hey I'm Jay from the Cub Scouts welcome back to another episode of bit life you can now have any type of pet that you want in this game they just added like a bunch of different animals we're gonna see which ones we can get in this episode so forget school dang you down with that everybody get ready and buckle up cuz here we go my name is Alvaro Rubio I was born a male in Sevilla Spain I was conceived on a trampoline wow that must have been fun glad my parents had fun your parents want to buy you and your little brother a pet dog named Lila it's very healthy it's happy it's smart and it's not crazy yes I want it right parents brought home a dog named liya for you and your little brother cool so now I have a dog already I'm 2 years old with a dog boxer liya is drinking your grape soda from your glass what will you do do nothing train her not to do that yell at her okay obviously we gotta train her even though we're a young kid you worked with your boxer liya on her behavior it was pretty effective you have been diagnosed with epilepsy alright you are no longer suffering from epilepsy alright that was short-lived why was that so random your boxer lights out at the age of 11 come on man why are you gonna break my heart so early in the game she was laid to rest after passing from natural causes geez you are being bullied at school for having a funny accent what will you do do nothing about it a soul him or report him to my teacher no one makes fun of my accents you assaulted the bully you banged his coccyx you bashed his stomach awesome that's what I'm talking about should we go to an animal shelter a cat breeder a dog breeder or a pet store let's go to animal shelter Evelynn seven year old dog Nora rosy Sonic Shari Jesus okay a rabbit named Jesus hold on adopt Jesus the rabbit for twelve dollars I don't have enough money I'm broke as a joke okay hold up we got to ask our men man and I pat pat for money ask it for money he gave me $67 to buy you mama some of that money fifty nine okay now we can get that pet rabbit name Jesus application to adopt Jesus the rabbit has been rejected by the animal shelter reason age I'm young but I'm ready baby wait I didn't even realize that was 16 I graduated high school and the American in me was like okay I'm 18 going to college at 19 but no I'm 16 can I buy a pit let me buy this rabbit you are another owner of a baby rabbit named serenity I don't even know why I bought a rabbit I don't even like rabbits let me get another animal guys let me go to a cat breeder and let's see who I can get said Athena that's a cool last name bye said Athena the cat purr mm no you got me messed up that cat better be licking my balls if I buy it you just found your rabbit serenity chewing on your couch what will you do his serenity rabbit is a bitch I'm gonna yell at her you reprimanded your rabbit serenity the effectiveness was nothing of course because rabbits don't even care if you yell at them wait a minute why does it say exotic pet dealer the exotic pet dealer has a cat named auro available for 961 what yo is that a lion is that a cheeto Oh it says type Wildcat I can't buy you I need to have like a lot of money but this guy's sucks I know there was a job called porn janitor or something or like I'm just cleaning up all the Jews from the sets how about just a regular janitor here yes welcome to Commonwealth services so I'm just your everyday generic janitor one day I'm gonna apply for a nursing job but I didn't see anyone I was looking so let's just keep aging up and let's make some money your rabbit serenity died at the age of seven no she slipped away in her sleep after living an extraordinary life you know what I'm glad she's gone she was chewing on my torso chewing on my couch she was probably gonna chew on my saggy balls next we have $3,000 though you know we're gonna do we're gonna go to that guy we're gonna get an exotic pets let's see what he has for us the exotic pet dealer has a cat named Mariah available for 602 dollars the cat is actually really crazy but you know what we're gonna take our chance and you are now the owner of a cat named Mariah can we call her Mariah scary I'm gonna call her Mariah scary I don't even care let's spend some time with Mariah scary you watched a movie with your cat Mariah scary hold on let me give my cat a bath you gave your cat Mariah scary a bath her appreciation was not that good it's in the orange it's not in the red but it's in the orange I'm kind of scared Mariah scary it might be chomping on me soon your little brother Gonzalo has asked you to take him to play golf will you take him why can't you take yourself okay I guess I'll take you I'll add a cricket match you meet a lady named Carlotta Segovia she's age 30 she's a hairdresser at eternal salon and spa she's awfully googly-eyes she's broke as a joke oh ma you got me messed up why would I want to be with you I'm already a janitor why would I want a double whammy and get somebody who's ugly and broke too you know guys it's time to get another pets I want to get another exotics head that's pretty cool the exotic pet dealer has a coyote named Tara available for 1734 14 years old I guess I could buy her and then we're gonna keep the name taro you meet your quarterly goal so your boss offers you shots of bourbon will you take it make it two who are now addicted to alcohol okay apparently you get addicted to alcohol after two shots of bourbon this guy got the weakest willpower that I've ever seen he's addicted to drinking bourbon after literally two shots what a freakin speaking of let me hang out with Mariah let me give her a bath you gave her cat Mariah's scary a bath okay she like that a little bit let me actually spend some time you used a laser pointer to play with your cat Mariah man I like this guy already he's playing with this cat let's play with our coyote you know spend time with him you played frisbee with your coyote bro how we gonna play frisbee with a wild coyote like this man got problems let me take my old-ass coyote to the vet take your coyote tarah to the local vet today the vet has determined that your coyote tarah is not currently suffering from any conditions okay I paid 1,300 for that the exotic pet dealer has the macaw named Kiko available for 2833 you know what we're gonna do guys we're just gonna get every exotic pet that we can so we're gonna buy Coco and while you are trying to feed your macaw Kiko he suddenly bites her hand what will you do train him not to do that you worked with your macaw Kiko on his behavior and it's in the red because he's a little bitch know your macaw Kiko attacked you he bit your heel dude this sucks your cat Mariah scary done at the age of 17 she died from complications associated with feline leukemia my coyote got a she was killed after sustaining serious injuries in a street fight with another dog the exotic pet dealer has a coyote