98 thoughts on “Only in Texas: Longhorn in Petco

  1. Don't the horns weigh practically nothing on their head? I don't remember where, but I read that somewhere

  2. I hope they didn’t use their pet, solely for this publicity stunt; If you know what I’m implying…..

    (Not trying to create controversy, I’m just cynical…)

  3. Not gonna lie while watching this in a hotel 12 floors up I heard from the street someone singing old town road

  4. I live in Dallas TX and not too long ago I saw a cowboy on a horse and the horse was on a small patch of grass surround by roads and freeway on all 4 sides, it was kind of a sad sight to see

  5. It's bigger; It's badder; Ladies and gentlemen, its…

  6. Only in Texas could Store attendees be so chill and clam when someone walks into their store with a pet longhorn.

  7. "I mean, it seemed like a good idea at the time"
    Detective: Your "pet" impaled someone.
    "well how was i supposed to know he'd do that?"

  8. Up until this point, the biggest animal I had seen in a store was a horse in a Tractor supply company (the have the same sort of policy). A Watusi Steer in a Petco is a new one for me.

  9. clean up on aisle three…a BIG cleanup…as in MASSIVE…truly impressive and without question very much in every respect organic in nature and very fragrant

  10. For the people saying he’s a bull, he’s not. He’s a steer witch means he has be neutered. If he was a bull he wouldn’t be that well behaved.

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