50 chance of getting anything and
everything because it’s either you get it or you don’t (gasp) Intro yeet Hey guys Its Orionplays welcome to the video today we are gonna see some very lucky people! Hatch secret pets on camera Lol He got scammed by starfamTV f in comments Sad How Its fake pic soz lol just realised so yeah your wondering why in captions cause im bored alright what’s next you hatching robot is whats next ;-; How legendary octopus omg so rare Bruh hoowwww you Pls how a skit I just came back to check on my
inventory and what um since when do we have the basket what’s a pillow TV what okay yeah this is fun how you react I
know hey just like my brain is a real loading loading in answer to this one bunny whoa whoa look at that silence
lies has just hatched a legendary pot of gold that is awesome Wow good job I
think he’s a little bit shocked you’ve got my heart or graduations everyone shot apparently that’s a very
super big as well is another secret pet so
that’s two secret pets in this area which is pretty amazing actually because
usually there’s one two one pretty wait why why are we talking about
all this well last night I went to dump my inventory for the last time before I
laid down and voila we have the infamous dog cat well here we go let’s go and
equip it let’s go ahead turn on to pet so you can actually see it and there he
is hello mr. dog cat UM IM SCARED so after three days of grinding a huge
amount of eggs I think this one in total OwO Alvin and the chimpmunks


  1. Guys imagine if a guy went to the void for his first time and opens his first EVER nightmare egg and hatches OG Over like bruh if that ever happens to somone ima be rly salty lmao

  2. Anybudy who has a Beta tv Maybe i can offer one because its 250 % i Will do Shiny diamond tamer 250% and choco bunny 30% with valentium 30% so 60% win for u, my user is Animalgamer18
    My dream is to get a beta tv, like and react If u want to do that or have a beta tv cus else i Will do an other offer

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