45 thoughts on “OMG! Dog Attacks With Amari Monkey Group, Jill And Jack Attack With Dog Cry So Loudly.

  1. Dog is not aggressive, but if the monkeys attempt to attack the dog, it will bite and shake its head and monkeys will have a nasty wound. I don't know about Lola's wound, there is no recorded proof dog bit her, just testimonies of people you can't trust.

  2. See how stupid this country is? A dog, which should be a pet, is skin and bones, then tree rats, which are wild and are rodents and pests that cause people to go hungry by destroying crops, are so fat a lot can't even climb trees any more. God I wish I could go over there or at least to Morgan island and wipe out a couple hundred of them!

  3. Keep your stinking dogs out of the park where the monkeys live. Even though the adults can protect themselves look at Lola.

  4. OMG, I cannot believe I didn't see this video days ago, Jack and Jill that's how you supposed to work together, brother and sister Kick-Ass!

  5. More setup drama. I don’t believe this. I don’t believe this dog wandered here on its own ??‍♀️ I’m done. I’m posting this to tell other people to STOP commenting on these videos. The comments are helping them make more money. Their “engagement activity.” I know I commented too. But this is a PublicService Announcement. It doesn’t matter if the comments are good or bad.

  6. thats a beautiful dog
    but where's alpha dolly acting like a bitch on this one i see not much of an alpha when she's not protecting her troop

  7. As you can see Jack is an alpha in training. Lardass sweet pea no where in site, not an alpha. Coward my opinion.

  8. Está na hora de castrações dos machos primatas os bebês estão sofrendo demais olha o caso da Bebê Santa que a Wildlif Camboja Aliance acabou de deixar nas mãos da senhora que maltrata a bebê Santa ??????❤️

  9. The dog looks like he just wants to play. He keeps wagging his tail. But one can never be too sure. He is scaring Merrie and some of the others.

  10. The dog is little more than a pup & ls not being aggressive. If the monkeys meant business he would be off like a rocket.

  11. first off dogs running around their yard fault you shouldn't have dogs to where nobody would be getting hurt no dogs no cats no monkeys yard damn fault you're assholes one the dog should be with someone to take care of it too the baby should have been protective but to me you can't blame the dog considering you're letting them roam around the other your video in and all you can care about is getting the clip and you could prevent this and it's wrong of y'all allowing this to go on I'm considering you let these damn things hurt and abused kittens and puppies so I see that in the all way y'all are the damn fault of this s*** it's not the dogs fault y'all need to take care of these animals and you're not doing it and the way all of y'all are you need to be canceled and shut down because the way you treat animals yard disgusting filthy leeches

  12. Love how they band together and the male steps up !!
    Great video but glad it ended ok for them all even the dog
    Ty !??m

  13. Dog was not aggressive, just wanted to play, but shouldn’t have approached a mother with a baby. And monkeys don’t like dogs.

  14. Jill and BJr are acting pretty fearless and where's big bad Dolly? Probably beating up a puppy lol that's right Marcus Jill was the badass NOT Dolly.
    So is that Jills new man? Who is that? And is DD the town slut? I think yes lol

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