today I check out the pet ranch simulator update and I unlock a pet that I never thought I would hatch watch to the end to find out what it is and how I got it fifty-two point sixty eight trillion coins while you were away Wow I must have that's been gone a pretty long time that's that's a lot of money you are buy an additional fifty two trillion for 30 robux to spend money on money yes yes we're back in pet ranch simulator because there's apparently another update and i honestly really always liked this game what is that a spider what is that oh it's a shiny squid oh it's my pet for some reason you scared me there shiny squid I thought you or an orange spider today we're gonna check out this new update it's apparently for 50 million visits so you got something going on and if you don't remember this game you basically you know it has pet simulator aspects you also just have a ranch of pets and it's like kind of dope it's kind of like Pokemon in a way but you can see them and like I have a slime ball right there I got like a fairy right here and I got another slime there's a lot of cool aspects to this game plus there's a brand new update and I don't even know what the last update was oh my gosh this area is so crowded with eggs why did you start making new areas for eggs bro I almost can't even I came a walking here feel like I'm walking through the mall there's so many people trying to sell me things I don't want anything you're selling actually yes I do because today we're gonna be getting the rarest pet ever we're gonna do our best I'm gonna open tons of the best new egg which I don't even know what it is yet we're gonna check it out so if you guys are exciting you think I can do this your boy Russo plays I need you to smash that like button right 10,000 likes for the rarest French pet and pet ranch simulator ranch super consider to the channel you haven't subscribed yet let me just show you something insane seriously if you guys are new and you haven't subscribed I'm mad I might shout sometimes I might be annoying but all I need you to do is subscribe today alright just pretend I'm not annoying for one day and hit that subscribe button we're literally gonna hit this either today or tomorrow I think judging by our how we're growing it's gonna be it's probably gonna be tomorrow so nine hundred thousands of drivers I can't even believe it and then the next goal is 1 million we're gonna hit it by the end of the summer at this rate so thank you guys so much GG now let's get into today's episode so you guys see all these normal coin eggs right here there's uh I don't think they they do have tears so to your 4 to your 5 is your 60 or seven to your eight and then is this a tier 9 tier 1 or eyes oh snap so yeah I'm a little bit behind I didn't even know they had auras in this game so there's auras which we gotta check out and there's also the tier 8 which i think is the highest tier coin egg and then there's another rebirth egg I believe which is this one right here the ultimate rebirth thing I haven't even opened that I don't think I opened this one yeah rebirth auras I have not even opened that oh the ORS are the gifts so the present ones are the auras and then this is the ultimate rebirth egg so we got to check these out right now we're gonna start by doing the coin one because I think we have how much is it open it's like wait that's the aura one this is the one that I'm talking about it's 3.5 billion we have plenty to open this we have one sixty six trillion my headphones just got on blood yes since I'm a little bit behind in this game I am gonna be going over some of the updates that I missed but we're gonna check out the new update which includes the code 50m pet Oh looks like that in this code right here 50m hat go yes we got the albatross King the bro type in that code you get a 50m pet we also got a two times coin event a 50m albatross God pet get using gift button wait what reach 50 rivers to get them no way wait fifty mil albatross god so what did we just get from the code we just got the Albatross head so we got a 50 mil albatross pet but we did not get the god one you can get the god one if you get 50 Reapers yo I'm gonna try to do that for sure I don't know where the albatross one is I don't know if it's like a really bad pad really good pet don't know where it is but we got it somewhere in here then they added a few other things but the main thing is this albatross god pet so yall already know that's what we got to be working towards how do you Reaper so I have wait for Y 490 I have 490 rebirths wait does that mean I can get this that means I can get this okay ah get that's all it took I already had enough Reapers bro I didn't even know okay well I guess I got the 50m albatross God so let's check this bad boy out of Yahoo already I I did not think we had enough but look at us we do so let's upgrade this thing a bunch oh wow it's already my second best pet I mean I have three the light serpents which are just insanely good but I don't know if this will actually get better than those if I upgrade it all the way yeah I don't think it will it's gonna be really close though you look at that so it's upgraded max level it's at seven hundred forty thousand which is really really good because I think this is max level yeah that's max level so light serpent is my best pet by far but that one is a close second well I mean technically like forth cuz I have three but anyway you get what I'm talking about but we still have to get some of these new rebirth eggs and the tier 8 so we'll check those out for sure but first I'm trying to figure out what the best pet in the game is do they have anything new in the shop the rainbow songbird that's a new one 120,000 at base level but it's not better than the light serpent this is still the best one in the game guys so they have pets game passes I'm not sure if there's any new game passes I don't even know how many game passes of these I have do we have the lucky okay I already are the lucky that's a good idea two times rebirth that's a good idea to have then they multipliers and coins that you can purchase and then they have auras you could buy these for roebucks the night sky or ah but what we're going all out we're going all out we're buying the night sky aura I know you can buy them without roebucks but I just want to test one out because I don't even know what they do I'm