teddy bear hamster and she hates her house? Love ur vids❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Victoria: I HAVE SO MANY CABBOBS hit me up if u want one
    a couple days later
    Victoria: i dont have anymore cabbobs…please stop asking

  24. That is so generous of you to donate to a shelter I have always looked up to you and I hope you keep making YouTube videos ??

  25. hye from malaysia❤ can you considering making a new vlog about what u feed to your hamster from morning to night? a full routines if you dont mind andd so much thankiu for making this hamsters youtube channel. im getting my very first hamster next month and im so nervous as i dont know everything about hammy?

  26. Hey~ just here to pop up and say this to whoever’s reading this. If you’re having a bad day it’s okay. I’m here :D! Think you’re ugly? You’re beautiful just the way you are. Think you’re fat? People come in all different shapes and sizes. Ly! I respond to any replies in case someone needs me.

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