Only at Christmas Time – COMPLETE Warrior Cats MAP

(instrumental) Only to bring you peace
Only at Christmas time Only the King of Kings
Only what once was mine It takes the end of time
It takes a long, long time Only one thought of mine
Only at Christmas time He brings us peace, he brings us joy
He brings all thoughts to destroy
(only at Christmas time) To bring us peace, to bring us joy
To bring all thoughts to destroy
(only at Christmas time) (instrumental) Only at Christmas time
Only a tree to climb Only at Christmas time
If you can read the sign Only at Christmas time
Everything lost will find Only at Christmas time
Only at Christmas time (instrumental)

100 thoughts on “Only at Christmas Time – COMPLETE Warrior Cats MAP

  1. Yall this is so fricken beautiful. An absolutely breathtaking MAP! Each part flows well together, and seeing everyone's hard work pay off gave me warm fuzzies. Yall have a happy new year!

  2. This is.. a masterpiece. It’s simple, but every single part has such depth and emotion in it. It’s phenomenal how lovely and gorgeous this MAP is, everyone did so well!

  3. This is one of my favourite warrior maps ever. I like the mood and how clear every scene is about what scene it is from the books. I'm a pretty new reader so it's often hard for me to realize what scenes are going on, comparibg back to the books

  4. Everyone parts looks absolutely gorgeous ! animators did such an amazing and impressive work , this map have a very great ambiance !! Merry Christmas to everybody and let’s watch this beautiful stuff <3

  5. Oh my god everybody’s parts turned out so gorgeous!! This map is just amazing, and definitely one of my favorites now. Wonderful job to everyone involved and merry Christmas!!

  6. It turned out so good!! I loved the endinf transition back to Rusty, very sweet touch. I really enjoyed it! Merry Chrisler everyone 😀

  7. Okay let me wipe my tears of the screen gjfnt-


  8. Aw, wow. This was such a good map. It made me tear up a little too, especially at uh, well every part. Thanks for hosting, and thanks to all the animators for creating such a masterpiece!

  9. As someone who hasn't really read any book about the series and knows everything she knows because of youtube, i nEVER KNEW HOLLYLEAF HELPED A FOX CUB??? LIKE WHEN DID IT HAPPEN OH MY GOD MY HEART

  10. What a beautiful map! Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you Ursiday and the participants for creating this masterpiece!

  11. Aaaahhh I've been looking forward to this MAP ever sense I saw the first nap part from a fellow YouTuber and aaaahhh!!! I love you everyone did such a good job(≧▽≦)

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