behind in this game I don't even know what I'm doing so here's my auras category I go here equip and then you just put the aura on a pet oh okay wow that's what it does it completely multiplied bro are you kidding it completely multiplies the power of your pet so if I give it to my 50m albatross god that makes him 1.6 million power or coin collection and that's literally my highest by far but the thing is if I take that aura off bro check this out if I put this on another if I put this on one of my light serpents oh snap about to be good what bro 2.6 million cooling that is just unheard of bro I do want to make a shiny so bad home would I only need five to make a shiny I might make a shiny stay tuned to the end of this video I may make a shiny don't forget to Like and subscribe let me know the best pet that you guys have and the best aura I'm gonna keep it on the light sir bird for now but dude I did not know that's what auras do that is freaking sick so I only have 31 rebirth tokens I'm gonna have to rebirth a lot more if I'm gonna want to get this ultimate rebirth egg but for now before I rebirth I'm gonna go ahead and buy some of these auras and see this is only tier 1 so let's see what we get out of the tier 1 let's see what kind of multipliers we got a sparkle this is a comment let's just see what it's like because this is the robox what I got it's a premium oh yeah they barely multiply 1.1 that ain't nothing bro I'm wondering how good the question mark ones are but those are kind of rare so I mean I don't know how often they get that let me go ahead and buy some of these tier eights and see what we get out of this ped egg we got a direwolf let's go I don't I don't know what these are again I I'm you know I haven't played this game in a while but let me know the rarest pen you guys have on the comments and below and did you get the 50m albatross god that thing is freaking legendary literally so we're getting a lot of the commons we're not having that much luck we've got moon bear I will take it wait that's an epic oh it's the 20% epic there's a 3% epic that we could get and then there's these really insanely rare ones that I'm probably never gonna get wow we've got the thieving crows that's the one that was talking about okay I'll take that let's see how good that one is compared to my other pets oh it's not that good yeah I mean it's not bad it's definitely not bad but it's not like insanely good its base stats is almost better than these and these aren't leveled up but it's not better than the the shiny fairy and it's not better than the Ice Phoenix actually this one's fully upgraded so but now I have no space oh snap I have no space I'm gonna have to delete a lot of pets that's gonna be quite difficult I'm just gonna lock my few best pets and then what I'm gonna do is probably just delete a ball dude I'm just gonna go for it I'm gonna Yolo it cuz none of these pets are really that crucial I'm gonna lock this because it's a new one i'ma lock all of these can I make a shiny I almost can make a shiny Leviathan really close alright yeah let me just lock all these and then I'm gonna destroy all my pets or I mean get rid of them and I guess destroy some of these are limited I kinda wanna keep the limited so let's keep that limited yeah I don't know man I'm not gonna have much of these pets anymore but I just gotta get rid of them I am sorry guys I'm sorry to destroy you but I have to do it alright so now that those are all locked let's just do it oh wait we can't delete all okay delete all unlocked yes oh my gosh it's gonna delete all these guys I'm scared I don't want it to delete all these but you know it's just gonna go for it so delete deleted 611 pets that's a lot but you know I had to do it okay so now that I have a room in my inventory I'm gonna open a few more of these eggs see what we can get if we could potentially get lucky because we do the lucky game pass and then we're gonna move on to the ultimate rebirth egg to do that we're gonna have to get more rebirths but that shouldn't be hard for somebody as elite as me I gotta let me know in the comments what you guys got cuz I'm trying to catch up in this game honestly I didn't think many people were playing this game anymore there's 5,000 playing it right now and I missed this game I had no reason to stop playing it I just didn't think anybody wanted to see it so if you guys want to see some more vids on it don't forget to hit that like button and let me know in the comments how you're feeling we've been getting almost a thousand comments every single video almost 10,000 likes every video it is mind-blowing with the support it's not about the numbers it's just about that actual interaction there's humans watching my videos and enjoying them so thank you so much in the meantime if you're getting some roebucks on desktop don't forget to use code Russo plays at check out when you're getting some roebucks John said this guy Sasuke Naruto one he's a huge fan II said so thank you so much bro and I love Naruto as well and now I'm gonna do some rebirths so let's go ahead and start rebirthing we're gonna go ahead and uh how do I forget okay we'll go to rebirth oh yeah you have to 1000 riemer's what wait okay rebirth will make you lose your progress so here we go we can spend three hundred eighty eight trillion coins on three hundred rebirths in order to do this one we need five hundred so once I get five once I get ten more rebirths I can start doing the plus 600 so this is the one we're about to purchase okay I need to get more coins though so I might have to buy the coins yeah look at this oh that's a lot of robots I don't really want to spend all that right now dude do I have all my pets equipped this guy this guy's not equipped this guy's not equipped let me equip all these guys and see how it goes oh man that's really not that much like I have a hundred 70 trillion and I could buy the 150 rebirths but I don't want to spend this much roebucks I'm gonna do it I want to do it just cuz I feel like it's gonna be the better bargain because now we can buy 300 Reavers dang it we're not there yet now we can buy the 300 Reapers so let's go ahead and hit that BAM oh my gosh so now we can buy the 600 Reapers and then once I get 800 total rebirths I can then start buying plus 1000 which look how oh my gosh look how many coins it gives me that gives me so many coins I