named Piper available for 1800 okay I'm gonna buy you keep the name and I just want to keep buying new pets you come home to discover that your coyote Piper ain't your pet macaque eco what will you do well Keiko sucked big fat balls anyway so I'm gonna be nothing your macaque ego died at the age of 28 he was eaten by a dog it was a dog oh yeah I mean coyote I guess that's funny though it could have just said it was eaten by your other pet coyote well Piper did its thing and I can't really be mad at that we're gonna look for more pets the exotic pet dealer has a cat named Anakin yeah we're not gonna get that we're just gonna age up our coyote is like kinda messed up though while playing with your coyote Piper she clawed your finger what will you do I am going to yell at her you reprimanded your coyote Piper Piper's a bitch oh here we go guys the exotic pet dealer has a leopard named Marcus available for eight thousand six hundred and thirty-eight it's a leopard and it's 19 years old oh my god that's crazy the exotic pet dealer has a black panther named Tyson available for $19,000 honey you're another owner of a cub named Tyson bro hold up we have a black panther named Tyson I'm so sick okay hold on let's spend some time miss Pitt update I thought it was gonna be wack but this is actually legit like having a panther and a leopard and a coyote and all that stuff this is badass like I'm curious about what this guy's gonna do he's 3 a.m. and you just woke up to your Black Panther Mike Tyson grunting what will you do oh okay I'm gonna do nothing please don't kill me you have been diagnosed with cancer of the mouth what I died he's out of the age of 48 you died from complications associated with cancer of the mellah okay this time my name is Madison strange I was born a female in Jacksonville United States I was an accident after my mother got sloppy with her birth control okay so momma got nice and sloppy repairs want to buy you and your twin sister a pet dog named patata it's age three and it's a Great Dane I'm only gonna get the dog because it's named patata your parents brought home a dog named patata for you and your twin sister just say the name patata Great Dane patata is drinking your water from your glass what will you do I'm not gonna do anything because patata can do whatever she wants a great day but that dog just tried eating a hot dog right out of your hand what will you do who's not training this dog I'm just a little kid why do I have to worry about this Great Dane train her not to do that you work with your Great Dane patata on her behavior thank you for socks out Jesus and now patatas dead I trained her not to eat the hot dog and now patacas day oh my god a one-year-old Bobcat I'm getting that I'm getting that all day and yeah guys it doesn't even say that I have to feed them I can bathe them release them sell them spend time bet or walk I'm gonna bathe my cat and then I'm gonna spend time with my cat you listen to hip-hop music with your cat Persia okay raising her to some good music I dig it the exotic pet dealer has a Jaguar named Jackson available for 10,000 I'm also gonna get that too and we're just gonna keep him Jackson we're just gonna keep his name Jackson let's look again and currently out of stock how did I die you died at the age of 37 you died from complication with tuberculosis you I don't even know I had tuberculosis I assumed that one of my animals killed me but I frickin died from tuberculosis okay so now I'm some random guy that you guys don't need to worry about what matters is that we are gonna get more exotic pets I'm actually gonna get this ball constrict their name nor available for 196 h16 whatever I'm the owner of a boa constrictor that's all that matters I don't even like snakes like snakes are super scary can I do anything with the snake you played with your boa constrictor play with my boa constrictor every night I'm playing an oboe okay straight there I got a can of worms you know speed I can worm there is a boa constrictor named noodles available for 137 so we are the owner of noodles noodles and noodles so we have a boa constrictor name Noir and a boa constrictor name noodles we're going to spend time with noodles I went camping with my boa constrictor okay and then I played with it too in my tent oh so dull what's going on me come on no more pets no more pets for me is it cuz I'm cracking these jokes it's probably cuz I'm cracking these jokes the exotic pet dealer has a Siberian tiger named whiskers available for 38,000 okay this is what I'm talking about guys we are going to buy her you are now the owner of a Siberian tiger named whiskers holy crap whiskers we gotta be on good terms I feel like whiskers my evening I really do spend some time you listen to opera music with your Siberian tiger whiskers and let's also take whiskers out for a walk you take your Siberian tiger whiskers on a walk to a nearby bar she enjoyed it more than me what the heck whiskers now my sad berry and Tiger whiskers died at the age of eight she died from complications associated with cancer the exotic pet dealer has a mountain lion named shredder available for 27000 okay it's only four years old so I'll buy shredder your mountain lion shredder died at the age of nine she died of starvation I'm over it I'm over it your cat buns died at the age of seven why does everything that I love die okay guys I'm trying this one more time because I just want to get a couple more exotic pets and there's this Bengal tiger named scar that's super crazy we are gonna buy him and then we're gonna see what happens because I want something crazy to happen with one of these pens and now there's another Bengal tiger named Kayla this time it's only one years old so we are gonna hang out with our new tiger Kayla your Bengal tiger kayla is trying to call you when you try to open her cage what will you do do nothing trading her not to do that yell at her you yelled at your Bengal tiger Kayla and the effectiveness was in the red I'm pretty sure that we're gonna die soon and we got it again your Bengal tiger Kayla is trying to call you when you try to open her cage what will you do train her not to do that you worked with your Bengal tiger Kayla on her behavior and it kind of worked I think and your Bengal tiger Kayla died at the age of six she died of starvation probably because she tried to claw me every single time I try to open the cage so I could never put food in there alright guys well that's gonna do it for this episode of bit life you can now get pets of all different breeds you guys saw how many different dogs and cats you can get but there was also an exotic animals section that I personally want to try but if you guys enjoyed this episode of bit life and want more of this in the future make sure you guys give this video one big fat like and tell a friend today that J from the Cub Scouts is dead


