Online Predator Caught while grooming & messaging by Shane Brannigan

you yes Joe if you've been chatting – online – in 2013 yes – in 2013 today's know what your 'i'm not in trouble you don't want me to – why don't you want me to tell you why because that's quite a bit like it's promised eleven thousand so I don't have to listen it's gonna like know the place under one eye quite fine this is a for everything collapses you why are you not disclosing because I think there's pre fortunately dude don't act oh so you're getting involved and going children are involved and you're a little through the job Centro telling you not to do that who's supervising you listen my own supervisor you so wait till Kevin comes sorry about this man no Kevin cue it who's that it's my policeman is they yes yeah well you'll please matter lease are up and come well we could give more I find back onto older child looks disgusting individual there's no curing people out you there's no curing people like you had a chance money now my waste on you you're scum and I can I've police please – no no you stay you stay where you are tell them go to load and buy round the back 686 of the shopping centre you need to come round it needs to come round the back and up the young yes I'm here now with a guy by the name of Mark barber he's a convicted pedophile the conflicted online groomer a circus sentence he was given a sentence in 2013/2014 I understand that he's supposed to be being watched by his matter officer but he clearly hasn't be would he be with the roommates or maybe knew it he's been grooming who he believes to be children online tell them to do six explicit stuff to themselves I'm showing a minute I'll show you in a minute because I just talked about Kevin yes he was talking about it he was grooming kids online my name's Shane Brannigan child protection you fall sir Thank You Farhana yep why did you carry on doing it after he was given the second choice you know this this man should be on the streets he's supposed to be getting supervised and he's clearly not this is an ikat matter fella can you get someone from all ICAP to deal with all right excuse me sir excuse me sir this is an ikat matter or deal with these ikat matters every other day every other week all right your previous pictures show you this filthy animal you filthy animal why would you find out acceptable to do that no didn't think you would know this is done till who comes in to heaven cubic my Mac office again comedy you're going to go back of a wagon to the police station you skipping your map up that's what you're doing place fucking stop right let me show you we're not go for all these hundreds of messages of people saying hi showing right let me show you some of these it's funny how oh there's all these dick pics isn't it it's not you you claim no idea no so it's nothing but they messages in a sign that you were in a young girl's bedroom eleven-year-old and you said you're going to come in her panties shown picture of his house so this is you telling me do your neighbor's house you shouldn't be anywhere near children's stop in your mind from work it's alright your fosters a rock they're not working this is all yo why their photos of you being you stupid a wise their fathers of the work been let me see I'll ask your boss for me about the focus to work then I'll see what's a rental van in eight years fucking you ain't taking these pictures because you ain't fucking my token side of it that's me now do I know I'd tighten these pictures okay what would do you know you have way around this don't we try to tell you around this you can try as long as artists you like and for as long as you like to try and get my over me you won't you won't do it fella you know at the prison you're a sex case she's a police police are on the way you only talk to him didn't you he's got Topsy with me you don't build got Topsy with me ask me not the calling fella I'll call it called my camp let's try this filthy little sex guys following this number this you're fine gonna ring it's the question you ain't got many nights of yeah huh I'm waiting to the plane to the place get here why can't I copy this number will ring your phone the police need to re-up cause I've got to go and see someone else in a minute why didn't you learn from your previous mistakes how much integration back and society did you get none because the system cares about people like you but people the system cares about people like you they say they're watching you and they're not your matter officer spoke to you of course wise now remember no doubt you did no don't you did seeing this today but what does that mean look through my phone mate there's nothing on it no no what have you deleted here we got another phone no what so out that people know your phone number Ella he's looking at the moment about what it's been email sent from more pinched stuff so yeah what is it emails been sent from yours yeah he's a link isn't news that's up shaggy see is that your phone Union you're in trouble in yeah where are these that turn the office open now you

15 thoughts on “Online Predator Caught while grooming & messaging by Shane Brannigan

  1. Thumbs up guys for all your graft catching these dirty pervs and your bang on, theirs no fucking cure for these cunts, they will continue re offending over an over agin.

  2. Good old British justice at work again. The judiciary system and the government looking after their own their fellow nonces.

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