33 thoughts on “Omg An Assassin Granny?? – Watch Dogs Legion E3 2019 Trailer Reaction

  1. This game is awesome and best Grammy in Videogames history. She so kind and funny.

    Looking forward to seing this game.?

  2. Games 2019 ??
    Star Wars Jedi wallen
    Ghost Recon break point
    Death standing
    Battlefield v
    Call of duty Modern Warfare
    FIFA 20
    Forza Lego expansion
    Gears 5
    For honour :
    Arma lll expansion
    Division 2 episode 1&2
    Wolfenstein yongblood
    Doom eternal
    Destiny 2 shadow keep
    Crash team racing
    Sonic racing
    Nfs 2019
    Final Fantasy 8??????

  3. London Surveillance State? Isn't that actually a thing? And considering how they've gone all ban happy, I'm wondering if they'll allow this game on their market

  4. Bagley sounded like Wheatley for me. I feel like the AI has sinister intentions in recruiting people 😐

  5. "i hope nothing happens to helen" well apparently that would be up to us the player, you could surrender or be killed while playing as her

  6. You don’t know how much i was hoping for the old lady to be like “back in my day, we only had touchscreens.”

  7. Yeah i was skeptical on they would be able to pull a concept like this off, but seeing it in action was quite interesting and dope. And how bout' that granny helen, she's a badass ain't she? ????

  8. They should take this one step further and just outright merge it with Assassin's Creed! The connection was already there

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