  1. jay, please do the generation challenge!

    1. start a random life
    2. get married and have as many children as you want
    3. set your will to be to your youngest or eldest child
    4. when the child you leave your will to starts high school or ends high school , surrender your life
    5. when you die, continue as the child you left your money to
    6. repeat and see how many generations you can do in one video!

    my record is 89 generations, but i continued for a day, so let’s see how many generations you can do!

  2. To be fair, you're in Spain, and in the Spanish language Jesus is a common name, but the J is silent. Kinda like José.

    Also, Maria is only pronounced like that with an h at the end, that name is pronounced like Marie, but with an a at the end. I could be wrong about that, tho

  3. I have challenge for you
    "Worst life challenge"
    Rules are:
    -You need to drop out of school as soon as posible
    -If you have disease,don't heal it
    -Get girl in 50 age
    -Each year you must atleast twice cheat on your girlfriend
    -Whenever you be ofdered drugs,alcohol or cigaretes you must acept it
    -If you get request to solve bully problem refuse it
    -No college,get job at 36 years old
    -You MUST kill your sister,brother (if you have any)when you get 18
    -You can't get any pets
    -If you get in prison just pick least expensive advocat
    -Have "gender changement" at 20
    -Be in worst realtionship with ypir mom as posible

  4. The Michael Jackson Challenge

    1. You must die of drug overdose

    2. You must have 3 kids one at 38 one at 39 and one at 43

    3. You must become famous

    4. Have a net worth of 20 million by the time you die

    5. You must get at least 2 plastic surgery’s

    And that’s all I can think of plz do it plz this took days of planning

  5. Jay I have one I think might be cool
    The Act Challenge (Dee Dee edition)
    1. You must marry and have a DAUGHTER. Only one daughter. Name her Gypsy Rose. If it’s a son, put him up for adoption. He useless.
    2. You have to do activities with your daughter as often as possible. Must keep her relationship with you the only relationship she has.
    3. You will make her drop out of school immediately and “homeschool” her.
    4. Every year until she’s twenty, you will have one random outbreak and do something crazy to her. Assault, insult, etc
    5. Your ultimate goal as the mother is to keep your daughter yours and yours only. Don’t let her go to school, college, or get a boyfriend. The challenge is complete whenever your daughter dies.
    Good luck

  6. Challenge
    1. Get a date at age of 12-15
    2. Proposed at 18-20
    3. Have 20 kids
    4. Drop out of hight school
    5. At least your 10 of your kids must be same gender as you if failed to do so cheat on your wife or kill her
    6.have a 5 pets
    7. Age 30-34 cheat on your wife
    8. Get married age (age 35 -36)
    9.have other 20 kids failed to do so cheat on your wife or kill her
    10. Be famous and on social media
    11. Have over 20000 follower on social media
    12. Buy over 5 houses and cars
    Like this comment

  7. To make something clear, in Spain you graduate of high school at 16,and there's something in the middle that prepares you for the college.

  8. Sarafina is actually a South African film which describes and shows how the country went through apartheid and rn at my school we doing a play of sarafina which im involved in

  9. I have a challenge for you and I called it the rival challenge.
    1. Make custom people and name them all of yandere chan's rivals and a boy for yandere chan's senpai
    2. Kill all of Yandere chans rivals and try to kill them in different ways.
    3. If you kill all of the rivals let yandere chan hook up with her senpai and if senpai rejects you have to start over.
    (p.s if you get caught in the prison you get arrested you have to start over also if you do anything bad or something that let senpai to break up with you that's a start over as well)

  10. Hey jay! Just trying to say if you don’t want your animals to die so fast in BitLife for sickness. You should take them to the vet every year. But then after give them a treat or take them on a walk.

  11. I have a challenge!
    (I don’t know if u did this yet)

    All I have to do is die as fast as possible

  12. Dude
    They all die from Starvation because you don’t have enough money to feed them. You are in the negatives

  13. Ah yes, we love constant misogynistic jokes. And jokes about alcohol addiction, which is a serious disease.

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