Open Concept Modern Tiny House with Elevator Bed

blow from Alaska my name is Anna white and together with my husband we build things our latest project is this rustic modern tiny house before we pop inside a couple of exterior elements we've got the cedar channel siding and we've got standing seam metal roofing as the mean siding if you'll notice the way that it's framed header that goes over the real well with the same header over these windows so it made it really easy to frame and it saved some weight and save a lot of lumber to do it that way this tiny house is thick framed on a 24 foot long eight and a half foot wide trailer simple and classy on the outside let's go on in and check out the inside pretty nice in here we have a nice little entryway area and bringing your coats and living in rural Alaska like how to do we don't have a targeting we're nearby so everything pretty much has to be made tight shell entryway shells and a lot of the Sun is from the hardware store these are really cool because you can hang so much on them and I did baskets for just books and little cup hooks or keyrings scrap plywood this is a little knob that I had left over from another project oil supply I love how this turned out quick drop zones put all your stuff away you'll notice there's a shoe bench right away and it also acts as a step into the kitchen but there's a third purpose and we'll get to that in a minute there's also the here for the storage and they're just on casters cuz we live in Alaska all of the plumbing all the tanks everything has to be inside the trailer that's why we have a raised kitchen floor so but there is some extra space in there so what I did is these drawers are only you know about a foot and half deep and then there's all the space in behind that you can put out-of-season gear snowboards suitcases whatever you want to go in the back there the scene is true for that one you slide really nice and then over here is a hatch to access all of the plumbing this pump anything that you need to do to work on the tiny house I think that's really important is not just delivering a great product but delivering something that is easy to work on and the clients going to be happy with and be able to maintain for years to come so moving along into the Titan house I have one big after this tight house and it was you wanted it to feel open and so I worked really hard to find clever ways of accomplishing all the little paths that need to happen at high health while maintaining this wide-open space and just amazing if we're going to create this wide open space you have to have somewhere bit of bed to go so my solution for the bed wedge is to raise it up and I accomplishes for about $500 with off-the-shelf parts from the hardware store just some sliding door hardware and a garage storage lift and I'll show you how it works so there's some pins here and you can set these pins to any height you want by just drilling holes and considered flatten the cable because the bed is not being held up by the garage storage system anymore it's being held up by these pins you can see it's extremely sturdy there's absolutely no wobble a bed is now resting completely on those pins which are bolted into the wall so beds down and these little coffee tables actually works in central you can place them here and then just climb up and hop its bed oh this is amazing the bed in the down position you'll notice it passes right by the TV and the artwork on the wall the client would three things out of defeating he wanted storage he went comfort and he wanted it to turn into a guest bed that was like a huge tall order because every ID I came up with with only two you could get a sleeper sofa there's no storage you can get a futon but there's no store and that's not comfortable um so I has racked my brain living up here in Alaska where you know to help craft store and cushions are really expensive but I finally came up with was to take a full-size foam mattress and then cut it up into pieces to make the cushions and to create this sectional that had storage underneath it and just lift up and there's just lots of storage underneath here and then comes down I'll show you this is just a mattress piece that I cut up with a knife into three pieces and covered it with I took a quilt and I just basically turn the quilt into a fitted sheet to make sense it was like a ten minute sewing project and then to make it into a guest bed we just have to call the pieces back together so you see two pieces here there's a third piece that's missing and I'll show you how that works remember I told you this guy's had a third purpose so it's perfect inside we're the cushion this nice little backrest now we have a full-size real mattress that's very comfortable with all the stores in there Neath it easy to make just throw a sheet on it and keep the pieces together and your guests have a really comfortable place to sleep and we're in boss mode this is not just a great little lounge area where you can watch TV and enjoy the view and entertain it's also could double out the work service so these coffee tables of course you can perform just like regular coffee table where you can serve food on or play game bottom you've seen us use them as a step stool but there's more to it than that they have storage so you can put lots of things inside of them so the cushion on so they can double as lap desk put your laptop here and work you can eat here there's just a lot of options with this I'm going to sit here and you can have it a table on your sofa they're very versatile and they serve a third purpose flip them over and they can become a chair so another challenge with this tiny house is the client wanted a desk a table and some storage and we've achieved the storage here now for the dining and the workspace we really had this open area left this tiny house the first time I've ever had the problem of too much space I really didn't know what to do with it and I certainly didn't want to eat all the space up with a giant table I knew I needed storage so I started with a storage first and we just built this bookshelf right over top of the wheel well and I wanted to kind of hide some of the things in it so I built you farm doors that slide and I just used the pipe from the hardware store flanges and made it up so you can access everything in this shelf and it's hidden so one of the keys to the tiny house is having storage stuff attractive but of course there's more you can take these doors and swing them up on the pipe bar and you can convert it right into a desk then you can take your cocktail with it over and have a chair of course it does even more than that you fell into a really big loss table or to make skinny most the 1.2 – double ups make a tiny table I really love it in this mode because you can have a his-and-her step so the best to the table that just worked out really well and we able to achieve this wide-open space and then see a hundred square feet of just nothing we just stretch out have your friends over to yoga sit at the window and watch the Northern Lights it's just amazing you were able to accomplish that by having so much convertible furniture so this piece here is part of the entryway and it's got some cubbies for sunglasses hats gloves your phone whatever but what was really bothering me and space above it is really hard to access so this is what I came up with so one of the things I've been keeping me up at night in this kitchen is where is the cereal box going to go because we wanted all open covers above the cabinet you know cereal box video and just I came up with you can just pull this cover it out this part of the entryway and the pantry now my client has a place to put a cereal and I can sleep at night so we win we loved how the kitchen turned out it's just got a sink and the client wanted to have a microwave and induction burner so he's going to add those later but there is a washer and dryer combo unit spot in this kitchen let's see if you can figure out where it is we may be upper shelves and I just wanted to keep it really simple you're just won by tens that are painted and then there's a plant shelf on top it's just a really lovely place for plants oh this is just metal angle that we've cut and screwed to the top and the drawers pull out we made the countertops they're really simple just vertical forms laminate contact cement it to the top and then we fought this edge profile that you just glued on really easy fast way to do a countertop that's lightweight and very durable and looks good so there's a big thing here and we've got under the counter fridge here and lots of drawers and the trash goes under here and more drawers and more storage here we had a frame up a wall between the kitchen in the bathroom and I thought why not create a storage center in that wall so this is just one by sixes and it's actually the structure for the wall in its storage is great places little snack I've thought about I can screw in the charge to the shelf so that when you transport the jars never come off but you know that's an option if you're moving the tiny house a lot and then we've got a barn door that we fill on a fly for the bathroom so you could shut the bathroom off pretty easily and there's a little bit more storage in this wall here and another thing is the shower fixtures here so you can remove this panel if you ever need to work on your shower II of an access panel there's no window into the bathroom so in the upper part of the framing we just cut pieces of Plexiglas and put it in there and allow light into the bathroom so we have a water heater it's an easy tankless it was really easy to hook up can't wait to see how it works out and then we have a composting toilet and since the composting toilet was pretty high I made this squatty potty stool that you can use and pull out to be used and put away quite easily so we need somewhere to hang clothes in this tiny house but I was really honest B so I thought what about that we could space in the shower what if we put a closet that was hung on the ceiling on slide and then you can slide the closet over you'll use it just like a regular closet when you're showering it can actually go and somebody commented have this idea to cover the showerhead so if it ever leaked it would come down the shower curtain it would protect your clothes so when the closets in the shower position the showerhead is always protected by the shower curtain so there's much less than the moisture problem and then when you want to shower you can simply unhook it and bring it back over here and the club we can go back to the shower and your bathroom is back to normal with zero base steps pick it up with a closet so that's the bathroom and that's pretty much the entire time house but we still haven't found the laundry how do you guess where it is yet so my least favorite part of any kitchen is the corner because you have that corner space that's pretty much useless and it's very hard to use well just so happens that corner space is exactly the same size as a washer/dryer combo I just try to figure out how to make it work and this is working of it my client only one to do laundry once a week so I put caster wheels on this cabinet [Applause] and there is a spot for the washer/dryer combo here perfectly sized the hookups are underneath the sink and you can still access over here just closet to put your laundry away and pull back in place and you never even know they're in the laundry center recently on your kitchen we love how this tiny house turns out it really has it all there's even a place for your favorite cereal the elevator bed was a huge wind sectional sofa bed lounge area it was so comfortable it has a storage really worked out well the console table was a fold-out table and storage and death back just awesome love how that turned out the kitchen really flows nicely and having a hidden laundry in there in the bathroom with a hidden closet one working one out for and always will be sharing all these project plans with you for free so that you can eat them in your own house or tiny house and we really appreciate all the support and kind comments and encouragement and the ideas that you guys have brought to us and it got a lot coming up in 2017 we're only a month into it so if you are you subscribe and follow us on Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram and I'm at Anna – white comm if you ever want to check out their blog so please share with your friends and let us know what you think of this tiny house in the comments we'll see you later I'll get back to work you you

