Organic Pest Control – Neem Oil & Castile Soap. Stop Using Poison On Your Food!

Gather all the things you need. Tools you need: Empty 1 gallon container. I used an old vinegar container, a quart jar, a tablespoon, and a sprayer. Also 5 drops of peppermint or rosemary essential oil (Optional), I put some of the water in the jar and the rest in the 1 gallon jug. Add the Neem oil and Castile soap in the jar with some water. If you are using essential oil add it too. Shake the jar vigorously to mix it good. Pour the rest of the water which in the jug into the sprayer, then add the Neem oil mix and start spraying top to bottom. Including under the leaves. If you are using a small spray bottle, just add the Neem oil mix into your 1 gallon jug with the water in it and shake it to mix.. Then pour some of the mix into your spray bottle. This mix will work on any pests that chomps on leaves including flea beetles. I’m soaking the leaves of my eggplants to prevent the flea beetle from killing them. 2 years ago they killed all my eggplants. Last year I had a good harvest because I used this Neem oil and Castile oil mix. I use this on all my veggies and flowers, and on my fruit trees and berries. Let me know if this works for you! Happy gardening! This is Jiex, planting kindness one yard at a time.

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