46 thoughts on “OMG Dog attack girl | Dog almost killed the girl caught live | dog attacks baby

  1. Sorry if I'm telling it know but l hate baby's and kids and adults why did they hit the dog l know that the dog that that but yay good dog kill the girl to theath

  2. Whenever I see videos of dogs attacking people I think why didn’t an adult or someone strong/big etc run over and grab the fucken dog by it hind legs and whip it around he wouldn’t walk back after that or give him a good kicken/punch to the snout , poor girl forever gonna be afraid of dogs now.

  3. Liar – "dog kills girl" – no it doesn't. Only very stupid people tell lies – that means you are a stupid bloody liar.

  4. For the person recording this, fuck you for not putting the camera down to help that poor little girl. I wish I could beat your fucking ass for that!

  5. Everyone talking and joking about killing and hurting the dog if they tried that on them, but all they're doing is proving they are just as bad.
    If you kill a dog it's no different from killing a person, so please stop joking about it.

  6. This made me shake with fucking temper!Fucking idiots!Grab a knife stab that thing to death!And before anyone gets at me!I have two bulls myself!That thing deserve death!

  7. Grab the collar and twist it to cut off the dogs air way it will stop bitting I know cause I got attacked by a dog and 9/10 I'll work

  8. Mom: Ok sweetheart, let’s go pick up that dog we’re buying 🙂

    Me after watching this: Mom can we get a cat instead?!

    Mom: Why?.

    Me: Stares at her like she’s trying to kill me

    Mom: Okayyyy…

  9. If this girls entire neighborhood is full of weak idiots like this, this won’t be the last time she’s in trouble without help. All the men should jump head first off a bridge, they were worthless.

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