30 thoughts on “Open Concept Modern Tiny House with Elevator Bed

  1. Hey Ana what about ye! saw your post about the elevator bed there,just a thought, when you convert the cushions into a guest bed, how about using velcro to keep them in place while in bed mode .. it would keep them in place and stop tour clients complaining about the mattress moves while he sleeps lol x LOVE THE ELEVATOR BED IDEA BT THE WAY XX BRILLIANT X

  2. Beautiful, efficient, creative, and thoughtful. Only one practical concern :). When you have a guest you'll usually have to sleep above them, no worries, but how do you get in and out of bed on the top bunk? It's a little high to jump to from the bookshelf and there isn't any handhold near the edge. Maybe a little thin fold-in half ladder that could hide on the end of the shelf and be pulled out and hooked into holes on the edge of the bed, or a ladder that doubles as a rail maybe? Or, there seemed to be a little extra room under the lift, you could just keep a little ladder tucked against the bottom of the lift bed platform. Then just a pair of sliding hooks could adjust to any height and slide into two little holes drilled into the top edge of the platform. Just a thought.

  3. I have watched so much of this tiny house trend and seen people literally building the things they have in regular houses but smaller. Having lived in Asia for a good portion of my life, I've been able to see the ingenuity that goes in to making a small space efficient and multi-purpose.

    This video is by far the most intuitive and innovative utilization of space I have ever seen in a tiny home. I personally would like to use more of the open space than is currently being utilized but love every other small detail about it.

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