let's equip these bad boys oh my gosh this 2 million light serpent is ridiculous it's literally better than to light serpents that's crazy wrong so I can only quit for pets for now but they make me so much money that it doesn't even matter so I'm gonna let them stack up some money and then we're gonna go ahead and rebirth report oh I forgot about these portals they did have a lot to this game honestly this game this gave his dope even though it's really really simple I wish there was a simulator out that had pets that had a cool little aspect of like unlock ability but it also had like things to do and like a reason it's kind of like go sim I really like the wait ghost simulator came out and I hope more simulators come out there they're kind of like that but yo where's my where's my really good light serpent these are all amazing but this is it right here this is my guy he's freaking 2-million bro this guy is shining he's crazy wait he's he the only one shining he is he's the only one shining like a shiny oats cuz he has an aura for all this or I made that PES so dang strong now we're at a trillion coins already so I think what we're gonna do is rebirth more how much do I have okay I have 1.2 trillion but I need a lot more I'm just gonna buy the 50 rebirths the reason I did that I could have like saved up more the reason I did that is because now I can buy the plus 1000 so current rebirths what am i at right now current rebirth 840 dude we multiply that by crazy by crazy that's what I just said by crazy okay like and subscribe for more grammatically correct sentences so we really don't have that many rebirth tokens but we can buy a lot of these new pet eggs this new aura so these are really good auras I'm gonna go ahead and buy three I just want to see what it gives me because if these compared to the roebucks ones then I don't really need to spend a roebucks on auras but if it doesn't those are pretty good I can't lie those are pretty good let's check this out 1.8 oh wow those are not bad those are really really good it's gonna make my god yep it makes the Albatross god over 1.1 million and that's what I'm gonna keep it out right now I'm gonna give more ores in a second but I really want to focus on these pets because that's what you guys have been waiting for this is the newest pet I'm pretty sure the newest ped egg so now that uh now that I'm kind of caught up in this game let's see what we get out of this we got basilisk okay I'll take it bro we got three of them for some reason I will take three I'll take three basilisks I leave it what bro we just got the wisp it's the legendary okay it's still it's six percent so it's not that rare but yo I will take a legendary any day and it's so good its 400,000 base level that's crazy okay we need to equip these pets in my ranch so that they start generating money cuz I forgot I was not getting money right now so let's go ahead and put these all equipped oh I can't equip anymore but there the wisp is so clean Roy looks so sick let's start upgrading we're not gonna be able to upgrade it all the way but look how good it gets with the upgrades oh my gosh bro there it is I think I actually might be able to max max upgrade right here there we go it almost gets to a million with the upgrades so not no ores on it or anything it's at almost a million and then if we put this aura on this radiant or that we just got BAM put this bad boy on radiance or I equip look at this thing 1.5 million it becomes my third best so if that's how good the legendary is it's a 6% rarity if that's how good the legendary is this mythic is probably same so I'm gonna go ahead and do a ton of opening off-camera see if we could potentially potentially get lucky and I'll let you guys know what we got let me know if you guys ended up getting this mythic down below in the comments wow that girl is really tall and I'm gonna keep opening and I'll update you guys hopefully I can get this thing wait what is that oh my god 1% dude are you serious that's the 1% if I just got the 1% I might have some luck with this mythic okay I am gonna buy some more this is the base level duality so if I upgrade this all the way this is gonna be this actually might be my best pad this might be my best pet if I put a better aura on it oh my gosh it's at 1.2 million already it's not even fully maxed out level 50 it's at 1.3 million that's the duality legendary if I put a good aura on this thing to fight here let me take this aura off so so the the light serpent with the night-sky aura is at 2.6 let's take this off then let's put it on duality and check it out three million that's my strongest pet so far the legendary the 1% all right I'm gonna open some more we'll see if we can get even luckier but that's not bad I'm not gonna lie party guys so unfortunately I was not able to close out and getting the mythic pet but look what I got every single pet besides it I got the Cthulhu legendary I got the wisp I think that's called yeah the wisp right here and then I got the duality as well so that's literally every single legendary that you can get in this in this new rebirth egg and I know it's not probably brand new but it is one of the updates that I missed so I definitely want to check it out look out but my pets are my best one being 3.1 million with this aura that thing is insane these guys have some have auras and they're insanely good I give these auras and they'll be like almost 2 million so all these pets are incredible this one I think is my highest base power so this my best pet right now the duality let me know what your best pet is but I cannot believe I got this pet honestly I did not think I would get it so my luck is back and now I'm kind of like Opie in this game again so now I could probably play this if you guys want to see this in some more videos pet ransom make sure you hit that like button down below subscribe if you guys enjoyed and let me know what pets you're rocking in this new update I'll see you guys next time take it easy and don't forget to subscribe goodbye


  1. New mythic is called Prisma, and has 10,144,361 at max level this is probably not exact, but it is over 10 mil at max level

  2. If I can I will you marry me I will you marry me and we will be in the area around your house or the picture of you and your house or something else for you marry me

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