One Day Old Yorkie Puppies!

these are our one day old puppy and Miss Mingo they're drinking milk and you can see they made a mess but there are blonde last night and my dad is going in the background here's your trouble getting the placentas outside to pull each one out for her aren't you trying to expel them but yeah that's it yes I must show you some of them each one has a different bottom so this is number four cheer for puppies three this one has a v-shaped like spot this one has a y-shaped I mean spot this is number two she's like a w-shaped kind of wet spot that's girl number one and number three have white paws we don't know how they got the white is there paper you are cheese and cheese dark colored one maybe down there family yeah they are devour

7 thoughts on “One Day Old Yorkie Puppies!

  1. Interesting username you have there. Congrats on your yorkie's pregnancy! Birth is not hard at all unless your dog has complications called dystocia. Mango's birth was very easy labor started in the morning but hard labor(when she starts pushing) started around 6 pm and ended around 11 pm because she had four puppies. The only problem was the placentas. They just wouldn't come out on their own so I had to help her take them out when she was pushing them out. You might want to google a picture…

  2. was birth hard because my Yorkie is giving birth soon her due date is June 16. nice puppies i cant wait when my give birth

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